Built for Shopify. Loved by Merchants.

Don't just take our word for it, hear from users worldwide who have streamlined their local deliveries using EasyRoutes.

Built for Shopify. Loved by Merchants.

"The best routing app for Shopify merchants." - Shopify

Powering deliveries for thousands of Shopify businesses across the globe.
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💎 Built for Shopify

Excellent tool for our deliveries and excellent/responsive customer service.

We've been using EasyRoutes for the past two months and are thoroughly impressed. The app has been a game changer in managing our local deliveries. It's user-friendly, efficient, and incredibly reliable, even during our busiest times with high order volumes. We highly recommend EasyRoutes to any e-commerce business looking for a stable, effective delivery management system.

Support is Fantastic! No matter what plan you're on. They actually care about how things work for you and your business.

There are many actually useful features on all plans. This app is fantastic for anyone starting out and wanting to select an app that will scale with you as you grow.

It's easy to add in additional stops for orders not collected within Shopify so you can use this app for your entire business.

Definitely worth adding this app!

Very useful app with auto-integration of orders and smart routing. Newly released feature of Driver Tracking with GPS in Beta is an amazing addition to the platform! This feature allows me to help drivers who may be lost or behind on their route.

I am so in love with this app. I just did today's delivery route in 6 MINUTES!! This was taking up an hour of our time before (using a professional delivery system but it wasn't integrated with Shopify). I have all my tags set up to catch orders and put them into runs automatically. I can add manual stops. I can adjust. I just just just love it so hard.
Plus - I just sent an email when they asked for feedback and there was an email waiting for me the next morning from an actual human that was very helpful!
My worry was the the additional costs but turns out that's just how many texts you choose to have sent out. You can control that too.
Love love big love <3

We run a business selling big bulky tonne bags of logs and topsoil and easyroutes has been game changing for us. We were looking to improve on a system of stacked packing slips being handed over physically to our driver and we were immediately impressed with EasyRoutes. Here are a few of the texts sent from myself to my brother when i started playing with it:
"there's some absolutely sick delivery apps. literally installed one 2 mins ago and already impressed."
"literal gold struck"
"plots all the deliveries on a map"
"it's gonna change the world"
"think the paper days are over"
"i'm going to be sick with excitement"
The team have been great and super responsive too. There have been views that have been altered to work better with our operation and me and Boris went back and forth extensively to work out how best to code in our delivery times given we don't like to use date picker apps.
If you have a Shopify business heavily reliant on local delivery, you'd be insane not to give this a go.

So much better than Shopify Local Delivery. This is going to be a game changer for my local delivery business.

This app really helps with my local delivery business. You can print out the delivery route ahead of time and handoff to a delivery driver. Great app, Thanks!

This app is helping us so much to get through this COVID restriction period. I'll recommend to especially a small business owner who needs something to keep the business going and comes up to the solution to do the delivery instead of waiting for the customer to come.
It would be perfect if EasyRoute can do filter by tags and the route once created can be adjusted later. Thanks, Easy Routes team!

This app straight out of the box works great. Easy to use. Great App. If you do deliveries you'll have no problem with it. More improvements coming I believe.

"It integrates very well with Shopify and it is flexible when you need to increase your drivers and routes for a busy holiday and then decrease them as well."
Flower delivery in Florida 🇺🇸
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