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EasyRoutes 101: Delivery Driver Mobile App

Learn how to configure the EasyRoutes Delivery Driver mobile app; how to use the app to navigate, deliver stops, and access route inventories; and how to maximize customer satisfaction with Proof of Delivery features.

Your all-in-one local delivery app for Shopify

Welcome to EasyRoutes 101! This article outlines all aspects of configuring and delivering with the EasyRoutes Delivery Driver mobile app, an essential tool for your drivers to complete their delivery routes quickly and efficiently.

Note that EasyRoutes Delivery Driver is the companion app for EasyRoutes, a Shopify app designed for stores that sell on Shopify to plan their own deliveries. These businesses create delivery routes and share them with drivers or couriers that they employ or have contracted deliveries out to. EasyRoutes is not a platform for drivers where you can sign up as a driver to take jobs directly.

Installing & signing in to the mobile app

If you've been invited to deliver by a shop using EasyRoutes, first download EasyRoutes Delivery Driver for iOS from the App Store, or for Android from the Google Play Store. When you open EasyRoutes initially, you'll be presented with a screen where you can enter your device's phone number to sign in or sign up for EasyRoutes Delivery Driver; once you've done that, we'll send a confirmation code via SMS to the number you entered - input that code on the following screen:

Once your phone number has been verified, you'll be prompted to create a driver account - input your details and tap Complete Signup to finalize your registration:

Mobile app configuration

EasyRoutes provides a number of settings to customize the Delivery Driver app to suit your specific delivery workflows. In Shopify, from your EasyRoutes Settings > General tab, scroll down to the Route page options section:

Any variables that are selected as Columns here will display their corresponding column when viewing any Route page in EasyRoutes. Variables that are active here will also display the same information to your drivers on the mobile app, so be sure to unselect any checkboxes your drivers do not require access to.

From your EasyRoutes Settings > Driver settings tab, we can configure the rest of the settings that apply to the mobile app:

  • Proof of delivery: Enable these options if you'd like to require that drivers upload any/all of the available Proof of Delivery items, before being able to mark a stop as Delivered.
  • Real-time tracking: Enable this option if you'd like to be able to track your drivers' live GPS location when delivering active routes, or share this location with customers when their driver is getting close.

Driver app settings: These settings determine what information drivers will have access to, and what additional route permissions/activities they can perform via the mobile app:

  • Show "Start Delivery" button: When enabled, gives drivers the option to start their route, sending Out for Delivery customer notifications. If you mark orders as Out for Delivery manually, this setting should be disabled.
  • Require driver to start route before being able to update stops: When used in combination with the above option, ensures that drivers cannot mark stops as Delivered or Attempted until they've started their route. This can help avoid situations where customers receive Delivered notifications prior to Out for Delivery notifications, which are triggered by the Start Delivery button.
  • Hide items & Hide shipping price for orders: Hides these two variables from the mobile app, but maintains their Route page column visibility (if enabled).
  • Allow driver to re-optimize: When enabled, gives drivers the option to manually re-optimize their routes when they deliver steps out of their initially optimized order. Route planners are still able to re-optimize routes from EasyRoutes itself at any time.
  • Route expiry: Configure this setting to determine how long routes can be accessed by drivers once dispatched, anywhere from 24 hours to 4 weeks.

There's a few additional settings that can be updated from the Settings page of the mobile app homepage:

  • Driver: Tap your driver name to update the profile associated with this phone number, or to delete your driver account.
  • Navigation app: Select which app launches when navigating to a stop.
  • Navigation mode: Select which set of order location coordinates are passed on to the navigation app; read more on troubleshooting navigation issues at this support article.
  • Auto-start in navigation app: When enabled, EasyRoutes will attempt to trigger and start the navigation mode for your navigation app when you press the navigate button.
  • Auto-advance after "Mark as...": When enabled, EasyRoutes will switch to the next stop after 5 seconds once you have marked an order as delivered or attempted (bypassing the stop summary screen).
  • Ask to confirm before "Mark as...": Displays an additional pop-up warning to confirm any "Mark as..." delivery actions.
  • Include second address line when navigating: Include available "Address 2" fields when passing coordinates to the navigation app; effectiveness will vary depending on the quality of Google Maps data in your locale.

Viewing assigned or dispatched routes

When a business using EasyRoutes creates a route and dispatches it to you, you'll receive a push notification message with a shortcut link to your shared route:

This route will also be added to your list of routes on the mobile app's homepage, along with any other routes that are assigned to you - tap View Route, then Start Delivery to begin delivering a route:

If any routes have been dispatched without an assigned driver, you may also be given the option to claim them. If any unassigned routes are listed in your app, tap View Unassigned Route on one, then Claim Route to self-assign yourself to that route:

See also EasyRoutes 101: Managing Drivers & Seats for additional details on adding, activating, and editing your drivers, driver seats, and dispatch options.

Inventory views

EasyRoutes generates an inventory for each route that can also be used as a packing checklist before departing for deliveries. This inventory provides an overview of every item needed for the entire route, as well as individual stops. When viewing a route, scroll down below the map and tap the Inventory slider - you'll have three options for displaying inventories:

  • Summary View: the default inventory mode, displays individual items and their quantities required for the entire route - tap Show order items to switch to...
  • Items View: a summary of each item required for the entire route, as well as the quantities of each item, and the stop or order it's associated with - tap Show by order to switch to...
  • Order View: each stop (in routed order) and the individual items and quantities required per stop - tap Show summary to switch back to the default Summary View:

Once a route has been started, you'll also have access to the inventory for each stop from the Order Items section, located just above any Delivery Instructions and the Proof of Delivery tools:

Navigating & delivering stops

From the app's homepage tap View Route on any route you've been assigned or have claimed; tap Start Delivery and you're on your way! The app will automatically display the first stop in your route, and you can tap the Go To button to open your navigation app of choice and get directions to the stop.

EasyRoutes will let you know if more than one order is at the same location. This is visible above your map when viewing a stop:

Recipient Information and Customer information will be listed below the map, with shortcuts to contact them by call or text if required. Below that you'll find the Order items to deliver to this particular stop:

Any available Order notes, Stop notes and/or Customer notes associated with the stop will follow, if applicable:

Just below the Proof of Delivery tools, you'll find the Update Status section - tap the applicable button to mark the stop as Attempted or Delivered, and the app will prompt you to move on to the next stop in your route:

Note that the "Mark as..." buttons may be disabled (greyed out) if any Proof of Delivery items have been configured as required as described above. As soon as the necessary Proof items are uploaded for this stop, the buttons will become active and you can continue your route. Speaking of Proof of Delivery...

Capturing Proof of Delivery

Before marking an order as Attempted or Delivered, you can optionally include Proof of Delivery via photo capture, eSignature, or a custom note indicating any additional details about the delivery. These Proof items can be used for record keeping or additional confirmation for merchants, but can also be shared with your customers to provide additional peace of mind regarding their deliveries.

Simply tap the button for the type of Proof you'd like to upload, and the app will guide you through the rest:

We understand that many delivery routes take drivers into areas where there's limited or no internet connectivity. If you find yourself offline mid-stop, you can still use the Add Photo(s) button to take your Proof photos, then tap Cancel to save it as a Draft:

Keep in mind that these drafts will only be retained as long as the app remains open. When you access this stop again, you'll see a message indicating you have a pending Draft Saved:

Once you're back online, tap the Add Photo(s) button again, and you'll be able to use the Save button to upload Draft photos.

Further information

Still have questions about configuring and using the EasyRoutes Delivery Driver mobile app? Search our support portal for step-by-step configuration instructions; take a look at more articles on how to effectively use the Delivery Driver app; or reach out to the Roundtrip support team if we can answer any of your questions. Happy delivering!

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