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4 Ways to Get Repeat Customers to your Online Store

Emphasizing the importance of fostering repeat customers for online retailers by simplifying the online ordering process, providing real-time delivery tracking, and utilizing EasyRoutes for efficient local delivery management.

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Maximizing Repeat Business: Strategies for Online Retailers to Enhance Customer Retention

As an online retailer, you put a lot of effort into getting customers to buy your products. However, if you want to boost brand loyalty, you should put more effort into getting customers to return.

Repeat customers are even more important to most businesses than new customers. You will learn how they affect your sales in this article, as well as how to increase the likelihood that they will do business with you again.

Sixty-one percent of SMBs claim that repeat customers account for more than half of their revenue. Additionally, repeat customers can be worth up to 10 times as much as those who make just one purchase.

It can be difficult to draw in new customers, even though keeping your current customers is something you should strive to do. As a result, businesses are beginning to place more emphasis on the experiences they offer customers after the sale.

You must remember as an eCommerce company that face-to-face interactions are essential elements that don’t exist online. Therefore, you must come up with a plan to make customers feel more comfortable making purchases from you.

How can you keep customers for a longer period of time?

Table of Contents

  • Make it simple to order online
  • Make your deliveries as fast as possible
  • Provide clients with real-time delivery tracking
  • Use Roundtrip’s EasyRoutes for Shopify

Make it simple to order online

When placing an online order, customers might be hesitant about the product being exactly what they anticipated it to be. They might feel anxious at the thought of having to return the item if it doesn’t meet their expectations. According to a study we conducted, more than 60% of consumers claim that the fear of having to return a product is what prevents them from doing so most frequently.

You must therefore make everything for them extremely simple. Make sure that the navigation and speed of your website are enhanced, and that the user experience is optimized. Make the return policy very clear and easily accessible, and provide free return shipping and exchanges. As much information as you can about your product should be made available to customers. Also, be sure to give them precise shipping details, such as an estimated delivery date.

Provide clients with real-time delivery tracking

The best way to show customers that brands value honesty and transparency is to enable them to track their packages in real-time. This allows customers to precisely plan their day by knowing when their package will be delivered. As a result, they will experience less anxiety and exhibit greater trust.

To enable customers to track packages, choose a delivery software that provides last-mile delivery tracking. Your customers will use the tracker to see where their deliveries are in relation to them. 96% of customers keep track of their deliveries.

Make your deliveries as fast as possible

Customers will start to feel ownership once they make a purchase, even though they don’t yet have the item in their hands. This worry will be allayed by quick product delivery, and your customers will appreciate your efficiency.

But how can the rate of delivery be accelerated? Use of delivery management software is the best way to reduce delivery time, so if you haven’t already, you might want to think about it. Instead of spending hours outlining your routes, pick a delivery software with a powerful route builder that will enable you to create routes quickly. It will automatically generate the best routes and optimize them in real-time to guarantee that your drivers avoid traffic and always take the shortest route.

Use EasyRoutes for Shopify

Route local deliveries, manage drivers, and update customers all from Shopify!

EasyRoutes is a robust local delivery manager and route planner for Shopify that includes all the tools you need to deliver your own orders. It is possible to plan local delivery routes, manage and assign drivers, and provide customers with tracking pages, delivery notifications, and proof of delivery.

Once you’ve decided which orders need to be delivered, EasyRoutes will guide you through the remaining steps. You can quickly create optimized local delivery routes using itemized inventories. Never before has route planning been so quick and easy.

Once you’ve reviewed them, send your local delivery routes to your drivers so they can use our iOS and Android driver app to locate stops, attach proof of delivery, and mark orders as delivered—all of which are synced to your Shopify Orders.

EasyRoutes and Shopify are seamlessly integrated for your orders. That implies that as soon as you open our app, your orders will be there waiting to be added to local delivery routes. Exporting and importing spreadsheets is no longer required.

Simplify every stage of your delivery procedures, and let your customers know when their orders will arrive. EasyRoutes is the only all-in-one route planning and local delivery management app that is fully integrated with Shopify, in contrast to Circuit, Routific, and other route planners. You can save time and delight your customers with your new local delivery superpowers.

Learn more about EasyRoutes or install the EasyRoutes local delivery app from the Shopify App Store to start your free 14-day trial and streamline your local delivery route planning in just a few clicks!

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Roundtrip's mission is to equip every business with the software tools they need to deliver products to their customers in a delightful way. Thousands of Shopify merchants worldwide choose EasyRoutes to power their local deliveries across dozens of product categories, from meal kits and groceries to coffee, cupcakes, kibble, and so much more. Our easy-to-use route planning and delivery optimization app is certified Built for Shopify, a two-time Shopify staff pick, and the top rated local delivery app on the Shopify App Store.

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