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💎 Built for Shopify
Delivery superpowers for Shopify

Our seamless integration with Shopify means you can optimize local delivery routes, dispatch drivers, and keep customers informed — all without leaving your Shopify admin.

Built for Shopify
Seamless integration with Shopify and your orders

A route planner Built for Shopify

💎 Built for Shopify for meeting Shopify's highest standards for quality, design, and performance. Our app is designed to be seamlessly integrated with your Shopify setup.

Seamless integration

Do it all in your Shopify setup

Plan optimized routes, assign and schedule deliveries, and add last-minute orders - all from the admin and integrated with your Shopify setup.

Streamline route planning with EasyRoutes
🧾 Plan without importing

Plan routes for any Shopify order without importing or syncing

✔️ Powerful filter views

Re-usable filter views for creating one-click planning workflows for your orders

📦 Work with your fulfillments

Fulfill orders and cancel fulfillments in-app

🎁 Deliver partial orders

Deliver specific fulfillments from an order, or unfulfilled portions of partially fulfilled orders

📆 Use Subscription Orders

Plan for upcoming orders made with the Shopify Subscription API

📧 Use Shopify notifications

Use our driver app to make deliveries and send built-in Shopify notifications

⏰ Smart delivery date and times

Plan routes with delivery date and time collected from the most popular Shopify apps with our integrations

🚛 Filter by shipping methods

Filter orders for specific shipping methods in your Shopify store designed for last-mile or local delivery

🏷️ Perform bulk actions in admin

Send orders to Shopify admin to perform bulk actions on a route

📄 Smart packing lists

Show item properties or hide duplicate items from your product option or bundle apps with our packing lists

☑️ Add custom items to stops

Want to include extra items or tasks for your delivery outside your order? Add custom items on the delivery stop

📑 Order status page integration

Add our tracking page link or proof of delivery directly to your order status page to keep your customers updated

💬 Send SMS

Use our SMS notification service to send delivery notifications alongside your Shopify notifications (or with our email notifications)

↪️ Custom fulfillment workflows

Have a more complex setup? Only fulfill orders when you reach certain delivery statuses.

📸 Tracking + proof of delivery

Add tracking information and proof of delivery photos directly into your Shopify notifications

⏳ Auto-add time windows

Automatically use time window information collected from popular apps for planning your routes

Plan routes using all your orders

Keep all your data inside of Shopify

Keep all your delivery data inside of Shopify.

With EasyRoutes, driver updates, proof of delivery, tracking links and more are all kept in one place — your Shopify admin. Say goodbye to working with spreadsheets and managing multiple logins.

It works the same way Shopify does

EasyRoutes is easy-to-use and requires no training.

EasyRoutes is seamlessly integrated into Shopify's Polaris design system, ensuring a consistent look, feel, and functionality across your entire Shopify Admin platform. No training required!

It works the same way Shopify does

Works hand-in-hand with other Shopify apps

Use the data from your favourite Shopify apps to plan your deliveries. From subscription apps to delivery date apps; we're integrated!

Shopify app integrations
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Works hand-in-hand with other Shopify apps

Designed to help you deliver

A Shopify-native experience for local deliveries

EasyRoutes works seamlessly with your Shopify orders, tags, products, customers, apps, and shipping information.

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Save time and money on your local deliveries

Make life easier for your delivery drivers

Create routes with EasyRoutes for Shopify and deliver with EasyRoutes Delivery Driver for iOS and Android.

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Make life easier for your delivery drivers

Order tracking and delivery notifications

Keep customers up-to-date on the status of their deliveries with order tracking pages and delivery notifications.

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Order tracking and delivery notifications
"What used to take 3 to 4 hours to map out and print 100+ deliveries now takes us 30 mins."
Meal delivery in Missouri 🇺🇸
Designed to make deliveries easy