Plan scheduled routes with Zapiet + EasyRoutes

Use the delivery date and time window information collected by Zapiet to plan delivery routes with EasyRoutes — all inside of Shopify.


"The best routing app for Shopify merchants." - Shopify

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The power of Shopify-native integration

EasyRoutes is integrated with Zapiet & Shopify

Open EasyRoutes and your orders are right there, ready to be routed, complete with delivery dates and times collected with Zapiet - Pickup + Delivery. Configure your route options, filter by delivery date to find the orders you want to deliver, and click the button to create your routes with stops organized according to delivery time window! It's that easy!‍

Zapiet ‑ Pickup + Delivery
Zapiet makes scheduling pickups, deliveries, and shipments a breeze for your customers.
Built for Shopify
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Optimize delivery routes based on Delivery Dates and Time Windows from Zapiet

To view your delivery date and time window information from Zapiet check the Delivery Date and Time Windows columns in your EasyRoutes Settings under General > Main page options > Columns.

Once enabled, you will see those columns in your orders table. We'll also add a Delivery Date filter you can use to quickly find the orders you need.

Alternatively, Zapiet writes it's information into Shopify's Order Tags or Order Attributes, so you can turn on these columns in your EasyRoutes Settings to use that information for planning or to show to your driver directly.

To view tags and attributes inline for your orders, check these fields in your EasyRoutes Settings under General > Orders Dashboard.

Once you are ready to create delivery routes, set a date for delivery using our Route Scheduling route option and EasyRoutes will take into account all the time window information from your Shopify orders when optimizing routes.

About Zapiet

Zapiet is a leading Shopify app developer for delivery and order management solutions. Zapiet’s apps allow retailers to offer outstanding flexibility and convenience to customers and help previously brick-and-mortar businesses harness the potential of an integrated online store. Founded in 2015, Zapiet now helps power over 10,000 stores in more than 150 countries, from pop-up stands to Fortune 500 brands.

"The best routing app for Shopify merchants." - Shopify

Seamless integration with Shopify

EasyRoutes works seamlessly with your Shopify orders, tags, products, customers, apps, and shipping information.

Shopify integration
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Seamless integration with Shopify and your orders

Create routes in seconds

From route planning and driver apps to order tracking and notifications — do it all in EasyRoutes without leaving Shopify.

Route planning features
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Create routes in seconds

Get the tools you need to deliver

Put your deliveries on easy-mode with our EasyRoutes Delivery Driver companion mobile driver app for the routes you create.

EasyRoutes Delivery Driver
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Give drivers the tools they need to deliver the goods

Keep customers informed

Keep customers up-to-date on the status of their deliveries with real-time order tracking pages and delivery notifications.

Customer-facing features
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Inform customers every step of the way

Track deliveries in real time

Use real-time location data to track route progress and notify customers of their delivery driver’s live GPS location.

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Track deliveries in real time
Save hours planning 🕒

Save hours planning

EasyRoutes is fully integrated and synced with Shopify. Create optimized routes from your orders in seconds.

Share routes with drivers 🚗

Dispatch routes

Get directions, attach proof of delivery, and mark orders as delivered — all synced right back into Shopify.

Notify customers 🥰

Notify customers

Attach tracking links to your Shopify orders and keep your customers informed every step of the way with delivery notifications.

"Easy Routes is great, it made a task that was taking me an hour take literally a minute! I use it every day for my business and still can't believe how much time it saves me!"
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