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Online grocery shopping is more than just a pandemic-era trend

Undoubtedly accelerated by in-person shopping restrictions beginning in early 2020, online grocery shopping continues to command a sizable amount of grocery sales in the post-pandemic landscape.  Roughly two-thirds (66%) of consumers who bought groceries online as a result of the pandemic expressed intentions to continue doing so once restrictions were lifted1. As recently as 2022, the grocery delivery market segment accounted for over $460 billion in global sales, with estimates suggesting annual sales will exceed $1 trillion globally by 2027.2

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As demand for grocery delivery continues to grow, EasyRoutes provides merchants with easy-to-use tools to manage subscription orders, custom stops, last-minute manual orders, and advanced fulfillment workflows directly from the Shopify admin. Powerful filter views and custom delivery zones simplify the route planning and scheduling process, and once dispatched, delivery drivers can use their mapping tool of choice (Apple Maps, Google Maps, or Waze) to navigate between optimized stops.  EasyRoutes integrates with many of the top apps listed in the Shopify App Store, further streamlining fulfillments for merchants utilizing date picker, subscription, shipping, and product option apps.

Convenience is the top draw for consumers to switch from in-store shopping

Nothing says convenience more than delivery: in fact, 45% of consumers who regularly shop for groceries online cited convenience as the leading factor for choosing to do so instead of visiting a local supermarket in person.3 Estimates suggest that deliveries will account for nearly 60% of online grocery sales by 2026, further indicating that convenience continues to be king, and a shift towards grocery delivery over click-and-collect is already well underway.4

EasyRoutes’ optimized, efficient delivery routes are built to align with any date and time preferences indicated by shoppers during checkout, ensuring that grocery deliveries arrive at the most convenient time for consumers to receive them. As groceries arrive on doorsteps, drivers can effortlessly record proof of delivery - including eSignatures, photographs, notes, and precise GPS delivery locations - using the intuitive EasyRoutes Delivery Driver app, providing additional peace of mind to the grocer and consumer alike.

"A truly wonderful last mile delivery solution for a small business such as mine. It has all the features of a big brand solution at a very reasonable price point. It has made our operation look and run super smooth!" -Butcher Baker Grocer

EasyRoutes is designed to be just as convenient for hungry consumers as it is for merchants to use. Seamlessly integrated with Shopify stores and orders, EasyRoutes simplifies the onboarding process for staff, enabling new users to create and deploy optimized delivery routes with just a few clicks, without ever leaving the Shopify admin. Customizing the consumer experience is equally straightforward, with EasyRoutes’ user-friendly tools to personalize packing slips, labels, and order tracking pages, showcasing a grocer’s branding as much as their sugar and shallots.

Precise timing and careful planning are critical for safely delivering groceries

According to a 2020 study, over half (54%) of consumers who had never ordered groceries online identified food temperature and safety as the primary concern preventing them from placing an initial order. Furthermore, among consumers who had ordered grocery delivery in the past, a further 27% indicated they had at least one experience with unsafe food temperatures in a previous delivery.5

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EasyRoutes’ robust route optimization engine ensures that delivery drivers navigate via the most direct path to complete on-time deliveries, keeping groceries as fresh as possible. Grocery merchants have the flexibility to dispatch real-time delivery event notifications via both email and SMS, further ensuring optimal temperatures can be quickly maintained by consumers once a delivery is completed. Activating any of EasyRoutes’ added route planning options - like time spent per stop, or avoiding U-turns and toll roads - enhances operational efficiency and reduces fuel consumption for grocers, all while providing additional predictability for consumers once groceries are on the go.

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As the shift to online grocery shopping continues to gain speed, it's time for your grocery business to join the ranks of those embracing the convenience of EasyRoutes. If you're a grocery merchant looking to stay competitive and deliver convenience to your shoppers, you can install EasyRoutes from the Shopify App Store and give all the app's features a test drive throughout your 14-day free trial. Elevate your grocery delivery service, enhance customer satisfaction, and streamline your operations with EasyRoutes. Get started today and be part of the future of grocery shopping! 🥫🚚 ✨

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