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Powering deliveries for thousands of stores around the world like...
Wonky Box - Farm Box DeliverySweet E's Bakeshop - Bakery DeliveryUproot Food Collective - Grocery DeliveryWooftown - Dog Food DeliverySlice - Pizza DeliverySonno - Mattress DeliveryRedstart Foods - Meal DeliveryEcofuel - Wood DeliveryThe Million Roses - Online FloristFit Flavors - Meal Kit DeliveryBloomen - Flower DeliveryPeggy Porschen - Cupcake DeliveryGet Joy - Dog Food DeliveryGilly Flowers - Floral DeliveryCountry Life Natural Foods - Grocery DeliveryJOMO Studio - Plant DeliveryDuo Duo Ice-CreamButter and Crust - Bread DeliveryBeehive Meals - Food Delivery
Wonky Box - Farm Box DeliverySweet E's Bakeshop - Bakery DeliveryUproot Food Collective - Grocery DeliveryWooftown - Dog Food DeliverySlice - Pizza DeliverySonno - Mattress DeliveryRedstart Foods - Meal DeliveryEcofuel - Wood DeliveryThe Million Roses - Online FloristFit Flavors - Meal Kit DeliveryBloomen - Flower DeliveryPeggy Porschen - Cupcake DeliveryGet Joy - Dog Food DeliveryGilly Flowers - Floral DeliveryCountry Life Natural Foods - Grocery DeliveryJOMO Studio - Plant DeliveryDuo Duo Ice-CreamButter and Crust - Bread DeliveryBeehive Meals - Food Delivery
Wonky Box - Farm Box DeliverySweet E's Bakeshop - Bakery DeliveryUproot Food Collective - Grocery DeliveryWooftown - Dog Food DeliverySlice - Pizza DeliverySonno - Mattress DeliveryRedstart Foods - Meal DeliveryEcofuel - Wood DeliveryThe Million Roses - Online FloristFit Flavors - Meal Kit DeliveryBloomen - Flower DeliveryPeggy Porschen - Cupcake DeliveryGet Joy - Dog Food DeliveryGilly Flowers - Floral DeliveryCountry Life Natural Foods - Grocery DeliveryJOMO Studio - Plant DeliveryDuo Duo Ice-CreamButter and Crust - Bread DeliveryBeehive Meals - Food Delivery
Wonky Box - Farm Box DeliverySweet E's Bakeshop - Bakery DeliveryUproot Food Collective - Grocery DeliveryWooftown - Dog Food DeliverySlice - Pizza DeliverySonno - Mattress DeliveryRedstart Foods - Meal DeliveryEcofuel - Wood DeliveryThe Million Roses - Online FloristFit Flavors - Meal Kit DeliveryBloomen - Flower DeliveryPeggy Porschen - Cupcake DeliveryGet Joy - Dog Food DeliveryGilly Flowers - Floral DeliveryCountry Life Natural Foods - Grocery DeliveryJOMO Studio - Plant DeliveryDuo Duo Ice-CreamButter and Crust - Bread DeliveryBeehive Meals - Food Delivery
Wonky Box - Farm Box DeliverySweet E's Bakeshop - Bakery DeliveryUproot Food Collective - Grocery DeliveryWooftown - Dog Food DeliverySlice - Pizza DeliverySonno - Mattress DeliveryRedstart Foods - Meal DeliveryEcofuel - Wood DeliveryThe Million Roses - Online FloristFit Flavors - Meal Kit DeliveryBloomen - Flower DeliveryPeggy Porschen - Cupcake DeliveryGet Joy - Dog Food DeliveryGilly Flowers - Floral DeliveryCountry Life Natural Foods - Grocery DeliveryJOMO Studio - Plant DeliveryDuo Duo Ice-CreamButter and Crust - Bread DeliveryBeehive Meals - Food Delivery
Wonky Box - Farm Box DeliverySweet E's Bakeshop - Bakery DeliveryUproot Food Collective - Grocery DeliveryWooftown - Dog Food DeliverySlice - Pizza DeliverySonno - Mattress DeliveryRedstart Foods - Meal DeliveryEcofuel - Wood DeliveryThe Million Roses - Online FloristFit Flavors - Meal Kit DeliveryBloomen - Flower DeliveryPeggy Porschen - Cupcake DeliveryGet Joy - Dog Food DeliveryGilly Flowers - Floral DeliveryCountry Life Natural Foods - Grocery DeliveryJOMO Studio - Plant DeliveryDuo Duo Ice-CreamButter and Crust - Bread DeliveryBeehive Meals - Food Delivery
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Shopify App Store Reviews

EasyRoutes is a wonderful delivery service. It seamlessly has integrated into all of our other Shopify apps to make the route creation incredibly easy. The perks of adding multiple drivers, tracking deliveries, delivery confirmation have all been outstanding to help us ensure the best possible quality to our customers. I 100% would recommend EasyRoutes to any company looking for a fantastic local delivery routing option!

Perfect routing app. We've tried many different third party solutions and this one is very easy to use, extremely accurate and gives the customer detailed information with proof of delivery options on completion. It's not just for Local deliveries either. It's perfect for our delivery set up with 8 vehicles covering the UK in it's entirety. Overall it's a great product with first class support and assistance.

I have been using this app for a few months and it really saves me precious times for my company's deliveries. The cellphone view mode for the driver and many other features are great. Plus, I sent a recommendation to the team and they improved it almost right away! Thank you so much!

This truly is the best app for delivery routing, scheduling, organizing, communicating with customers. We love it! We have contacted support a few times with questions and upgrade requests and have received answers and fixes quickly and efficiently. The team is very helpful and responsive. Would HIGHLY recommend!!

Fantastic app! Route planning used to take 1-2hrs every day, now it's almost completely automated with this app. Lots of useful new features being rolled out all the time and fantastic customer support.

Great Value. We use it to schedule vapor delivery all over the Dallas Ft. Worth Metroplex and it seamlessly integrates with our store. Our plan includes a signature option which is a legal requirement for our type of business.

By far the best route planner out there, and we've tested a few. Very responsive tech support team too.

This app is EXACTLY what I needed for my wholesale delivery routes. I was tired of getting the "Any idea when your driver will get here?" text messages from our wholesale clients. This app takes care of that issue and then some! It sets the "fastest" route and displays it to both me and my drivers. It notifies our clients when the delivery driver has left the facility. It gives them an ETA. It notifies them when their order was delivered by email, text, or BOTH! I had a couple of questions, I emailed the company, and within 24 hours, I was on a ZOOM call with one of the founders, and my issues were solved/explained...AMAZING app and an AMAZING staff...quick looking...just install it!

This app by far has to be the most useful app I have ever installed.. From beginning to end, not only has the team been very supportive but also take time to listen to our business needs to help improve the app... This app save us hours in a day in how we run our delivery schedule compared to the old traditional ways.. Because this app runs so smoothly with our back end, we were have acquired our own drivers which was never part of our business plan - in result has saved us $$$.. I highly recommend this app.

Easy enough of an interface. Does what we need on daily basis. Good and fast customer service is a bonus!

EasyRoutes has significantly streamlined our delivery operations with its powerful routing algorithms and user-friendly interface. It's a game-changer for logistics!

A truly wonderful last mile delivery solution for a small business such as mine. It has all the features of a big brand solution at a very reasonable price point. It has made our operation look and run super smooth!

Great product for small businesses who run delivery themselves. Works very nicely with Shopify admin and Shopify notifications. EasyRoutes has saved me significant amount of time generating routes, improved the customer experience by providing them with out for delivery notifications and tracking links, and has saved me time on order management/admin by updating the orders fulfilment status as and when they are delivered through the app. The support is very good and they are quick to iterate the product in line with customer suggestions. Top work team.

This app really helps with my local delivery business. You can print out the delivery route ahead of time and handoff to a delivery driver. Great app, Thanks!

We are extremely happy to working with EasyRoutes for our local distribution! They provide very solid support and are ready and willing to work out any issues that you may be having.

EasyRoutes is the best delivery app out there and it works great for our business needs. We run a bulk foods distribution business and the app is very good for planning our delivery routes and works well with our drivers.

I use this app to manage my weekly deliveries in-house with my team of drivers. It was especially helpful because my business is a subscription service and that type of order doesn't quality for Shopify's native route generator. This app does everything I need it for!

EasyRoutes has made everything so much smoother for us, from the integration with our shopify orders to being able to sync some data with airtable.
The rider app is easy to use, the comms to customers are great and it's changed lots of processes that used to be manual for us.
fab product!

App works really well -- makes it super easy to offer local delivery and make routes for the team to drive. Support were helpful when we got in touch with a few questions, and the app is well designed. We don't offer local delivery year-round, so we'll be uninstalling until next season, but appreciate the app!

I was surprised to find EasyRoutes so easy to incorporate into my business. I didnโ€™t skip a beat from switching over from Google Maps to this more advanced program that gave me everything that I needed and more for myself and my customers. Itโ€™s hard to imagine a better logistics company than EasyRoutes because everything is there. It was just too easy to add it on as a Shopify plug-in.

App is very effective and cheap for small to large business' very easy to use and user friendly for drivers

It makes our deliveries so much easier and the process is so much more simple. It's easy to use and does everything I need

Very easy to use app for a decent price. We dont deliver daily and all big route apps are priced for daily deliveries with multiple drivers. This app lets you change the amount of drivers and bills you accordingly. Customer support is quick and very helpful! Definitely recommend getting this app!

Brilliant. Have a delivery process that is slightly unique - yet other solutions explored were highly ineffective. This product is extremely effective with routing planning, integration with orders, auto fulfilling, email order tracker, manifest summary and ability to update orders that changed. Customer support is excellent too, asked questions about service specifics. If you're not using it, you're missing out - no I'm not getting paid, just thankful for an excellent product and excellent service.

Absolute game changer for our business! We came across to EasyRoutes after trialling another app that wasn't quite able to do everything we needed. This works natively inside Shopify and makes organising your orders and drivers straightforward, allowing us to make our deliveries a lot more efficient.

The ability to customise each route individually means we can route hundreds of orders, being dispatched from multiple locations across the country in just a few minutes. The route and stop customisation options have basically everything covered, stop times, delivery windows, you name it, it's probably in there! The notification options are also great.

Boris and the team have supported us on our fairly complicated setup, and they are quick to respond and take on board feedback. The best part is they actually deliver on the feedback and have implemented some features we requested.

I highly recommend this app to anyone needing a business delivery solution.

Ridiculously helpful and efficient app, perfect to grow our business and to spend as little time as possible to our logistic planning.
Most importantly, the service, help and advice is perfect and unseen: within a day we received direct advice to implement in our processes. I'd advice it to any starting business who deals with delivery planning!

We have had a great experience in our early stages with EasyRoutes Local Delivery. The app has simplified our delivery workflow significantly and allows us to be significantly more efficient in our delivery and also reduce human error thanks to it's direct integration with our Shopify Store. We deliver to a large geographical area and the routing works well with our large list of delivery locations. The drive app that pairs with this is simple, clean and easy to use. Our customers have already expressed how much they love having tracking information and estimated arrival times.

We have also received very strong customer service, including on-boarding and very prompt response to questions along the way. I would strongly recommend this app to anyone looking to increase efficiency and simplify their delivery process.


Great app, makes our lives very easy. The customer service is above and beyond, they have been so helpful and have gone the extra mile to help us out.

I am thrilled to share my positive experience with the Easyroute plugin, which has become an indispensable tool for every delivery at Gerard Bakery. This plugin has transformed our delivery operations, making them incredibly efficient and streamlined. From the moment we implemented Easyroute, it became evident that it was designed with the needs of businesses like ours in mind.

One of the standout aspects of Easyroute is its seamless integration into our existing systems. We were able to quickly adopt and incorporate the plugin into our daily processes without any disruptions. The user-friendly interface allows our team to navigate the system effortlessly, ensuring smooth operations and minimizing any learning curve.

Moreover, what truly sets Easyroute apart is the exceptional level of customer support provided by the company. I had the opportunity to engage in a call with the CEO, where I could discuss our specific requirements, suggest features, and address any difficulties we encountered. The responsiveness and attentiveness of the Easyroute team have been remarkable, and they have consistently gone above and beyond to ensure that our experience with the plugin is optimal.

In summary, the Easyroute plugin has revolutionized our delivery management at Gerard Bakery. Its seamless integration, user-friendly interface, and outstanding customer support make it an invaluable tool for our operations. I wholeheartedly recommend Easyroute to any business looking to enhance their delivery processes and optimize efficiency.

This app is brilliant. It completely streamlined our delivery service. Our old way of doing deliveries as cumbersome and often created errors. Very happy indeed!

WOW! What an outstanding app. EasyRoutes is very easy to use for both our admins as well as our drivers. Shopify's app is quite functional but lacks the flexibility we need, especially when a customer calls and asks us to deliver an order they had previously thought they would pickup. The integration with Shopify seems to be flawless so far. We've been using it for a week for all our deliveries with no issues. I've found the developer to be very responsive to my requests as well. I have no hesitation in recommending this app.

So much better than Shopify Local Delivery. This is going to be a game changer for my local delivery business.

Great app, it helps a lot with local delivery. Does what it says it does and more. It still needs some little improvements here and there but it keeps getting better everyday. I love this app

Best local delivery app in Shopify store. Connect with Shopify seamlessly, flexible ways to view and pull orders to create a route, customizable and branded tracking pages, all you need for a local delivery app is here.

โ†”๏ธ Create multiple routes in one click

Javi's Gravy Sauce for Dogs

๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ javisgravy.com

LOVE! This app is awesome and a life saver. After a local news station did a profile we got a TON of new orders and if hadn't been for easy route pro, I'm pretty sure we would have failed. This app does everything I need it to do. It reads all of my recurring and local delivery orders - this was a major sticking point for. us on other deliver apps that wouldn't read the recurring orders. But this one does. Then it creates this very easy to use list of orders that has a big visual indicator of which orders have been planned into a route yet or not. It's easy to plan and switch routes. You get immediate feedback about your route with the 'reoptimize' button to see if the route makes sense. They've thought of everything. This app allows you to share a route with your drivers and can push the route to google maps - so KEY and so Important because all drivers use google maps. Then it comms with your customers through simple actions the driver takes on her phone. And we also really love that it shows the full inventory that drivers can see, and switch. They can see the list by product, or by order. This is so important to prevent confusion. This app is AWESOME!

This app straight out of the box works great. Easy to use. Great App. If you do deliveries you'll have no problem with it. More improvements coming I believe.

This app makes it so easy to plan out our local delivery routes! Loving all the new features they are adding and the continuous improvements, plus their customer service is great

This app has transformed my business. It has made the deliveries so much easier. The support is fantastic!

โ†”๏ธ Create multiple routes in one click

Kwality Indian Grocery Store

๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ vdeliverfree.com

Awesome. Thank you for such time saving app. Its free as well. Great. More features can be added. I am sure they are launching soon as per their site.

We used this app for our local deliveries service and it's a game changer! It saved us so much time. The developer is always there to help and they keep improving this app every month - it's amazing!

I absolutely LOVE this app ! I was searching for a long time for a way to improve our delivery service. This app made us save time, work and money. Its very user friendly and offers everything we need. They constantly improve the app and send us updates to let us know. The customer service is also amazing. I could have a meeting with a representative to help me understand all the options as I was not very good with Shopify. He took the time to answer all my questions. Also, I sent a comment asking if it was possible to change something in the app. They answered me the same day and in less than a week, they had made the changes to the app and email me to let me know ! Thank you to the team, im more than satisfied !

Very helpful and friendly team, they take customer feedback and turn it into actions! Awesome team! It is great to work with them.

Really cool and great support! I have to write 100 characters but that's ok it was worth it totally

This is the best app for delivery routes. It integrates very well with Shopify and it is flexible when you need to increase your drivers and routes for a busy holiday and then decrease them as well.
Highly professional staff and good experience overall.

I've been using it for a few weeks now and it's been very good. Support is excellent, and every time I write with a question I get a thorough and immediate response. They seem to care very much about the user experience and are always updating the app with new features to better it. Definitely recommend.

I needed a routing app to save me hours of route planning for my drivers. This app came to the rescue and did the routing automatically for me, giving me back hours. The Team at roundtrip were responsive to help me get started and getting my drivers using the routing tool. Even more positively surprising was that my feedback for UI improvements was taken on board and implemented also within days. I definitely would recommend this app and working with the team!

We are very impressed with this app so far - we have been using it for about a week and are thrilled with how it integrates with our Shopify orders and saves us so much time creating and updating our delivery routes. Customer service has been incredibly responsive and helpful, and very open to suggestions and feedback. The customer facing side is very thorough and detailed, giving our customers the ability to track their order. Overall we are thrilled and are looking forward to this helping our busy season run smoothly!

This app has changed our business OVERNIGHT! We are a well-established company, and even still...we used to make routes MANUALLY, map them MANUALLY, and use shared notes to give our drivers lists of stops MANUALLY. UGH. This app is PERFECT and saves us many hours a week. Customers are loving the tracking feature. They know exactly when we're coming. That's huge. No more "when's my order coming phone calls". We are using the Premium version. I could list 100 awesome features on this app...but just try the free trial for yourself and you'll see. Many of the features are SUPER CUSTOMIZABLE, so you'll certainly find the perfect fit for your delivery team. We did have questions after trying the app for several days. We reached out to EasyRoutes and we were pleasantly surprised how helpful they were. This app is clearly a labour of love for them. It's awesome!

Wow! I added the app, setup, and started using it in less than 10 minutes. The app helped us plan 5 different routes, and sending routes directly to the drivers quite easily!

I use this app to help me plan out deliveries, and with their most recent update, it's absolutely amazing. If you do your own deliveries, this app will save you sooooo much time.

The EasyRoutes app saves us probably 40 hours per week, and I can genuinely say it would be hard to run our business without it. We're New Zealand's biggest Christmas Tree delivery and removal company with many trucks on the road each day during the festive season. Before we used the EasyRoutes app all our orders were maintained in spreadsheets, and everything we did was very manual. We needed to manually enter order details into a spreadsheet then look at a map and figure out the best route, then last minute changes would be made by pen. Now however, all our order data remains in shopify, which syncs perfectly with EasyRoutes. We plan our routes each morning with three clicks of a mouse which is a massive time saver. How we use EasyRoutes: we just tag each order with the relevant date then on the date create a delivery route based on the Date tag. It's fast and easy but also has reduced the errors that came from manually entering details and changes outside of Shopify. I'd also like to add that even though we are a small business on the other side of the world, the team have been fast to implement changes to the platform to help accommodate our needs. They are friendly and competent, great service. If you run local deliveries as part of your business and need to streamline your workflow to save time and improve accuracy - I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS APP. I was not paid to review this and normally don't bother with reviews - but this app has made our jobs so much easier that we're very grateful to have it and wanted to let other small business owners know there is an easier way to plan their routes! Cheers, Mike from Misa Christmas Trees

Just installed and started to use EasyRoutes. So far things are very clean, straightforward and functional. Boris was great in helping me onboard and I'm looking forward to finding my groove with this helpful tool.

I have dozens of apps in my Shopify, but Easy Routes is undoubtedly one of the ones I use the most. I tried several before, but EasyRoutes is the best by far!...easy to use, and helps me day by day to optimize my logistics and routes...they really do a great job, and the support? from another level, very fast and always ready to help, especially Boris...thanks guys!

We run a business selling big bulky tonne bags of logs and topsoil and easyroutes has been game changing for us. We were looking to improve on a system of stacked packing slips being handed over physically to our driver and we were immediately impressed with EasyRoutes. Here are a few of the texts sent from myself to my brother when i started playing with it:
"there's some absolutely sick delivery apps. literally installed one 2 mins ago and already impressed."
"literal gold struck"
"plots all the deliveries on a map"
"it's gonna change the world"
"think the paper days are over"
"i'm going to be sick with excitement"
The team have been great and super responsive too. There have been views that have been altered to work better with our operation and me and Boris went back and forth extensively to work out how best to code in our delivery times given we don't like to use date picker apps.
If you have a Shopify business heavily reliant on local delivery, you'd be insane not to give this a go.

We have been using this app for a while now and its been great for our farm to deliver 7000 eggs every week in 4 different vans. It's very flexible when things get complicated. support has been great and the staff are always open to suggestions for new additions or updates.

We had been using a different website for routing for years and made the switch to this one in order to keep everything within Shopify. While this app is a little simpler than what we had been using, it has everything you need and that simple interface makes it much easier to train employees on how to use it. The developers are also very responsive to all of my various requests. Their pricing is not competitive, but their service has started to match what we found in other places. And the ease of having a routing software this sophisticated within Shopify makes it worth the extra money.

Great app that integrates well with Shopify. Their support team answers questions thoroughly and very quickly!

We started using the app, liked it, but stopped because it didn't have the SMS notification option. They contacted me asking why we removed the app, I explained the reason and said we would go back once they had that feature. So we did, as soon as they told us they had the SMS feature running. We've been using the app for a few weeks, we still have some issues that we are trying to figure out together, but we love the app, its usability, and most of all the quick response and attention we're getting from their team to solve these bugs. A special shoutout to Boris who has been my main point of contact so far. The app is quite pricey, but if we are able to get to where we want, I believe it will be well worth the cost. PS.: We've been testing quite a few route planning apps since the launch of our startup (about a year and a half), and this has been the best app by far.

Although I am using the application outside the USA and Canada, it is working very well and the support is excellent, the responses are very fast and accurate. Highly recommended.

The app is so easy to use and so helpful.
In one place we are able to organise all the deliveries, send to the customer the tracking, and upload pictures of the product and signature of the customer once delivered. And the support team is great. Helpful and quick to reply to your email. Recommended!

Excellent app that has helped our business a lot! Routes are much better organized and the Shopify integration has worked well so far. Highly recommend!

We switched our business to EasyRoutes back in Dec and haven't looked back! The integration with Shopify has been great, and the ability to add custom stops has been instrumental in our delivery model. The support has also been quite good. Whenever a question arises, the team is more than happy to help out in a timely fashion.

Really can't say enough about how great this app is. We run a rapidly expanding meal delivery service, and EasyRoutes has become absolutely critical to our operation. Fantastic customer service (like answers within an hour usually), and the app is consistently updated with new features that are making things easier for us every week.

This app has revolutionized my business automation. I've been a loyal user of EasyRoutes since day one, and they consistently make impressive updates to enhance their services. The team is exceptionally responsive, friendly, and accommodating to my requirements. It streamlines customer messaging, delivery, and overall processes effortlessly. The integration with Shopify is a bonus, ensuring my fulfillment operations are meticulously organized and synchronized.

Just getting switched over to Easyroutes and have found so many useful features! I also reached out to the team to edit/modify our order sheets so that they print out as useful sheets to us. They were AMAZING. They investigated the issue and found a solution quickly. Thank you so much. Looking forward to new features/settings as you continue to grow.

100% recommend. If your business does any sort of residential or commercial deliveries you need this app. Very easy to use interface and fantastic customer service. We have a very complicated system that used to take half a day to sort out the routes. Once we switched to EasyRoutes, we complete our routes in less than 5 minutes. Do yourself a favour and try it out. Thanks team!

By far the best and easiest app for delivery. The team is very very responsive and always happy to jump on a call to help us. They are also always updating the app with some great features and willing to include our suggestions in their updates. 10/10

We are using the app now for almost a year. The app is very user friendly. If you do local delivery this app is a must-have. Keep up the good work! We really recommend this powerful app!

An excellent solution to organizing local deliveries! Attentive help staff and simple UI. Would recommend EasyRoutes to anyone looking to streamline their deliveries!

Before getting EasyRoutes I use to spend at least 40 minutes daily, getting the addresses in the map, figuring out the best route and even with all that time spend, our customers didnโ€™t get notifications automatically, our drivers had to stop and send manual text to every recipient, witch was giving us a huge margin for error. Now with EasyRoutes everything is easier, routes are made automatically, dispatched to the drivers and notifications to our customers are in real time. Freeing the time to bake more cakes and decorate more cupcakesโ€ฆ

After using the local delivery app for the last 2 years changing over to EasyRoutes has been a seamless experience. The app is easy to use saving hours per week with our scheduling. The development team are great to work with and respond to all enquiries quickly with workable solutions. Highly recommend this app and team.

This app is helping us so much to get through this COVID restriction period. I'll recommend to especially a small business owner who needs something to keep the business going and comes up to the solution to do the delivery instead of waiting for the customer to come.
It would be perfect if EasyRoute can do filter by tags and the route once created can be adjusted later. Thanks, Easy Routes team!

After we migrated to Shopify we were told how EasyRoutes could be a potential game changer over the previous tool we had been using. I admittedly was a bit skeptical, but EasyRoutes made sure to swiftly change my mind. Our delivery coordinator continues to sing its praises.

EasyRoutes has taken a 6 hour a week job and turned it into a single hour.

Features worth highlighting:
- Easy deployment of routes to delivery drivers via text
- Efficient route sequencing (that takes removal of U-turns into consideration)
- Robust fulfillment options that include standardized text messages and picture capture
- Analytics that accurately capture the efficiency of each route

Great tool that works seamlessly with our Shopify store. I strongly recommend this to others.

EasyRoutes is great, it made a task that was taking me an hour take literally a minute! I use it every day for my business and still can't believe how much time it saves me! Its so easy to use. The app for drivers is super convenient and support has always been quick and helpful. Definitely recommend!

We have tried several route planners for our operation but this one by far is the best one we've used. Its easy to use, has a good interface and provides our customers with detailed information during the delivery and supplies them with proof of delivery options on completion. We can import orders from our other shops and plan an integrated route containing them all and the ability to assign drivers and only pay for the ones being used on a daily basis is excellent. On a further note... if you have a problem the team of support staff are quick and efficient to answer any of your questions and solve your problems. To the point of if its something that would better the app they include it on their next app update... what more could you ask?

We used the Shopify Local Delivery options for two years, it was riddled with bugs and limitations and simple tasks could not be completed due to software constraints. We found EasyRoutes Local Delivery and all of our problems were solved! We can now add manually created orders to our delivery list along with orders that the customer marked for free shipping, but is in out local delivery area. We can get the product to the customer faster than USPS. The UI to create, move and add stops inside EasyRoutes is genius and makes it so easy for us to plan routes. The mobile app on iPhone is great as well. Easy to read, details of the orders shown on screen and ability to update the status of the delivery to the customer is great. We highly recommend EasyRoutes to any Shopify customer using Local Delivery. We looked at several options, but for the features and price, EasyRoutes was hands down the best choice. Try it for free, the free option has everything you need to test and see that this is the best local delivery store companion on the market. There is also a free trial of the paid features. What are you waiting for.. Install it!

Easy Routes has revolutionized our local deliveries! As a tire distributor, efficient logistics is vital. This app is a powerhouse, delivering exceptional results.

Firstly, the fuel savings are remarkable. With intelligent route optimization, our drivers take streamlined paths, cutting down fuel usage and vehicle wear.

The time-saving aspect is a game-changer. What used to be a tedious task is now a breeze. Creating and managing routes takes mere minutes, freeing up invaluable time for our core business.

Additionally, the real-time monitoring feature is a winner. It instills accountability and transparency, and knowing the status of each delivery has significantly boosted our customer satisfaction.

Order tracking is sleek and effortless, giving our clients peace of mind and bolstering their trust in our services.

Easy Routes is an essential addition to any delivery-centric business. It's an investment that reaps benefits through time and cost savings, and improved customer relations. Highly recommended for efficiency redefined!

Use this app every morning, It works quick and easy for home deliveries. Their team is also super helpful.

Started using this app last year and we have now planned over 450 routes, these guys take feedback and suggestions for improvement on boars and before you know it the app has become better! I am genuinely very impressed with this app and recommend it to anyone who wants to improve their customer delivery experience. It has cut down our delivery emails by 99%. I love it!

EasyRoutes has simplified our delivery and notification processes hugely. Support is quick and helpful - big thanks to Boris and the team. Highly recommend!

We LOVE EasyRoutes! It has been so incredibly helpful to our monthly subscription and home delivery business since we signed up. It has allowed us to easily adjust routes to changing circumstances like product shortages, bad weather, driver changes and illnesses, and more happily made it possible to incorporate a large number of new customers into our routes without going crazy. I'm not sure how we would have made it through the past 6 months without this tool. We also appreciate the responsive customer support and the ability to provide input into future development.

We tried other apps, and have found this to be the best so far. We've been using it for a few months, and feel that it's super easy to integrate with our Shopify orders as well as for our drivers to use with respect to navigation and notifying customers as to their delivery status.

App works perfectly, it's great by itself, intuitive and easy to use. But what makes this review a 5 star, is definetly the team of developers that are amazing!

Really good app that integrates well with our Shopify store. Customer service is outstanding and the team gets back to you quickly. If you run a delivery service you MUST get this app.

EasyRoutes Local Delivery is exactly the app we needed to help manage our team of delivery drivers and local deliveries. Sorting the Shopify orders into routes is easy and straight-forward, the email communications between us and customers is seamless, and the ability to track our driver's progress is essential. Communication with the developers is fast and always helpful. When we have had issues, Sevaan is available for a phone call and does what he can to assist us and make our experience better. Our drivers like the app because it is user-friendly and easy to learn. I would recommend EasyRoutes for businesses with local delivery drivers with multiple routes.

By far the best route planning/local delivery app solution on Shopify. The team behind the app are fantastic and we can see they are working hard behind the scenes to allow many new updates to come in a very short time.

The app is a game changer when it comes to building routes. EasyRoutes does all the work for you. What used to take 3 to 4 hours to map out and print 100+ deliveries now takes us 30 mins. The support that comes along with it make it an easy 6 star app. If you have ideas to make it better, your voice is actually heard and they make the improvements.

Local delivery made easy

A Shopify-native experience for managing local deliveries

EasyRoutes works seamlessly with your Shopify orders, tags, products, customers, apps, and shipping information.

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A Shopify-native experience for managing local deliveries

Delivery superpowers for your Shopify store

From route planning and driver apps to order tracking and notifications โ€” do it all in EasyRoutes without leaving Shopify.

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Delivery superpowers for your store

Order tracking and delivery notifications

Keep customers up-to-date on the status of their deliveries with order tracking pages and delivery notifications.

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Order tracking and delivery notifications

Designed to make deliveries easy

EasyRoutes gives you full control over your delivery workflow โ€” all from within your Shopify admin.

Designed to make deliveries easy