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Driving Route Apps: 7 Important Features to Look Out For

Discussing the importance of a driving route app in solving the vehicle routing problem faced by logistics industries, highlighting key features to look for when choosing an app solution.

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A driving route app solves the vehicle routing problem, as well as any other issues that arise as a result of it. The app should be able to function as a navigation app as well as a route optimizationsoftware to accomplish this. Route optimization solutions support the entire delivery service process, and they come with a number of features that make delivery a breeze.

This article will look at some of the features that multi-stop route planners can provide, as well as how to solve the vehicle routing problem.

Table of Contents

  • What is the Vehicle Routing Problem?
  • How Can a Driving Route App Help With the Vehicle Routing Problem?
  • 7 key features to look for in a good driving route app
  • Sometimes You Need More than just Navigation
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
  • Driving Route Apps Can Help You Solve Vehicle Routing Issues

What is the Vehicle Routing Problem?

The Vehicle Routing Problem is the task of determining the quickest and most cost-effective route from one location to a series of stops. It also takes into account business-specific constraints. It’s a broader version of the famous Traveling Salesman Problem (TSP).

Back in the day, when door-to-door salespeople peddled encyclopedias and vacuum cleaners, TSP was well-known. The Vehicle Routing Problem evolved over time into more modern and worldly tasks that involved large amounts of data and had far-reaching implications.

Vehicle Routing Issues can arise as a result of a variety of real-world issues, including:

  • Time windows for vehicle capacity
  • Locations for pick-up and delivery

All of these issues can be solved by using dedicated software solutions like driving route apps that provide route optimization services while taking into account real-time traffic, time windows, distance, and other delivery constraints.

How Can a Driving Route App Help With the Vehicle Routing Problem?

With delivery and logistics operations becoming more complex, digital integrations across businesses are essential to meet the changing demands. A multi-stop route planning software solution solves vehicle routing problems by creating the most efficient route using the most advanced algorithm.

Driving route apps for delivery route planners are created with the needs of the on-the-road driver in mind. These route planner apps are designed to help drivers save time and money by providing the most efficient route.

A driving route app for planning your deliveries is extremely beneficial in resolving the vehicle routing issue. It also aids in improving the overall efficiency and productivity of the delivery business by ensuring that the process runs smoothly.

7 key features to look for in a good driving route app

A multi-stop driving route app with the following features should be able to assist you in resolving the vehicle routing problem.

Quick access your orders and addresses

A huge part of the time sink for making routes comes with having to input your addresses. The best driving route apps will have direction integration with your orders (like EasyRoutes does with Shopify orders). Otherwise, a Bulk Address Import allows users to upload a long list of destinations for delivery routes that will make multiple stops.

The Bulk Import feature, like copy-paste, saves time for the user. Instead of manually entering each address, it imports an entire address list. Each address, as well as the specific code mentioned, is identified by the algorithm. The addresses are then rearranged more efficiently after optimization.

When using an intelligent input system to support adding stops or addresses, the addresses you enter will be detected quickly and easily. You’ll need a route planning tool that can quickly identify the addresses and add them to the list.

You can save a lot of time with the intelligent input system. If you manually type an address and make an error, the system will quickly detect the error and locate the correct address. Location-based auto-detect can quickly locate an address and save you a lot of time.

Real-Time Tracking

A business will be able to track delivery drivers’ locations and progress in real time, while buyers will be able to track their deliveries. This is a fantastic way to get up-to-date information that benefits all parties involved in the delivery process. It allows for better control of supply chain processes and ensures that deliveries go off without a hitch.

When it comes to a driving route app, real-time tracking is one of the most important features. With a tracking feature, you can easily track your drivers and packages in real time. It assists managers by keeping them informed. It opens clear lines of communication when managers and customers are aware of the location of drivers and packages.

Delivery Confirmations

A proof of delivery allows businesses and consumers to confirm the package’s current delivery status. It indicates that your drivers have finished their deliveries. Every delivery management solution should include a method for receiving proof of delivery in the form of a signature or a photograph through their driving route app.

From food delivery to courier service, proof of delivery is essential in every type of delivery business. Its main purpose is to ensure that deliveries are made correctly. The delivery driver is not responsible for any mishaps if proper proof of delivery is provided.

Customizable Routes

The requirements vary depending on the delivery and route. To meet their specific needs, users should name and customize the routes with the necessary details. Any changes made based on priority must also be accommodated by the route planners.

Driving route apps with customizable routes makes things easier for drivers and managers. Customizations such as giving the route a specific name or assigning it a specific colour can help you distinguish between routes. For example, customer service routes may be assigned a specific colour, while pickup routes may be assigned a different colour.

Individual driver profiles with specific start and destination locations can also be created by a business manager.

Ability to Share Routes

Businesses that deal with a large number of drivers on a daily basis must dispatch delivery routes to driver’s smartphones from their driving route app. The drivers are not required to report to the depot, and their daily tasks are delivered to them wherever they are. Individual drivers or those planning a road trip can share their itinerary with family and friends.

You can save drivers time by sharing routes or destinations with them on their mobile app (Android and iOS), rather than having them come to the depot to pick up their route plans. It is much easier for both the drivers and dispatchers if they can share routes.

Analytics & Reports

Businesses can get data on drivers’ performance, deliveries completed, and deliveries still pending with up-to-date reports on daily deliveries. The reports and analytics provide useful information about the company’s operations. These reports assist both delivery managers and drivers in making critical decisions.

The reports can help you figure out where your delivery drivers are falling short. The insights generated by the driving route app reports can be used to identify and address any resource shortages.

Sometimes You Need More than just Navigation

A navigation system like Google Maps or MapQuest can help you plan for short travels, but they aren’t designed to produce optimum routes.

Optimization features can be found in a scalable and economical platform like EasyRoutes. It is used by both small and large organizations to arrange several stops on a daily basis.

EasyRoutes, a driving route app, can ensure that each route plan you generate is efficient and maximizes your return on investment. With programs like Google Maps, it isn’t always possible.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is there an app that allows you to map numerous locations at once?

EasyRoutes is a route planning tool that builds and optimizes multiple-stop routes. Other tools, such as Circuit, Optimoroute, and Onfleet, can be used to map numerous places at the same time. These apps are available on the Web, Google Play Store and the App Store.

Which route planner app is the best for free?

Waze, MapQuest, and Google Maps are some of the apps you can test. These apps provide free route planning assistance. However, each of these programs has its own set of limitations. Google Maps, Waze, and MapQuest are three of the best free apps. These apps can be downloaded for both iOS and Android smartphones.

How do I choose a driving route app?

Match your requirements with the features or services given by the map when choosing a delivery route planner app. It’s probably a solid solution if all of your company and delivery requirements suit the elements.

Here’s an article with more information on how to choose the right delivery planning app.

Driving Route Apps Can Help You Solve Vehicle Routing Issues

Many drivers in the logistics industry deal with the problem of vehicle routing. Driving and delivery tasks are frequently inefficient as a result of it. Lower sales and higher costs result from this inefficiency. This is not a problem that can be solved quickly with an app like Google Maps. Drivers require something more efficient and equipped to deal with situations such as slow routes, changes in plans, traffic, and roadblocks.

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