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How to Maximize your Delivery Workflow – 6 Effective Tips

Analyzing the surge in home delivery demand due to the pandemic, emphasizing the necessity for eCommerce businesses to modernize their last-mile delivery services.

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This pandemic has sparked a demand for home delivery that has never been seen before. What has become an incredible opportunity for eCommerce businesses to increase sales has also resulted in an equally enormous challenge in getting products to customers’ doorsteps.

To keep up with rising demand and differentiate themselves from the competition, businesses must modernize their last-mile delivery service. In this ever-changing and challenging aspect of your business, how can you “up” your game and deliver incredible results?

Table of Contents

  • Embrace Cutting-Edge Delivery Technology
  • Take Advantage of Integrations
  • Make sure your Branding is Consistent
  • Prioritize a Great Delivery Experience
  • Make Contactless Delivery Available
  • Use EasyRoutes: Delivery Management Made Easy

Embrace Cutting-Edge Delivery Technology

When it comes to order processing, route planning, and delivery dispatching, how manual are your processes? If it isn’t already impossible to complete the task using manual methods, it will be soon. With the right delivery software platform like EasyRoutes, you can gain efficiencies across your order workflow and automate your process from purchase to delivery.

The right technology can integrate with your existing business software, pass orders through to fulfillment and delivery in a seamless manner, and scale to meet your company’s needs.

It can help you deal with seasonal highs and lows, navigate multiple drivers and dispatch centers, and even give your customers a better user experience.

Hiring more manpower isn’t always the best option, and it should only be used as a last resort. Technology can help you keep up with higher order volumes and schedule more deliveries per driver, allowing you to reduce headcount while increasing profits.

Take Advantage of Integrations

Any software you use in your company should be simple to use and integrate into your eCommerce workflow. If you’re selling on Shopify, you should be using apps like EasyRoutes in the Shopify ecosystem.

EasyRoutes isn’t just for creating delivery routes; it’s also for helping with fulfillment. There’s no need to waste time exporting and importing spreadsheets like you would with other route planning software because EasyRoutes is seamlessly integrated with Shopify and your store’s orders. You can easily add last-minute orders, and your packing lists will always be current. Orders are automatically updated in Shopify when you or your driver mark them as delivered from the road.

Companies can take advantage of the automation and integrations available through well-designed, cloud-based software built to handle your eCommerce delivery needs today more than ever before. Look for technology that automates and integrates with your back end to make your life easier.

Make sure your Branding is Consistent

Your customers are looking for a complete solution that includes everything from purchase to delivery. Even if that isn’t feasible for your business and you must rely on a third-party delivery service, your brand should never suffer.

One of the most important aspects of your customer service is last-mile deliveries. Showing a consistent brand throughout the buyer’s journey builds trust and brand equity for your company. Software like

Keeping your brand in front of your customers is good business, but it becomes increasingly difficult when using third-party delivery vendors. If a customer receives a poor delivery experience from a delivery vendor, it will reflect on your business. Watch out for bad reviews! The only way to prevent this is to do your own deliveries.

Whether you use your own delivery software or a third-party logistics provider, your branding should be prominent, giving the impression that your company is in charge of every aspect of their service. Customers who are perplexed do not provide referrals or reviews! Ensure that every step of your buyer’s journey is appropriately branded, including last-mile delivery, and that customers have a positive experience with your company.

Prioritize a Great Delivery Experience

No one enjoys having to wait. If you’re still giving your customers an ambiguous time frame for delivery, it’s time to call it a day.

Customers want to know where their order is and when they can expect it to arrive. The right eCommerce delivery software solution can help you deliver your products on time every time while also allowing your customers to track their order status at their whim. EasyRoutes provides all these features and more.

Customers can now receive notifications about their delivery, access a branded tracking page specific to their order, and view an interactive map that shows when their product will arrive.

The power of excellent customer service is in your hands and your customers’ hands with the right delivery software platform.

Make Contactless Delivery Available

Contactless deliveries are the way of the future to ensure the safety of your customers and employees.

Customers can have the peace of mind of contactless delivery with the right delivery technology. Simultaneously, it will give the company peace of mind that deliveries have been made, as well as a seamless way for drivers to file proof of delivery notices for their clients.

Companies of all sizes must safeguard themselves against the growing risk of leaving products at people’s doorsteps. These days, limiting physical interaction between customers and drivers is crucial for safety. However, businesses must consider how to protect their bottom line from scammers and thieves who prey on doorstep deliveries.

Use EasyRoutes: Delivery Management Made Easy

Manage your deliveries on Shopify, from route optimization, to picking and packing, to dispatch and tracking.

Your delivery service’s needs will grow in tandem with your e-commerce sales. A positive delivery experience is essential for a smooth customer purchasing journey and exceptional brand loyalty. For e-commerce delivery companies to improve their last-mile delivery services, they must use the right technology.

EasyRoutes is a best-in-class, cloud-based delivery management app for Shopify that improves delivery efficiency and scales as your business grows. EasyRoutes enables you to provide a cutting-edge “last mile” delivery experience to your customers. EasyRoutes streamlines complex delivery and route planning, enables more effective client-facing and team-based communication, and aids driver retention while lowering operating costs.

EasyRoutes provides the best and most flexible delivery management software in the industry, driven by innovation, an unwavering commitment to customer service, honesty, and trust.

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