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August 1, 2022

July 2022 Product Updates

If you have feedback or suggestions, please reach out — we'd love to hear from you!

Custom SMS and Email Notifications

A very-much requested feature is here for EasyRoutes Premium users — completely customizable email and SMS delivery notifications!

For emails, you can add your logo, customize all the text, and even add your own links using our easy editor (no more dealing with complex Liquid code like with Shopify's notifications).

We're also excited to launch customizable SMS notifications! This is a BETA feature, which means we would love your feedback! It is currently only available to Shopify stores based in the US and Canada for an additional costs of $15 per driver/month during the beta. We plan to roll out this feature to the rest of the world — support and pricing will be announced at that point. Stay tuned!

Notification History Timeline

We've also added an in-app notification event timeline so you know exactly what notifications were sent and when. You can view this in the Actions menu for the stop whose history you want to check.

More Customization Options

We've added even more customization options to our order tracking pages as well as out packing slips and labels. Check them out in your EasyRoutes Settings.

Better Support for Subscription Apps

We've improved how EasyRoutes works with subscription apps, including apps that use a single order with scheduled parts.

Route Group Improvements

We've cleaned up our Route Groups action menu and added the ability to add a blank route to your groups to better help with planning. You can also now assign drivers from the group view.

Huge Performance Upgrade

If you deal with a lot of orders, you should definitely notice that EasyRoutes is feeling a lot speedier. We've spent a lot of time under the hood making sure our app loads fast and works with older browsers.

We've also made a lot of updates to our routing engine, like supporting routes with very long ETAs and max stop times. And we also made some tweaks to better support for countries like Turkey and South Africa.

About Roundtrip

Roundtrip's mission is to equip every business with the software tools they need to deliver products to their customers in a delightful way. Thousands of Shopify merchants worldwide choose EasyRoutes to power their local deliveries across dozens of product categories, from meal kits and groceries to coffee, cupcakes, kibble, and so much more. Our easy-to-use route planning and delivery optimization app is certified Built for Shopify, a two-time Shopify staff pick, and the top rated local delivery app on the Shopify App Store.

"Firstly, the fuel savings are remarkable. With intelligent route optimization, our drivers take streamlined paths, cutting down fuel usage and vehicle wear. The time-saving aspect is a game-changer. What used to be a tedious task is now a breeze. Creating and managing routes takes mere minutes, freeing up invaluable time for our core business. Additionally, the real-time monitoring feature is a winner. It instills accountability and transparency, and knowing the status of each delivery has significantly boosted our customer satisfaction."
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