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EasyRoutes Product Updates - October 2023 📦

We've been busy adding new functionality to EasyRoutes in the past month, including one of the features most frequently requested by our users: real-time driver location tracking! More on that, and everything else we added to the app in October below.

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What's new?

📍 New Feature: Real-Time Driver Location Tracking

EasyRoutes now provides real-time driver location data for active and completed routes, including:

  • Live GPS location of drivers on active routes and route groups
  • A new Tracking tab for active and completed routes, featuring at-a-glance information as stops are completed in real-time
  • A new option for displaying live driver location on customer order tracking links when a driver is one stop away

You can now include real-time driver location (represented by an orange car pin) in customer order tracking links when a driver is one stop away. More details on adding real-time driver location in customer tracking links can be found here:

To enable real-time driver tracking, from EasyRoutes Settings > Driver settings tab, in the Real-time tracking section, check the box for "Enable real-time tracking":

For more information on how to configure and utilize real-time driver location tracking, check out the support article for this new feature.

Note: Real-time driver location tracking is currently only available on EasyRoutes Premium & Enterprise pricing plans.


🚗 New Route Option: Minimize Drivers

We've added a new route option that allows you to plan new routes using the fewest number of drivers required.  Selecting this option before route creation will generate the minimum number of routes possible, while still taking into account any duration, stop count, item count, or weight limits applied via other Route Options:

Note: The minimize drivers route option requires at least one of Max route duration, Max stops per route, and/or Max items per route to be enabled in order to properly calculate any limits of a planned route.


🛑 New Edit Stop Items Panel

We've added a new "Edit stop items" panel, making it easier to cancel fulfillments, select multiple fulfillments for a stop, or mix and match fulfillments with unfulfilled items for a particular stop.

You can access the new panel by clicking the dropdown arrow under the "Items" column for any stop on a route, then clicking the pencil icon in the top right corner:

Use the checkboxes to the left of each individual fulfillment to select which items should be included in this stop, and click Apply to save your changes.


🗺️ Route Start & End Location Improvements

We've added a new setting that requires drivers to start a route before they can update the status on any of the route's stops. This setting helps ensure any Out for Delivery notifications (if sent to customers when a route is started) are triggered before orders can be marked as attempted or delivered:

When this setting is enabled, the Delivery Driver app will display a warning, and all "Mark as..." buttons will be inaccessible until the "Start Delivery" button for the route has been tapped.

We've also added both Start and End locations as individual entries within a route:

Additionally, End locations can now independently be marked as "Complete" within the Delivery Driver app, indicating the precise time and location a route is completed, including time spent navigating to the end location.


📱 EasyRoutes Delivery Driver 1.0.32

The EasyRoutes Delivery Driver app on both iOS and Android has been updated to version 1.0.32, including support for real-time driver location tracking and improvements to route Start and End locations.  The update also includes improvements to the user interface and app performance, as well as various bug fixes. Drivers will need to update to the latest version of the app (version 1.0.32) in order to take advantage of the latest features and improvements.


Other product updates
(👀 there's some good stuff in here!)

Here are some more additions and improvements we've made to EasyRoutes:

  • Items SKUs, Item weights, and Total weight for an order can now be included on printed packing lists
  • Order weight and Route name can now be included on printed packing labels
  • Improved filtering behaviour to better support filtering by postal codes, regardless of whether they contain spaces or not
  • Comma-separated lists of postal and ZIP codes can now be added when using Filter views on the Orders page
  • You can now change the contact and reply-to email address for your customer notification emails

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