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Crisper: Delivering great taste with zero waste with EasyRoutes

Learn how Crisper runs their zero waste, plant-based meal kit delivery service on EasyRoutes for Shopify.

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Meal Kit Delivery 🍽️


Established 2021


Toronto, Canada 🇨🇦

"Our specialized product requires in-house delivery, and EasyRoutes is an essential component of our operations."


Food costs more than just the price you pay for it - the environmental costs can be far-reaching and are only getting worse. Our planet is being affected negatively and dramatically due to our agricultural practices, how we package our food, and even the process for how it ultimately makes it into our hands (and stomachs)!

If you eat a lot of meat, you should know that animal agriculture is responsible for more than 15% of all greenhouse gases produced and 11% of those emissions comes from unsustainable forms of mass-scale factory farming.

If you order delivery or take-out a lot, you should know that 50% of plastic packaging is used only once and that plastic in the ocean outnumbers sealife by seven to one. Virtually every piece of plastic that was ever made still exists in some shape or form (with the exception of the small amount that has been incinerated). We are ruining the Earth and microplastics are turning up in the most remote areas of the planet and even in our bodies.

The way we do things needs to change, and businesses need to do their part. That's where Crisper saw an opportunity: to build a successful meal kit delivery service that offers all of the convenience of a meal kit without the cost to the environment.

Zero-waste, plant-based meal kit delivery

Crisper is Toronto's first and only zero waste, plant-based meal kit service and they deliver fresh and delicious ready-to-cook meals direct to your door in reusable and returnable packaging.

With a commitment to eliminating waste from our supply chain, Crisper never uses any single-use packaging. Instead, they use high-quality containers that they retrieve on the day of your next delivery in exchange for a discount off your next yummy meal kit.

They also emphasize that reducing or eliminating meat from our diets is one of the most environmentally impactful choices a consumer can make. That's why their kits are 100% plant-based, designed to give you all the proteins and nutrients you need for a healthy and satisfying diet.

Crisper's “DoGood” Grubs

Crisper's meals are mouth-watering. With recipes like Black Pepper Tofu coated in sweet, spicy sticky black pepper sauce, Spring Orzo with lemony bright and crisp spring vegetables, or Mushroom Philly Cheesesteak, there is something for every palette and preference.

And it's easy. Just choose how many meals you'd like in your plan, how many servings you need, and Crisper will deliver your kit every Tuesday. Their recipes are tasty, fast, and suited for any level of experience in the kitchen.

To manage their deliveries, Crisper uses EasyRoutes by Roundtrip. “Our specialized product requires in-house delivery, and EasyRoutes is an essential component of our operations. I use this app to manage my weekly deliveries with my team of drivers,” says Kieran Alkerton, Crisper founder.

EasyRoutes is a Shopify app that empowers businesses to run their own local deliveries. It is fully integrated with Shopify, the platform Crisper uses to run their store. “EasyRoutes was especially helpful because my business is a subscription service and that type of order doesn't qualify for Shopify's native route generator,” says Kieran. “This app does everything I need it for!”

EasyRoutes creates optimized routes from Shopify orders that can be dispatched to drivers within seconds. Route optimization is another small way Crisper does what they can to minimize their impact as it helps drivers avoid unnecessary driving which saves on fuel and emissions.

"EasyRoutes was especially helpful because my business is a subscription service and that type of order doesn't qualify for Shopify's native route generator."

The team at Crisper believe that when it comes to eating well, you shouldn't have to choose between the planet and your plate. When you order a Crisper kit, you can not only save time on meal planning and grocery shopping, but you also easily maintain a plant-based diet, waste less food with perfectly portioned ingredients, and reduce plastic waste.

So if you're looking to a) eat some good food, and b) feel good about the food you eat, we highly encourage you to visit Crisper and subscribe to Toronto's #0 Meal Kit.

Learn more at Crisper's website.

"EasyRoutes has taken a 6 hour a week job and turned it into a single hour."
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