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"It's not just for local deliveries either. It's perfect for our delivery setup with 8 vehicles covering the UK in its entirety." - All Your Appliances

Powering deliveries for thousands of delivery businesses across the globe.
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"EasyRoutes has taken a 6 hour a week job and turned it into a single hour." - The Real Good Life

Plan faster deliveries with simple CSV import

Upload a CSV of your orders, customers, items, and more to start creating delivery routes in seconds.

CSV import
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Seamless integration with Shopify and your orders
Create routes in seconds

Create routes in seconds

From route planning and driver apps to order tracking and notifications — do it all inside of EasyRoutes.

Route planning features
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Get the tools you need to deliver

Put your deliveries on easy-mode with our EasyRoutes Delivery Driver companion mobile driver app for the routes you create.

EasyRoutes Delivery Driver
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Give drivers the tools they need to deliver the goods

Keep your customers informed

Keep customers up-to-date on the status of their deliveries with real-time order tracking pages and delivery notifications.

Customer-facing features
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Inform customers every step of the way

Track deliveries in real time

Use real-time location data to track route progress and notify customers of their delivery driver’s live GPS location.

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Track deliveries in real time
Save hours planning 🕒

Save hours planning

Create multiple optimized routes from your orders in seconds.

Share routes with drivers 🚗

Dispatch routes

Get directions, attach proof of delivery, and mark orders as delivered.

Notify customers 🥰

Notify customers

Keep customers informed each step of the way with delivery notifications and tracking pages.

"It has made our operation look and run super smooth!"
Butcher Baker Grocer
Food delivery in Australia 🇦🇺
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