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March 21, 2024

New Printing Options - Local Delivery Instructions & SKUs

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Local Delivery Instructions can now be included when printing a route. Enable the Delivery Instructions checkbox in the Print menu to include these details in your printed List of stops:

By default, Delivery Instructions will also be included on printed Packing slips and Packing labels. You can disable them from displaying in either of these printouts by unchecking Delivery instructions from your EasyRoutes Settings > Packing slips and labels tab, within the Packing slip options and/or Packing label options sections:

Note: Local Delivery Instructions are currently in beta, and may not always behave exactly as expected. Please contact us if you run into any issues when working with Local Delivery Instructions.

We've also added a setting to configure whether item SKUs display in the item list or as a standalone column on printed Packing slips. By default, SKUs will display in the item list - to change this, access your EasyRoutes Settings > Packing slips and labels tab, and update the Item SKU setting from the Packing slip options section:

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