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Recent sustainability trends present an opportunity for forward-thinking bakeries:

Numerous consumer studies have shown a rapidly growing interest in sustainable and environmentally-friendly business practices and product options - and bakeries are no exception.  In 2023, over two-thirds (70%) of consumers worldwide are seeking sustainable packaging, and more than half (56%) indicated an interest in purchasing plant-based bakery products to help achieve their sustainability goals.1 2 Beyond butter, eggs and plastic, bakeries embracing sustainable local delivery practices are better positioned to cater to these evolving consumer tastes.

EasyRoutes' robust route optimization engine effortlessly plans the most efficient delivery routes with just a few clicks, ensuring that baked goods reach their destination on time while minimizing time spent on the road. By enabling any of EasyRoutes’ additional route planning options, such as time spent per stop and avoiding U-turns or toll roads, bakeries can further enhance their operational efficiency and reduce fuel consumption as they transport their delectable treats. Remarkably, delivery drivers utilizing the EasyRoutes Delivery Driver app may even forego traditional fuels entirely, with many eco-friendly merchants opting for bicycles, scooters, electric vehicles, or eBikes for deliveries to promote their sustainability even further.

Bakeries are heavily influenced by seasonality, special occasions - and even Sundays

Whether pecan pie for Thanksgiving, hot cross buns for Easter, or entire months dedicated to all things pumpkin spice, many seasons and special occasions are traditionally associated with specific baked goods. What’s more, bakeries are particularly prone to weekly fluctuations in popularity, with more consumers consistently opting to indulge their sweet tooth on Saturdays and Sundays rather than throughout the week.3 Scaling delivery operations to align with these special occasions and weekly trends can pose a significant challenge for bakeries of all sizes.

EasyRoutes' adaptable driver seat functionality enables bakeries to activate extra delivery drivers during peak holiday seasons - or even just an unusually busy Saturday afternoon.  This results in immediate cost savings for bakeries during off-peak periods when consumer demand temporarily declines. When holiday order volumes inevitably rise, EasyRoutes' delivery zones and route balancing features provide bakeries with additional tools to efficiently scale and manage for periods of increased demand, however long they may last.

Elevate your bakery's deliveries today!

No matter the season, join the sustainability movement and meet the demands of eco-conscious consumers any day of the week by enhancing your bakery's local delivery with EasyRoutes. EasyRoutes offers a powerful route optimization engine that ensures efficient delivery routes, minimizing time on the road, reducing fuel consumption, and satisfying hungry customers sooner. With the EasyRoutes Delivery Driver app, your drivers can even opt for eco-friendly modes of transportation, like bicycles, scooters, electric vehicles, or eBikes, aligning with sustainable delivery practices. Don't let fluctuations in demand or special occasions slow you down; activate extra drivers during peak times and holidays effortlessly. Stay ahead in the competitive bakery landscape—make the sweet choice and install EasyRoutes from the Shopify App Store and give all the app's features a test drive throughout your 14-day free trial. 🧁🚚✨

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