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Duo Duo Ice Cream: Delivering unique desserts with EasyRoutes

Learn how Duo Duo Ice Cream runs their ice cream and donut delivery business on Shopify with EasyRoutes.

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Duo Duo Ice Cream


Ice Cream Delivery 🍨


Established 2017


Sydney, Australia 🇦🇺

"EasyRoutes helps us to plan routes efficiently and provides a seamless way to print off orders..."


There is dessert, and then there is dessert. Duo Duo Ice Cream makes and delivers the latter: elevated hand-made ice creams and donuts with unique and memorable flavours like mango coconut sticky rice, pandan coconut, and black sesame cookies and cream.

Duo Duo Triple Pack – Mango Coconut Stick Rice, Blueberry Cheesecake, Malt Macadamia

Duo Duo Ice Cream started out life as a mobile dessert food truck, co-founded by Dylan Duong and Chris Duong (no relation), that would pop up in various suburbs of Sydney, Australia, to sell treats like sea-salt caramel popcorn balls and deep-fried ice-cream to long lines of customers. “The food truck was a good opportunity to test out our ice-cream and figure out what people like,“ says Dylan.

After perfecting their recipes and receiving rave reviews, the Duo Duo duo decided to open up a permanent storefront location in Roselands, a suburb of south-west Sydney. The move also allowed for increased production facilities and an even more delicious expanded menu with treats like ice-cream cakes and ‘Duonuts' (flavours include a kaya jam-filled donut topped with pandan coconut glaze and roasted coconut flakes, and a Thai milk tea donut; each one looks Instagram-worthy).

Pandan Coconut Kaya Duonut

Things were moving along smoothly for the team when the COVID-19 pandemic struck and government restrictions forced the Duo Duo Ice Cream to shift gears. “We started doing deliveries at the start of the COVID pandemic, and due to changes in customers behaviours and government lockdowns we decided to offer an online platform that would allow customers to still order our products,” says Chris. With the shift to online orders came a new set of challenges. “We were managing a large amount of orders and planning the routes in the most efficient way possible was very difficult.” says Chris. “This is where EasyRoutes helped out a lot.”

EasyRoutes is a delivery management app for Shopify that lets you manage your deliveries, from route optimization, to picking and packing, to dispatch and tracking. “At our busiest times we have up to ten drivers on the road,” says Chris. “EasyRoutes helps us to plan routes efficiently and provides a seamless way to print off orders accordingly per driver.”

A flexible, scalable driver team and fast and efficient delivery routes means ice-cold treats delivered right to your door. In the past, you could go to the Duo Duo Ice Cream food truck to order fried ice cream. Now, with the help of EasyRoutes, Duo Duo comes to you. And the best part is: no more long lines!

Learn more at https://www.duoduoicecream.com.au

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