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September 20, 2023

Improvements to tables on Orders page & Add Orders tab

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We've made some improvements to the orders table on the Orders Dashboard and Add Orders tab, and fixed some edge case issues related to order selection and removal.

When any orders are selected, the "Add orders to map" button now remains visible on screen, floating in the same position no matter where you scroll through the page. This is particularly useful when the Orders table has many entries and requires a great deal of scrolling up and down in order to select orders to create a route.

Once orders have been added to the map, the checkbox for that order will convert into a green checkmark, like #1020 shown below. Hovering over the green checkmark will change it into a delete icon (like #1021 shown below) which can be clicked to remove the stop from the map.

Not seeing all of your orders? Scroll to the bottom of the orders table to identify how many orders were fetched based on any filters that are currently applied. Click the time period (in the case below, last 60 days) to jump to your EasyRoutes settings and adjust how far back in time orders should be fetched from:

The Orders Dashboard and Add Orders tab have also been adjusted to more efficiently display order and customer details, improving at-a-glance review of stops when scrolling through orders and adding them to the map.

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