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October 27, 2023

Route start/end improvements; new print & filter options

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Route Start & End Updates:

We've added a new setting that requires drivers to start a route before they can update the status on any of the route's stops. This setting helps ensure any Out for Delivery notifications (if sent to customers when a route is started) are triggered before orders can be marked as attempted or delivered.

The setting can be enabled from EasyRoutes Settings > Driver settings, under the Driver app settings section:

When this setting is enabled, the Delivery Driver app will display a warning, and all "Mark as..." buttons will be inaccessible until the "Start Delivery" button for the route has been tapped:

We've also added both Start and End locations as individual entries within a route:

Additionally, End locations can now independently be marked as Complete within the Delivery Driver app, indicating the precise time and location - including time spent navigating to the end location - a route is completed:

When combined, these entries and additional "Marked as" action better illustrate the overall structure of a route, and allow for more detailed analysis of total route duration once a route is complete.

Route Printing Options:

We've enabled some additional options to configure what's displayed on printed Packing Slips and Packing Labels. These settings can be enabled from EasyRoutes Settings > Packing slips and labels, under the Packing slip options and Packing label options sections.

  • Weight: Individual item weights (Item weight) and total order weights (Total weight, Order item weight) can now be displayed on printed Packing Slips and Packing Labels.
  • SKU: Individual item SKUs (Item SKU) can now be displayed on printed Packing Slips, as well as when printing Inventory, or List of stops with Items included.

Filter View Improvements:

Comma-separated lists of postal and ZIP codes can now be added when using Filter views on the Orders page - particularly useful when sorting by large, specific sets of postal or ZIP codes. We've also improved filtering behaviour to better support filtering by postal codes, regardless of whether they contain spaces or not.

Delivery Driver App - Version 1.0.32:

We've released an update to the EasyRoutes Delivery Driver app, including the features described above, various bug fixes, and app performance improvements. Drivers will need to update to the latest version of the app (v1.0.32) in order to take advantage of the latest features and improvements.

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