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“We deliver to a large geographical area and the routing works well with our large list of delivery locations. Our customers have already expressed how much they love having tracking information and ETAs.  I would strongly recommend this app to anyone looking to increase efficiency and simplify their delivery process.” - Grand Dog Essentials Inc.

Over $2 billion worth of meal kits tailored to pets were delivered globally in 20201

Meal kits for pets remain poised to become one of the fastest growing segments of the global pet supply market, with projections suggesting more than 15% annual growth to over $9 billion in yearly sales by 2030.2  Just like those for their human counterparts, meal kits for pets typically contain perishable goods requiring careful planning and precise timing in order to maintain acceptable quality standards.

EasyRoutes’ optimized delivery routes are planned around any date and time window preferences selected by shoppers on checkout, helping to ensure deliveries arrive when consumers are most prepared to accept them. Merchants can provide the ability for customers to track the live GPS location of their delivery drivers via EasyRoutes tracking pages, further bolstering customer communication and trust. Once deliveries are dropped off, drivers can easily capture proof of delivery with eSignatures, photos, notes, and precise GPS delivery location via the EasyRoutes Delivery Driver mobile app, providing additional peace of mind to both the consumer and merchant.

“EasyRoutes is great, it made a task that was taking me an hour take literally a minute! I use it every day for my business and still can't believe how much time it saves me! It's so easy to use. The app for drivers is super convenient and support has always been quick and helpful. Definitely recommend!” - The Saltiest Dog

The pet supply industry is largely dominated by established brands

Particularly in the United States - where Petco and PetSmart combined make up nearly 50% of the overall market3 - pet supply retailers face steep competition from established industry players. EasyRoutes equips Shopify merchants of all sizes with the advanced functionality required to provide a seamless customer experience to rival even the most dominant e-commerce brands and big box retailers.

“EasyRoutes Local Delivery is exactly the app we needed to help manage our team of delivery drivers and local deliveries.  Sorting the Shopify orders into routes is easy and straight-forward, the email communications between us and customers is seamless, and the ability to track our driver's progress is essential.” - Wooftown

Merchants can tailor EasyRoutes’ order tracking pages and delivery event notifications - sent via both email and SMS - to provide real-time updates on a customer’s order status, complete with store branding and customized messaging. The EasyRoutes Delivery Driver mobile app, available for both iOS and Android, provides drivers with a user-friendly and responsive interface for completing deliveries, including navigation between stops using their preferred mapping tool.  Updates to orders are processed in real time, meaning that every status update, proof of delivery, or note from the road is immediately reflected in your Shopify admin, streamlining order and route management into one convenient location.

Subscriptions offer benefits for pet owners and merchants alike

After experiencing explosive pandemic-driven growth in the early 2020s, subscription models have become popular in virtually every retail industry, including pet supplies. Pet supply subscriptions present consumers with a convenient, customizable option for feeding Felix or Fido, while providing merchants with increased consistency and predictability when stocking inventories and planning delivery routes. Considering that an existing customer is 50% more likely to try new products, and 31% more likely to spend more money than a new customer, retaining repeat customers via a subscription model can quickly help boost a retailer’s bottom line.4

“This app is awesome and a life saver. It reads all of my recurring and local delivery orders, then it creates this very easy to use list of orders that has a big visual indicator of which orders have been planned into a route yet or not. It's easy to plan and switch routes. They've thought of everything.” - Javi's Gravy Sauce for Dogs

EasyRoutes seamlessly integrates with many of the top subscription apps available in the Shopify App Store, simplifying route planning and customer management for both current and upcoming subscription orders. EasyRoutes also offers full-featured support for custom and partial order fulfillments, streamlined bulk imports for orders recorded manually or outside of Shopify, and customizable order sorting with powerful filter views. These features equip merchants offering subscriptions for hungry pets with a complete suite of tools for subscriber and recurring order management, all easily accessible directly from the Shopify admin.

“100% recommend. If your business does any sort of residential or commercial deliveries you need this app. Very easy to use interface and fantastic customer service. We have a very complicated system that used to take half a day to sort out the routes. Once we switched to EasyRoutes, we complete our routes in less than 5 minutes.” - Simply Raw Dog Feed

Elevate your pet supply deliveries today!

The dynamic and evolving landscape of the pet supply industry, highlighted by the booming demand for pet meal kits and the growing popularity of subscription models, underscores the necessity for efficient and reliable delivery solutions. EasyRoutes can be a vital ally for pet supply merchants, offering cutting-edge route optimization and delivery tracking capabilities, tailored to enhance customer satisfaction and streamline operations. Integrating seamlessly with Shopify and various subscription apps, EasyRoutes not only simplifies the complexities of order and delivery management but also elevates the customer experience with real-time updates and transparent communication.

Whether you're a small independent retailer or scaling the mountain to compete with industry giants, EasyRoutes equips you with the tools to thrive in this competitive market. Embrace the future of pet supply delivery with EasyRoutes – start optimizing your routes today for happier customers and a healthier bottom line. Install EasyRoutes from the Shopify App Store today and give all the app's features a test drive throughout your 14-day free trial. 🐶🐱🚚✨

"The app has simplified our delivery workflow significantly and allows us to be significantly more efficient in our delivery and also reduce human error thanks to its direct integration with our Shopify Store. We deliver to a large geographical area and the routing works well with our large list of delivery locations. The drive app that pairs with this is simple, clean and easy to use. Our customers have already expressed how much they love having tracking information and estimated arrival times."
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