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Nourish your body with Drink Juice Co.'s organic offerings, delivered with EasyRoutes

Learn how Drink Juice Co. runs their juice delivery business on Shopify with EasyRoutes.

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Drink Juice Co.


Juice Delivery 🧃


Established 2015


Toronto, Ontario 🇨🇦

"I was surprised to find EasyRoutes so easy to incorporate into my business."


In a world where we're constantly on the go and often pressed for time, finding ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle can be a challenge. That's where Drink Juice Co. comes in. Founded in 2015 by Certified Holistic Nutritionist Nadia Kotsos, Drink Juice Co. is on a mission to make healthy living more accessible and enjoyable for everyone.

From cold-pressed juices and almond milks to nutrient-dense soup broths, their products are designed to nourish the body and promote total wellness. And with the help of EasyRoutes local delivery software for Shopify, they're making it easier than ever to get these products in the hands of their customers.

With a focus on total body health to promote joy, balance, and nutrition, Nadia carefully curates each Drink Juice Co. offering with a focus on digestive health. Everything is made in-house and is cold-pressed, cared for, and locally purchased with 100% organic produce. Their assortment of juices feature fun names like Rind and Rind, You Spinach Me Right Round, Fennelly It’s Happened to Me, Beets by DJC, and more. And it all tastes delicious.

 "Health can be fun and feel great," says Nadia.

Drink Juice Co. has a beautiful storefront located in the Toronto area where customers can find their complete line-up available to enjoy in-store or for take-away. For those who can't make it in person, Drink Juice Co. offers same-day delivery for all orders placed before 2pm.

The home-delivery portion of their business began during the Covid-19 pandemic when many businesses had to pivot online. 

Delivery planning was hard, and after initially planning routes with Google Maps and getting frustrated, a friend suggested that there “had to be an app for that”. That’s when Nadia found EasyRoutes.

“I was surprised to find EasyRoutes so easy to incorporate into my business. I didn’t skip a beat from switching over from Google Maps to this more advanced program that gave me everything that I needed and more for myself and my customers,” says Nadia. 

EasyRoutes is an app that automates delivery routing, streamlining the delivery process and ensuring customers receive their products on time. With EasyRoutes, Drink Juice Co. can plan and manage their deliveries quickly and easily, leaving more time for what really matters — providing their customers with the best possible product and service.

“It’s hard to imagine a better logistics company than EasyRoutes because everything is there. It was just too easy to add it on as a Shopify plug-in.”

Drink Juice Co. is more than just a juice company - it's a brand that truly cares about helping people live a healthy lifestyle. With their commitment to customer satisfaction and the use of EasyRoutes, Drink Juice Co. is leading the way in providing the best possible delivery experience for their customers. Get your juice today at the Drink Juice Co. website.

"We can get the product to the customer faster than USPS."
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