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Porch Pirates: The Scourge of Deliveries

Addressing the challenge of package theft, exacerbated by the rise of eCommerce, and how integrating software like EasyRoutes can reduce the risk of theft.

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While the pandemic has improved internet shopping, it has also increased thefts by criminals known as porch pirates. Customers aren’t usually available to receive their packages immediately away, so they’re frequently left at the door. This makes it simple for thieves to steal them without drawing attention to themselves.

It is your mission and in your best interest as an eCommerce company to ensure that your clients’ packages are not stolen. First and foremost, you want to keep your consumers and earn their trust. Second, you don’t want to have to replace all of the stolen packages; the costs can really add up.

Learn more about porch pirates, how they might affect your business, and how to avoid being a victim of parcel theft.

Table of Contents

  • What are “Porch Pirates”?
  • Porch Pirates: How Do They Affect Your Business?
  • How Can You Reduce Package Thefts?
  • Introducing EasyRoutes

What are “Porch Pirates”?

A “Porch Pirate” is someone who steals packages from other people’s doorsteps.

Since the emergence of eCommerce and the rapid expansion in online sales, the term “porch pirates” has grown in popularity. People can collect parcels placed on their doorstep and leave without appearing suspicious.

One of your clients’ greatest concerns is that their package may be stolen. Who hasn’t been a little nervous when their package is left on their doorstep and they won’t be able to pick it up immediately away?

This apprehension is justified. According to a recent FedEx Canada survey, one-third of customers had a parcel stolen in 2020, compared to 2019.

Your clients are aware that online shopping is not without risk. They’ve undoubtedly had their own or heard about others’ missing deliveries or package theft. As a result, people are likely to be nervous when placing an order for your goods.

If you’re delivering high-value things, be extra cautious because porch pirates are known to steal packages that appear to be valuable. Furthermore, those thieves are not always professionals, as you may believe, but can also be people who have a strong desire to steal who will take advantage of this opportunity.

Porch Pirates: How Do They Affect Your Business?

Customers may request a replacement

These crimes have a direct impact on your business since your clients will demand a replacement, claiming that the driver failed to properly conceal the box or placed it in plain sight. They are dissatisfied since they purchased the merchandise but never had the opportunity to hold it.

You can rovide them another product right away to soothe them down and avoid poor reviews. However, this will cost you money and may have a significant impact on your profitability. As previously stated, one out of every three parcels will be stolen in 2020. Consider what it would be like if you had to mail 30% of your products twice but only received income for one of the two.

Customers may be hesitant to purchase from you again

Your customers have a sense of ownership as soon as they acquire your stuff. This is the same feeling that makes them anxiously await their packages. As a result, if their box is taken, you’ll most likely be the first person they blame.

Even if you send them a replacement, they will be hesitant to buy from you again since they do not trust you as much as they did before. The sensation of being robbed is unpleasant, and you don’t want your customers to link your brand with that sensation.

According to a UPS study, “nine out of ten online shoppers will stop purchasing and purchase less frequently due to poor customer service.” If your clients do not receive their packages, it is very certain that they will have an unfavorable impression of your customer care.

How Can You Reduce Package Thefts?

Fortunately, technology can significantly lower the risk of theft. Many delivery software packages include a tracking feature to provide a better delivery experience and lessen client worry. According to a UPS research, 56 percent of customers who have live tracking access use it for some or all of their deliveries.

Customers may receive information about how many deliveries are remaining before theirs and when their delivery will be delivered via a customer tracking page. This will alleviate their anxiety and allow them to better schedule their day so that they are home when their package is delivered. This also implies that your drivers will miss fewer delivery windows.

According to a Dropoff poll, 88 percent of consumers believe that being able to track packages is vital. Customers are less anxious when deliveries are tracked since they know when the driver will deliver their package. They won’t be concerned that it will be left in plain sight or that it will be delivered to the post office, where they will have to recover it.

If consumers are unable to be present when the package is delivered, they can still give the driver instructions to hide their package by SMS or email. If the boxes are small, they can say something like “Put packages at side door” or “Put packages under the porch sofa.” Choose a delivery program that allows you to communicate with your drivers in full offline mode at any time.

EasyRoutes also provides Proof of Delivery tools for your driver, so they can take photos of the packages they have dropped off. They can even include a note.

Introducing EasyRoutes Delivery Management Software

EasyRoutes is a best-in-class cloud-based delivery management app that helps your business boost their local deliveries. It scales to meet your needs and delivers a cutting-edge “last mile” delivery experience that will delight your customers.

EasyRoutes is continuously looking for new features to add to our delivery software that will help you run your business more efficiently. Visit our website today to learn more.

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