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EasyRoutes 101: Order Filters

Learn how EasyRoutes order filters work; how to filter by postal code, delivery date or method & more; save filter views for one-click route creation; and use the Route Assistant to automate your route planning.

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Welcome to EasyRoutes 101! This article explains order filters, one of the most powerful EasyRoutes features for getting your orders on the move quickly and efficiently. Once filters are configured for your delivery workflows, they can be saved for one-click route creation in the future, and even automated with the Route Assistant - read on to find out how!

Filter Fundamentals

You'll find all your filter controls on the Orders page, immediately below the map and currently active Route Options. Any filters you apply will instantly update the Orders table below to only contain orders that match the filters you've applied.

Use individual filters, or mix and match multiple filter types to fine-tune the orders you'd like displayed - and be sure to save them for future routes.

For example, you could:

  1. Filter by postal code to only include orders in areas that you deliver to on Fridays
  2. Save those postal codes as a Filter View titled Friday Orders
  3. Create a Friday route with Route Assistant watching your Friday Order filter

This way, any new orders that belong on your Friday route will be automatically staged and ready to add - review them on your map and finish your routing for the day in one click!

By default, since EasyRoutes requires orders to contain a shipping address in order to route them, Contains address will be the only active filter. You can use the Filter orders search bar to quickly find any orders, or click the Add filter button and follow along below to activate various filters, save them, and automate your route planning:

Filter by postal or ZIP code

Select Postal code or ZIP code (depending on your location settings) from the Add filter menu. A text box will open for you to type in the postal codes that make up your delivery zone.

To include a group of codes, add an asterisk after the initial characters to indicate a range to filter by. For example, M4M* looks for postal codes starting with M4M; 941* looks for ZIP codes starting with 941.

Once you've input one postal or ZIP code, you'll see a button in your filter list reflecting this - you can click this filter button to add as many more codes as you need to cover your delivery zone:

Filter by City, State or Province

Select City or State / Province (depending on your location settings) from the Add filter menu. A text box will open for you to type in the location you'd like to sort by. You can also use the checkboxes below the text box to select from the locations that are associated with all of your current orders:

Filter by delivery method

Select Delivery method from the Add filter menu. You'll see a list of any delivery methods that apply to your orders below. Use the checkbox to select which one you'd like to filter by, and click on the filter again once applied to enable more than one:

Filter by fulfillment status

Select Fulfillment from the Add filter menu. You'll see a list of all the fulfillment statuses that apply to your orders below. Use the checkbox to select which one you'd like to filter by, and click on the filter again once applied to enable more than one:

Filter by routed status

Select Route from the Add filter menu. You'll be given the option to filter by whether an order has been added to an existing route, or is not yet routed:

Filter by order tags or attributes

If you use a third-party app that updates order tags or attributes with additional information, you can filter with these too. From your EasyRoutes Settings > General tab, ensure the Order tags and Attributes checkboxes are selected for your Orders page Columns:

Once enabled, you'll be able to see these tags and attributes for each order in your Orders page. Select Attributes, Tagged with, or Not tagged with from the Add filter menu and input the values you'd like to filter with:

Filter by delivery date

Select Delivery date from the Add filter button. You'll have the option of selecting from delivery date presets, or to input a custom date or range:

Save Filter Views for one-click route creation

Once you have a set of filters applied to your orders that you'd like to save, scroll up just above the map and click the Save view button (star icon):

Input a name for your saved view and it will be added as a tab on your Orders page. Click into this tab to quickly filter your orders with the same set of filters you saved:

If you enable this setting from your EasyRoutes Settings > General tab, your orders will automatically appear as pins on the map when you click into a saved view for even quicker routing:

Automate route planning with Route Assistant

Once you've saved a Filter View as described above, access the Add orders tab on any unstarted route:

You'll find a new button in the filtering controls below the map that lets you pick any Saved view you've created - click this to activate your saved filter set:

From the Auto-add orders route option box just above your filter controls, click Enable; this will activate the Route Assistant and configure it to watch for orders that match the same set of filters you currently have applied, which will then be summarized within the Auto-add orders box:

Whenever you view this route, you'll now be notified with a banner indicating there's new orders that match your filters waiting to be added:

Simply head to the Add orders tab and they'll be staged as pins on the map, ready to add to your route!

Further information

Still have questions about configuring and working with order filters? Search the EasyRoutes support portal for answers in a flash, any time of day; have a look at all things filter-related on the support portal; or reach out to the Roundtrip support team if we can help you with anything else. Happy (filtered) delivering!

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