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How to Deal with Pesky Package Thieves

Discussing the impact of package thieves on eCommerce businesses, and outlining strategies to mitigate the risk of theft.

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While the epidemic has enhanced online shopping, it has also increased the number of package thieves and porch pirates. Because customers aren’t always accessible to receive their deliveries right away, they’re regularly left at the front door. Thieves can easily steal them without calling attention to themselves as a result of this.

As an eCommerce company, it is your mission and in your best interest to ensure that your customers’ packages are not stolen. You want to keep your customers and acquire their trust first and foremost. Second, you don’t want to have to replace all of the packages that have been stolen; the expenditures might quickly mount.

Learn more about package thieves, how they might harm your business, and how to avoid being a victim.

Table of Contents

  • What are Package Thieves?
  • How Do Package Thieves Affect Your Business?
  • How Can Package Thieves Be Avoided?
  • EasyRoutes Delivery Management Software

What are Package Thieves?

Someone who steals parcels from other people’s doorsteps is known as a package thief.

The phrase “package thieves” has gained prominence since the advent of eCommerce and the rapid rise of online transactions. People can pick up packages left on their porch and go without being seen as suspicious.

One of your clients’ main fears is the possibility of their delivery being stolen. Who hasn’t been worried when a package is left on their doorstep and they won’t be able to pick it up right away?

This anxiety is well-founded. In comparison to 2019, one-third of FedEx Canada customers had a parcel stolen in 2020, according to a new FedEx Canada survey.

Your customers are well aware that shopping online is not without risk. They’ve almost certainly experienced or heard of missing deliveries or package theft. As a result, while making an order for your items, consumers are likely to feel worried.

If you’re delivering something of considerable value, be especially cautious because package thieves have been known to take goods that appear to be expensive. Furthermore, thieves are not always professionals, contrary to popular belief, but can also be persons with a strong desire to steal who will take advantage of this opportunity.

How Do Package Thieves Affect Your Business?

Customers have the option to seek a replacement

These crimes have a direct impact on your business since your customers will demand a replacement, saying that the driver failed to conceal the box adequately or placed it in plain sight. They are dissatisfied since they purchased the item but never got a chance to hold it.

You can immediately give them with another product to calm them down and avoid negative feedback. This, however, will cost you money and could have a substantial influence on your profits. In 2020, one out of every three parcels will be stolen, as previously reported. Consider what it would be like if you had to send 30% of your products twice and only got paid for one of them.

Customers may be hesitant to buy from you in the future

As soon as your buyers have their hands on your goods, they feel a sense of ownership. This is the same feeling that makes people anticipate their parcels with bated breath. As a result, you’ll most likely be the first person they blame if their box is stolen.

Even if you send them a replacement, they will be hesitant to buy from you again since they no longer have the same level of faith in you as they did before. Being robbed is a horrible experience, and you don’t want your customers to associate your business with it.

“Nine out of ten online buyers will quit purchasing and purchase less frequently owing to bad customer care,” according to a UPS study. If your customers do not receive their packages, they will almost certainly have a negative view of your customer service.

How Can Package Thieves Be Avoided?

Technology, fortunately, can considerably reduce the risk of theft. A tracking feature is included in many delivery software to improve the delivery experience and reduce client anxiety. According to a UPS survey, 56% of customers with live tracking use it for some or all of their deliveries.

A customer tracking website may provide information about how many deliveries are left before theirs and when their delivery will be delivered. This will calm them down and allow them to better plan their day so that they are home when their package arrives. This also means that your drivers are less likely to miss delivery windows.

According to Dropoff, 88 percent of customers believe that tracking goods is critical. When deliveries are tracked, customers are less worried since they know when their delivery will be delivered. They won’t be bothered if it’s left out in the open or if it’s delivered to the post office, where they’ll have to track it down.

If customers are unable to be present at the time of delivery, they can still ask the driver to hide their package via SMS or email. They can write something like “Put packages at side door” or “Put packages under the porch sofa” on the boxes if they’re tiny. Choose a delivery service that allows you to communicate with your drivers completely offline at any moment.

EasyRoutes also gives your driver Proof of Delivery capabilities, allowing them to take images of the products they’ve delivered. They can even include a letter with the package.

EasyRoutes Delivery Management Software

EasyRoutes is a top-of-the-line cloud-based delivery management system that may assist your company increase local deliveries. It scales to fit your demands and provides a cutting-edge “last mile” delivery experience that your consumers will love.

EasyRoutes is always looking for new ways to improve our delivery software by adding new features that will help you run your business more efficiently. To learn more, visit the Roundtrip website.

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Get EasyRoutes on the Shopify App Store

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