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Local delivery superpowers for Shopify with route planning, order tracking, delivery notifications, and delivery driver app.

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Route planning features

Everything you need to deliver— fast

Plan optimized routes, assign and schedule deliveries, and add last-minute orders - all without leaving your Shopify Admin.

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Streamline route planning with EasyRoutes
🧾 Use All Your Orders

Use all of your Shopify orders, not just the ones for Shopify Local Delivery.

📥 Import orders

Bulk import addresses from outside of Shopify via spreadsheet (.CSV)

🧠 Route optimization

Maximize efficiency, minimize costs, and ensure on-time deliveries every time.

🔧 Route editing tools

Add, edit and rearrange stops to fine-tune your routes.

↔️ Create multiple routes

Create multiple routes at the same time with one click.

📍 Add Custom Stops

Add individual custom stops to any of your routes

📦 Route Inventories

Use our packing lists to ensure you have everything you need.

🚗 Assign drivers

Assign routes to your drivers. Everything shows up in our driver app.

💬 Notification history

See what email or SMS notifications were sent to customers and when.

⏱️ Drive times/ETAs

View drive times and ETAs to help you plan your day more effectively.

🗓️ Schedule routes

Schedule routes to leave at a day/time in the future.

🏷️ Packing slips & labels

Customize and print off packing slips and labels in route order.

➕ Add last-minute orders

Add any last-minute orders to routes you've already created.

⏳ Set time per stop

Specify how much time you need to spend at each stop.

🤝 Other Shopify apps

EasyRoutes works well with your other Shopify apps and workflow.

🖨️ Printing options

Lots of options to print off only the information you need.

📅 Delivery dates/times

Work with the delivery dates and times you collect at checkout.

✨ Map tools

Use our map selection tools to work with groups of orders.

↩️ Avoid u-turns

Generated routes that avoid u-turns and continue straight after stops.

🔍 Search and filter orders

Slice and dice your order data with Order Filters.

🌐 Delivery zones

Draw custom zones on the map and use them as selection tools to work with your orders.

🛍️ Limit items per route

Specify a limit to the number or weight of items that your routes contain.

💸 Avoid tolls

Avoid toll roads to save money and still get there quick.

📖 Address book

Add, import and save frequently used custom stops for quick route creation.

✅ Assign driver tasks

Create a custom checklist of activities for drivers to complete while delivering.

🤖 Route assistant

Automatically add new orders that match custom filters to a route.

🔝 Priority stops

Mark stops as priority, ensuring their inclusion on routes with limitations.

⚙️ Order import automation

Set up custom rules to automatically prioritize stops based on product or customer tags.

Customer experience features

Keep customers informed every step of the way

From custom order tracking pages to email and SMS delivery notifications, EasyRoutes lets you craft the perfect delivery experience for your customers.

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Give your customers a fantastic delivery experience
👀 Order Tracking

Keep customers informed with brandable order tracking pages.

✉️ Email Notifications

Customize and send email delivery notifications.

💬 SMS Notifications

Send text messages for your chosen delivery events.

📸 Proof of Delivery

Give customers peace of mind and proof that an order has been delivered.

📍Live Driver Location

Share real-time driver location when a customer's stop is next.

Delivery driver features

Easy-mode for making deliveries

Our driver app puts all the information and tools your drivers need right at their fingertips.

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Make life easier for your delivery drivers
🧾 Route & Stop Summaries

Actionable and easy-to-read information about your route and stops.

📦 Route Inventories

View the entire inventory of items that need to be packed for the route.

🗺️ Get Directions

Get directions to your stops using your favourite navigation app (Apple Maps, Google Maps, Waze).

⏱️ Drive Times/ETAs

See how long it will take to get to your next stop and when you should be there.

📸 Proof of Delivery

Attach proof of delivery with photos or an e-signature, and include an optional note.

✅ Update orders

Mark orders as out for delivery, delivered, and attempted.

📍 Record location of delivery events

Save the GPS location of each delivery stop for improving your operations.

☕️ Driver breaks

Schedule blocks of time for your drivers to take breaks while on a route.

🚨 Real-time driver tracking

Track live driver GPS locations
on active routes.

📋 Driver tasks

Complete a custom checklist of activities before marking a stop as complete.

🚘 Driver re-optimize

Re-optimize routes in progress when stops are delivered out of order.

Seamless integration

Do it all in your Shopify setup

Plan optimized routes, assign and schedule deliveries, and add last-minute orders - all from the admin and integrated with your Shopify setup.

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Plan routes using all your orders
🧾 Plan without importing

Plan routes for any Shopify order without importing or syncing.

✔️ Powerful filter views

Powerful and reusable filter views for creating one-click planning workflows for your orders.

📦 Work with your fulfillments

Fulfill orders and cancel fulfillments in-app.

🎁 Deliver partial orders

Deliver specific fulfillments from an order, or unfulfilled portions of partially fulfilled orders.

📆 Use Subscription Orders

Plan for upcoming orders made with the Shopify Subscription API.

📧 Use Shopify notifications

Use our driver app to make deliveries and send built-in Shopify notifications (e.g. out for delivery, delivered).

⏰ Smart delivery date and times

Plan routes with delivery date and times collected from the most popular Shopify apps with our integrations.

🚛 Filter by shipping methods

Filter orders for specific shipping methods in your Shopify store designed for last-mile or local delivery.

🏷️ Perform bulk actions in admin

Send orders to Shopify admin to perform bulk actions on a route.

📄 Smart packing lists

Show item properties or hide duplicate items from your product option or bundle apps with our packing lists.

☑️ Add custom items to stops

Want to include extra items or tasks for your delivery outside your order? Add custom items on the delivery stop.

📑 Order status page integration

Add our tracking page link or proof of delivery directly to your order status page to keep your customers updated.

💬 Send SMS notifications

Use our SMS notification service to send delivery notifications alongside your Shopify notifications (or with our email notifications).

↪️ Custom fulfillment workflows

Have a more complex setup? Only fulfill orders when you reach certain delivery statuses.

📸 Tracking + proof of delivery

Add tracking information and proof of delivery photos directly into your Shopify notifications.

⏳ Auto-add time windows

Automatically use time window information collected from popular apps for planning your routes.

"Route planning used to take 1-2hrs every day, now it's almost completely automated with this app."
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