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Same-day pastry deliveries with Lachér Patisserie and EasyRoutes

Learn how Lachér Patisserie runs their pastry delivery business on Shopify with EasyRoutes.

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Lachér Patisserie


Dessert Delivery 🍰


Established 2019


Petaling Jaya, Malaysia 🇲🇾

"[Route planning] is a lot faster now with less manual work like copy and paste."


When one thinks of fancy pastries created by a culinary master, they often think of France, French culture, and joie de vivre (joy of life). So it may come as a surprise to find out that some of the best French pastries in the world can be delivered right to your door…in Malaysia!

Lachér Patisserie Dessert Delivery

Typically, fancy French pastries are usually only available at upscale hotels. So, Lachér Patisserie was founded in 2019 to make these treats available and conveniently accessible to people in everyday life.

Head chef Pang Yun Kian has spent the last 11 years of his life dedicating himself to modern pastry. He is one of the champions of the prestigious Asian Pastry Cup in 2016 and has worked in some of the fanciest hotels in Singapore, including the Regent Singapore, Marina Bay Sands Hotel, and Swissotel the Stamford.

Everything Chef Pang creates comes from genuine and high-quality ingredients (no artificial preservatives and fragrances in sight!), and all the cakes are made fresh to order to ensure they are in their best condition before leaving their premises to land on your doorstep.

You never know when the craving for dessert can hit you, so Lachér Patisserie offers same-day delivery just 3 hours from when you want your cake! In order to turn around deliveries quickly, Lachér turned to EasyRoutes, a powerful local delivery management app for Shopify that makes it simple to plan and dispatch delivery routes, to help manage their delivery workflow.

Lachér Patisserie Dessert Delivery

“Before EasyRoutes we used a third party delivery system,“ says Lim, co-founder at Lachér Patisserie. “Every time we have to copy the addresses from Shopify and manually paste them into the system.” This labour-intensive process would take at least two hours to create routes for a single delivery time slot…and Lachér has four of them.

Unlike other delivery management platforms, EasyRoutes is seamlessly integrated with Shopify, the e-commerce platform Lachér Patisserie uses, so as soon as they open the app their orders are there, ready to be routed. There is no exporting and importing of addresses necessary. “Now, after using EasyRoutes, it takes us 30 minutes to create the routes for one delivery slot. It is a lot faster now with less manual work like copy and paste”.

One of the challenges of delivering desserts in a warm climate is making sure the cakes and pastries arrive at their destinations in the same condition they leave the bakery. “As all our deliveries must be delivered within two hours (so the cakes will not melt), therefore we need to have many drivers and assign them to deliver to different areas instead of just a few drivers to finish all the routes for the whole day.”

Lachér Patisserie Dessert Delivery

A feature of EasyRoutes that helps here is smart route splitting. Lachér Patisserie can select all the orders they need to deliver, specify how many drivers they have, and set a max duration of 2 hours for each route. EasyRoutes handles the rest, creating as many optimized routes as they need.

Lachér Patisserie now delivers thousands of orders a month with a team of 16 drivers and their growth shows no sign of slowing. What started as a way to share a love of fancy French pastries with those around them, has now turned into a wildly successful delivery business.

“We are constantly learning and improving to provide you with nothing less than perfect,” it says on Lachér Patisserie's website, and the team at EasyRoutes strives for the same.

Learn more and order the most delicious French desserts at https://www.lacherpatisserie.com.

"The app has simplified our delivery workflow significantly and allows us to be significantly more efficient in our delivery and also reduce human error thanks to its direct integration with our Shopify Store. We deliver to a large geographical area and the routing works well with our large list of delivery locations. The drive app that pairs with this is simple, clean and easy to use. Our customers have already expressed how much they love having tracking information and estimated arrival times."
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