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November 10, 2023

Usability & Address Book improvements; new print options

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We've made a number of usability improvements to EasyRoutes in order to further streamline your route planning workflows:

  • Clickable Route Options: Route Options that are enabled - on the Orders page and Route or Route Group pages - can now be clicked to jump directly to and highlight that Route Option's configuration panel, bypassing the need to use the "Add/Edit Route Options" to modify any active Route Options:
  • Route Page "Select all" Improvements: We've enhanced app behaviour when using the "Select all" checkbox on the Routes page to display the total number of routes that are currently selected. This update also resolves rare occasions where certain Filters did not apply consistently when using the "Select all" checkbox:
  • Route Printing Options: We've added new checkboxes to the Print Preview settings for a route - you can now toggle Order notes, Stop notes, and/or Customer notes on and off individually when printing a route:
  • Address Book / Company Name: When using the Address Book feature, a customer's Company variable (when available) is now displayed to the right of a saved customer's name. When searching the Address Book, any entries with matching Company variables will now also be included in the search results:
  • SMS Notifications - Shipping Contact: We've added a new setting that prioritizes the phone number listed under an order's shipping address when sending SMS notifications - particularly useful when the individual who placed an order is different from the individual receiving it (i.e. gifted orders). For additional information on which contact phone number will be used when sending SMS notifications, see this support article. To enable this feature, from EasyRoutes Settings > Notifications section, scroll down to the "SMS Notifications" subsection and check the box for "Send SMS to shipping contact phone number if available":

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