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How good is the Bing Maps Route Planner? (7 important features)

Comparing and contrasting Bing Maps, Google Maps, and EasyRoutes for local delivery route planning.

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On a daily basis we use mapping and navigation applications to help us with our commutes, to find gas stations, restaurants and to locate the correct addresses for deliveries. Google Maps, Waze, and Mapquest are just a handful of the route planning and navigation apps available. However, there is one route planner that many people overlook: the Bing Maps Route Planner.

Bing Maps was one of the first route planning and navigation programs to be released around the same time as Google Maps. While Google Maps’ improvements drove its expansion to new heights, Bing Maps’ updates went unnoticed. Bing Maps route planner has a lot of great features for route planning and navigation however it is fairly unknown to the average person.

In this post, we’ll look at some of Bing Maps’ features, how to use them, and how Bing Maps route planner compares to Google Maps. Let’s get started!

Table of Contents

  • About Microsoft’s Bing Maps Route Planner
  • Bing Maps’ Features
  • How to Use Bing Maps Route Planner
  • Which is Better? Bing Maps Route Planner Vs. Google Maps
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
  • Conclusion

About Microsoft’s Bing Maps Route Planner

Since its inception in 2005, Microsoft’s Bing Maps has been one of Google Maps’ most direct competitors. Bing Maps is a mapping application that is part of Microsoft’s Bing search engine package. Bing Maps for Enterprise is used to power the app.

Bing Maps has a modern, clean interface that differs from that of Google Maps. On the top, there are controls for driving directions, traffic, and other functions.

As a continuation of past Microsoft technologies such as TerraServer and Microsoft MapPoint, Bing Maps was previously introduced as MSN Virtual Earth.

The aerial picture was Bing Map’s original distinguishing feature, and it was quite popular. Bing Maps and the Virtual Earth Platform were renamed Bing Maps for Enterprise and Live Search Maps respectively in 2009.

Bing Maps’ Features

Here are some of the features Bing Maps offers to users.

Driving Directions

Bing Maps actually has one of the fastest routing algorithms. You can select to avoid or minimize toll roads or highways on your journey. It also calculates driving or public transportation directions from nearby major roads to a particular location.

Images from the air, on the ground, and from space

Microsoft’s Bing Maps has some spectacular aerial and satellite photography. It is one of the best online mapping systems available. The streetside photography provides street-level panoramas of your chosen location.

Static Maps

Bing Maps has a REST API that provides excellent quality map images. When creating reports or when you don’t need a fully interactive map, these photos come in handy. In addition, you’ll receive high-resolution 3D models of over 250 cities across 11 nations.


Bing Maps auto-suggests addresses when you input the stop or location in the search bar, so you don’t have to type the entire address (similar to Google and other mapping software).


You can utilize forward and reverse geocoding to find an address, search for an address, or find a specific stop. It can perform batch geocoding of up to 200,000 reverse or forward geocodings at once. This can help reduces downtime, bandwidth, and the amount of queries made.

Real-Time Traffic Information

In 35 nations, Bing Maps delivers real-time traffic statistics. It displays the results as individual event data points or as color-coded routes indicating street traffic flow. Every 15 minutes, the app updates the traffic data. The program also gets information about traffic incidents such as construction, traffic accidents, and road closures.

Analytics & Reporting

The reports and analytics provide users with valuable information. Users come up with relevant data on their routes and stops. This information aids in future decision-making.

How to Use Bing Maps Route Planner

  1. Open Bing Maps on your PC or mobile device in a browser.
  2. Next, enter your starting point, followed by the destinations or stops you want to visit along your route. Bing Maps allows you to add up to 25 different destinations/stops to your itinerary.
  3. Plan a trip by walking, biking, taking public transportation, or following driving directions.
  4. You can also print the routes you’ve planned.
  5. Save the routes and destinations to your computer.
  6. You can also share the routes you plan with others.
  7. Finally, you can get more information about your routes, such as traffic data and elevation.

Which is Better? Bing Maps Route Planner Vs. Google Maps

Microsoft’s Bing Maps has many of the same features as Google Maps, such as transport and pedestrian maps, driving maps, and road, aerial, and streetside views.


  • Bing Maps has a modern, user-friendly interface.
  • Bing Maps provides maps with numerous layers that are incredibly detailed.
  • Map add-ons display the cheapest gas stations and the best parking locations.
  • Users can quickly add destinations to their library for future use or reference.


  • Bing Maps does not have a mobile app for Android or iOS, but it does provide an SDK for creating mapping apps.
  • In comparison to Google Maps, it has less features and functions.
  • There isn’t a trip planner.
  • Routes are not optimized in Bing Maps. Users will have to prioritize and schedule stops based on distance and priority.

The Key Differences Between Google Maps and Bing Maps

  • The sole difference between Bing Maps and Google Maps may be the navigation style of the map.
  • When compared, Google Maps has a greater reach and usage coverage across a variety of categories, including business and travel.
  • In comparison to Google Maps, Bing Maps provides more conservative trip times.
  • In most countries, Google Maps is the most popular navigation and mapping tool for driving instructions or public transportation directions.
  • Google Maps has a better, more broad image coverage and an outstanding mobile experience that Bing Maps does not.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can Bing Maps be used offline?

You may get street maps for some countries by downloading them. You can utilize the downloaded maps offline if you’re using a Windows 10 app. Offline street maps are only available in the Windows 10 app. It necessitates users downloading maps in advance.

Can I use Bing Maps for free?

If you use Bing Maps with a free mobile app and do less than 125,000 transactions on a non-password-protected website in a year, it’s free.

The bottom line: Which is better, Bing Maps or Google Maps?

Although Bing Maps is an excellent tool for routing, when it comes to navigation, mapping, and the entire mobile experience, Google Maps vastly outperforms Bing Maps. In most countries, Google Maps outperforms Bing Maps in the areas of biking, walking, and public transportation.


While Google Maps and Bing Maps were released at the same time, Google Maps was able to expand and make navigation and route planning services better over time. Bing Maps was unfortunately left behind, with access to the map limited to only a few thousand customers who possessed a Windows device.

When it comes to routing and navigation, it’s easy to see why Google Maps is preferred over Bing Maps. Google Maps is found on both Android and iOS devices, where it is installed as the default software.

We hope this information on Bing Maps and its similarities and differences from Google Maps has helped you decide which program is the best choice for you and your business.

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