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21 Delivery Business Ideas to Start in 2024

Exploring the burgeoning potential of on-demand delivery services, offering insights into industry statistics, challenges and opportunities, and innovative business ideas to start in the delivery sector.

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People’s buying habits have shifted dramatically all across the world. It has also provided new opportunities for certain large corporations as well as small firms. This article may be beneficial if you want to service a larger segment of the on-demand market or if you’re just thinking about beginning something new.

In this article, we’ll look at several delivery business ideas and potential. We’ll also go over some data to help you understand why now is the best moment to launch an on-demand delivery service.

Table of Contents

  • Delivery Statistics for Businesses in 2024
  • Why is it a Good Idea to Start a Business that Provides On-demand Delivery Services?
  • Understanding the Landscape of Delivery Companies: Challenges and Opportunities
  • 21 Business Ideas for Delivery Services You Can Start
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
  • Turn your Delivery Business Concept into a Reality with EasyRoutes

Delivery Statistics for Businesses in 2024

Image source: Statista

Every company, regardless of size or industry, is going through a difficult period.

On-demand delivery services have arisen as a fortunate quirk in these trying times. When most businesses are losing money and shutting down, on-demand delivery services see a significant increase in demand.

The question is, how long will demand for on-demand services continue to rise?

The numbers shown below will most likely provide an answer to your question:

  • With an annual growth rate of over 45 percent, the on-demand delivery service industry is predicted to reach over $400 billion in 2021.
  • In 2017, the on-demand industry brought in only $213 billion.
  • According to Statista, by the end of 2021, online grocery sales in the United States will have surpassed $41 billion.
  • In 2023, online grocery sales in the United States will reach $59 billion if the current trend continues.

In the future years, the share of online food delivery in the restaurant business will likewise change dramatically.

Why is it a Good Idea to Start a Business that Provides On-demand Delivery Services?

The following are the main motivations for beginning an on-demand delivery service company:

  • Overall efficiency is improved.
  • Increases the ease with which one can conduct business.
  • Accountability, payment processing, and tracking become much more straightforward.
  • Much more budget-friendly
  • With the use of cutting-edge technology
  • The potential for purchasing a number of potential marketplaces
  • More jobs and business opportunities are created.
  • Customers, businesses, and middlemen all benefit from increased convenience.

Understanding the Landscape of Delivery Companies: Challenges and Opportunities

The difficulty of dealing with Covid-19

  • Recent events have shifted the landscape of business in a new direction. Many small and local businesses have had to close their doors or are cash-strapped. It demonstrates the existential challenge that small firms in most countries have faced in the aftermath of Covid-19.
  • Brody Buhler, CEO of Escher Group, spoke at the World Parcel & Express Conference about how a sector like courier and parcel is facing a new landscape rife with equal opportunities as well as challenges. Even after the epidemic, Buhler believes that the online purchasing trend would not revert to pre-Covid levels.
  • The current transition has caused many small and local firms to reconsider what’s important: knowing their consumers’ evolving wants.
  • Accepting the idea of doorstep deliveries publicly is one approach to deal with this upheaval, as we have seen in various economies.

Deliveries to your doorstep are opening up new possibilities.

  • Until last year, only the food and beverage, digital products, and courier industries could deliver to customers’ doorsteps. However, subsequent modifications have expanded the concept of doorstep deliveries into a variety of other industries, including alcohol, prescription medications, groceries, and furniture.
  • The majority of these delivery organizations or companies were mid- to large-cap companies with significant technology and human resource investments. Small businesses are now doing the same thing by hiring a delivery team or outsourcing the majority of their logistics to a delivery company. Many businesses have been able to maintain their market position as a result of it.
  • Small businesses are having a difficult time all around the world. They must compete with behemoths like AmazonFresh and Walmart while also dealing with the ongoing pandemic. It has left small and local businesses with few options, which is why it is critical that they find a way forward and continue to thrive.
  • Integrating on-demand distribution into their business process is one approach to do it.

21 Business Ideas for Delivery Services You Can Start

Here are several delivery business ideas to consider if you are interested in running your own business.

#1 Food Delivery Service

In recent years, the food delivery services industry has experienced explosive expansion. The main reason is because it is more convenient. People can order their favorite foods from their favorite restaurants to be delivered to their homes. Food delivery apps like DoorDash and SkipTheDishes have seen exceptional development as a result of this.

SkipTheDishes is the most popular meal delivery service, with DoorDash, Postmates, and Grubhub as serious competitors. All restaurants favor this arrangement because they don’t have to pay their delivery boys.

In the United States, the meal delivery company industry is expected to rise to $42 billion by 2025.

#2 Bottled Water Delivery

A bottled water business is one of the simplest to establish in the marketplace. Many businesses sell bottled water, but only deliver huge orders. You can have a lot of growth potential if you can be a delivery partner for such enterprises, providing bottled water to individuals.

#3 Pizza Delivery Service

Homemade pizza delivery has been increasingly popular in recent months. People appear to desire more homemade items delivered. You can provide huge brands and deliver homemade pizzas created by a local food business as a pizza delivery person.

Many people have turned their hobby into a lucrative career by starting a homemade pizza delivery service. You only need to build a menu, find some clients, and get started.

#4 Grocery Delivery Service

If you operate a small supermarket or retail store, you can turn it into a grocery delivery service that also accepts internet orders. You can start selling your products by creating an app for your company.

AmazonFresh recently caused a supply chain disruption by tying up with local food stores as partners with names like AmazonFresh. It enables AmazonFresh to service its consumers via local supermarkets.

Other supermarket delivery businesses, such as Walmart and Instacart, operate on a slightly different concept. You might even start a shopping delivery service from your house.

#5 Courier Business

Mail and courier deliveries took a lengthy time a few years ago. The courier business, however, has become easier because to developments in delivery technology and delivery business models. With the advancement of technology, the industry has seen a tremendous growth in the number of competitors.

Locally, a courier service firm is relatively simple to establish, and you can gradually expand. You can also begin by obtaining a courier license and providing local bicycle courier services. However, due of the fierce competition, you’ll need to have a well-defined specialty.

#6 Flower Delivery

In recent years, flower arrangement and home delivery has become a popular industry. People began sending flowers for various occasions when they were unable to meet their loved ones in person. A flower delivery service does not need to stand out like a typical flower shop in town.

You may easily start small with a few of delivery boys. Local flower vendors who are unable to go out for business but still need to generate sales can use a flower delivery service.

See how Bloomen.ca used EasyRoutes to hire their own driver fleet!

#7 Furniture Delivery + Assembly

The place where you may have display units for each piece of furniture is the most difficult aspect of a furniture business. However, if you sell furniture online and guarantee delivery, you won’t require a physical location.

You can get ideas from companies like IKEA and Etsy, which specialize in the sale, assembly, and shipping of furniture.

#8 Alcohol Delivery Service

People didn’t only get their food delivered last year. It turns out that people had their alcohol delivered as well. During the pandemic, the sale of liquor over the internet skyrocketed, and it hasn’t stopped since. People have easily absorbed the custom of having booze delivered to their homes and do not appear to be abandoning it.

According to an IWSR research, the US is on track to surpass China as the world’s largest alcohol e-commerce industry. It’s a fantastic idea to start a liquor delivery service. At this time, there are some truly incredible chances in the field of alcohol delivery services.

#9 Lunch Delivery Service

A lunchbox delivery service is a type of business that may easily attract a large number of clients. In most nations, a lunch delivery service offers a lot of potential. It allows folks to go about their day without having to lug around their meal. It can be delivered just a few minutes before they want to consume it.

You can either partner with eateries to meet delivery demands or make lunchboxes and have someone deliver them for you as a lunch delivery service.

#10 Clothing and Accessory Delivery Service

Online clothes and accessory sales have already been made possible by a number of large corporations. This line of work necessitates that you keep up with all of the latest trends at all times. You’ll need a location to keep all of the clothing and accessories if you operate an online store.

Because the clothing and accessory market is so competitive, you’ll need to carve out a niche for yourself and provide something unique, or adjust your rates accordingly.

NastyGal, for example, debuted at a time when the industry was just getting established. NastyGal carved out a niche for itself as a modest start-up by focusing on curating quirky and vintage apparel for a new generation of women. This company encourages you to be more creative in your activities and values innovation.

#11 Book Delivery

Remember that Amazon, the world’s largest online retailer, began as an online bookshop, primarily competing with local bookstores like Barnes & Noble. As a result, there are no limits to what you may accomplish with a book delivery service.

You can start your company by trading old books and diversifying your genre selection. You don’t have to limit yourself to books. You can sell high school and university students magazines, comics, encyclopedias, and books.

#12 Restaurant Meal Delivery

Restaurants have taken a beating over the last year. These businesses can only survive in a time like this if they rely on delivery services and takeaways. At the same time, most people do not want to leave their homes to go to a restaurant and order food. They do, however, enjoy having their favorite foods delivered to them.

Uber Eats, DoorDash, PostMates, and GrubHub all grew dramatically as a result of it. It’s becoming a difficult industry to break into, but you may start small and test if it works in your area or in areas where Uber Eats and DoorDash haven’t yet established themselves. Also, consider that these larger companies take a large percentage of the order cost, something many restaurant owners are not happy about.

#13 Coffee Delivery Service

Coffee is a beverage that is always popular. It is a common breakfast beverage that most people have before starting their day. Individuals and local offices can both benefit from the coffee delivery service. To promote your coffee shop, you can create a website and business cards.

This product’s delivery window will be shorter, with most deliveries occurring in the mornings or early afternoons. You’ll have no trouble finding customers for your coffee shop.

#14 Delivery of Wholesale Eggs

Your wholesale egg delivery business can be turned into an internet delivery setup for a modest investment. Individuals, restaurants, and bakeries can all be your customers if you run a wholesale business.

The problem about selling food and products is that, as long as you sell a decent product, demand never truly goes away.

#15 Bread and Milk Delivery

The bread and milk delivery business will never go off, just as the wholesale egg delivery company. Customers can be found at any location. Selling vital grocery goods has this advantage. As a result, you can count on a consistent stream of income and profit from this venture.

Individuals and restaurants are potential customers for this business. All you have to do is make sure you’re selling new merchandise from trustworthy vendors.

#16 Fresh & Frozen Meat Delivery

The demand for raw beef is high. Fresh meat is difficult to come by in many places. The freshest raw meat is not available at even the largest supermarkets. You will be successful even if you only sell a small amount of fresh raw meat.

You can contact persons who work in the animal husbandry industry and can help you with the logistics. It allows them to focus on their business without having to worry about fresh meat deliveries.

#17 Cake Delivery

During the Covid-19 lockdown, a lot of us developed a taste for baking. By baking some delicious cakes and finding customers all over, some of us were able to transform our hobby into a viable business.

People no longer prefer to buy cakes from bakeries, according to a new trend. They usually have handcrafted cakes baked by a professional baker. This business allows you to work from home while also allowing you to quickly communicate with others through online channels.
Startup delivering pet food online

Food and accessories for our pets are virtually as diverse as our own. Pet owners adore lavishing tasty goodies on their dogs. A huge pet food delivery company has millions of dollars in annual income. Toys and accessories for pets are simple to add.

See how Lachér Patisserie uses EasyRoutes to deliver their world-class pastries and cakes!

#18 Gift Basket Delivery Service

It’s an art to wrap gifts and put together a group of gifts for a special occasion. It necessitates unique design, management, and personal skills, as well as the ability to be incredibly creative. It’s a massive industry.

You can service people, corporations, and local businesses as a gift basket delivery company owner. Gift baskets can be made for any occasion. It’s a niche with a lot of room for growth.

#19 Stationery Delivery Service

The stationery delivery industry is frequently undervalued. Individuals and corporations alike, however, require stationery in their daily lives. Depending on the range of products, you may just need to invest a lot more. Buyers can be found at any location. Finding consumers and earning money with moderate effort is relatively simple.

#20 After Hours Delivery Service

After-hours delivery is a market that has yet to be fully exploited or seized. It’s unlikely to be targeted at a certain product. However, the emphasis of this type of business is on providing service outside of normal delivery hours. After-hours delivery is available from a variety of courier firms. However, you have the option of taking an alternative route.

#21 Meal Kit Delivery Service

One of the most popular trends is to create custom meal kits based on customer needs and deliver them to the correct location. This is an excellent choice when eateries are closed and individuals want to eat healthily. You can quickly build a brand and accept online orders. Illuminate Food (an EasyRoutes customer), HelloFresh, Blue Apron, and Purple Carrot are among the largest companies in the fresh meal kit delivery sector.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

What is the revenue model for a delivery service?

Depending on what they deliver, the places they deliver to, and the rate they charge for each delivery, a delivery service business makes varying amounts of money. Delivery fees, commissions, and advertising are all ways in which the company makes money. Peer-to-peer, business-to-consumer, subscription-based, and business-to-business income models are all possible.

How do you market and promote a delivery service?

Create a website, advertise, post on local bulletin boards, produce press releases, register with internet directories, and network to promote and sell your delivery service.

How much capital do I require to start a courier service?

You don’t need a significant chunk of money to get started. You can get started with a car, a phone, and a few clients. When you need to register your business, buy an office, and publicize your firm, you will eventually need to generate funds.

Turn your Delivery Business Concept into a Reality with EasyRoutes

We hope that the following ideas and suggestions for the delivery business were beneficial. More investigation into a specific business idea will provide detailed insights about delivery business potential.

Consider EasyRoutes for your new delivery business.

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