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The overwhelming majority of coffee consumers brew at home

…and it’s not even close - 80% of American coffee drinkers brew their own coffee at least four days a week, with only 2% of coffee consumers claiming to never brew at home.1 Preferences among home brewers cover a broad range of roasts, formats, flavours and price points, indicating that coffee roasters who offer both variety and convenience are best positioned to satisfy even the most critical of coffee connoisseurs.

“WOW! What an outstanding app. EasyRoutes is very easy to use for both our admins as well as our drivers. The integration with Shopify seems to be flawless so far. I have no hesitation in recommending this app.” -I Have a Bean

EasyRoutes works seamlessly with a broad range of top Shopify App Store apps, streamlining order planning and fulfillments for merchants using date picker, subscription, shipping, and product option apps to provide maximum convenience and variety to discerning tastes of all kinds. Coffee vendors can customize order tracking pages and delivery event notifications - sent via both SMS and email - to provide real-time updates on a customer’s order status, further bolstering the consumer experience throughout the purchasing and delivery process.  As beans are successfully dropped off, drivers can use the EasyRoutes Delivery Driver mobile app to easily capture proof of delivery with eSignatures, photos, notes, and precise GPS delivery location.

Consumers are willing to pay more for coffee from a local roaster

When purchasing from coffee roasters that cater to nearby consumers with local delivery, consumers are willing to pay up to $25 per pound, as opposed to $20 per pound when purchasing from a non-local roaster, representing a 25% increase in spend based exclusively on geography.2   According to a 2023 survey of consumer behaviour, nearly half (48%3) of consumers indicated their interest in shopping sustainably has also increased, giving merchants that cater to a specific, local delivery area a significant advantage.

“By far the best route planner out there, and we've tested a few. Very responsive tech support team too.” -Black Creek Coffee

Coffee merchants can set up local delivery on Shopify with just a few clicks, and EasyRoutes further streamlines order sorting, route planning and delivery workflows for locally-focused roasters.  Enabling any of EasyRoutes’ route planning options - such as time spent per stop, avoiding toll roads and U-turns, or utilizing the minimum amount of drivers necessary - helps further boost efficiency and sustainability as beans make their way to consumers’ doorsteps.  In fact, drivers using the EasyRoutes Delivery Driver app to complete coffee deliveries may use no fuel at all, opting instead for bicycle, scooter, electric vehicle or eBike delivery to boost sustainability even further.  Once delivery routes are dispatched, delivery drivers (or riders!) can use their mapping tool of choice (Apple Maps, Google Maps, or Waze) to navigate between optimized stops.  

Online coffee subscription orders are maintaining robust post-pandemic growth

While the global coffee industry is trending towards a roughly 5.5% annual growth rate over the coming years, coffee subscriptions are expected to witness nearly double that growth (10.9% annually) through 2030.  Considering that coffee subscription spending grew at a slightly higher rate of 11.5% annually between 2017 and 2021, it’s clear that the coffee subscription model was not just a pandemic-era trend.4  Coffee subscriptions provide consumers with a convenient, customizable option for brewing at home, while providing merchants with increased predictability and consistency when planning inventories and delivery routes.

“We LOVE EasyRoutes! It has been so incredibly helpful to our monthly subscription and home delivery business since we signed up. I'm not sure how we would have made it through the past 6 months without this tool.” -Velasquez Family Coffee

EasyRoutes seamlessly integrates with many of the leading subscription apps available in the Shopify App Store, simplifying route planning and customer management for both current and scheduled coffee subscription orders. In addition, EasyRoutes offers full-featured support for custom and partial order fulfillments, streamlined order sorting with powerful filter views, and efficient bulk order imports for orders recorded manually or outside of Shopify. These features equip coffee merchants with a comprehensive set of tools for subscriber management and recurring orders, all easily accessible directly from the Shopify admin.

Elevate your coffee delivery game today!

As the online coffee marketplace continues to grow and evolve, offering variety and convenience are two of the key components to any coffee merchant's ongoing success. Whether you're a local roaster or a subscription-based coffee merchant, EasyRoutes seamlessly integrates with your Shopify workflows to streamline order fulfillments and enhance your customers' coffee delivery experience. Don't spill the beans and miss an opportunity to embrace post-pandemic growth in your coffee deliveries - join the coffee revolution and get started with EasyRoutes today. EasyRoutes can be installed from the Shopify App Store and offers a full-featured 14-day free trial to give all the app's functionality a test drive. Your coffee journey begins here! ☕️ 🚚 ✨

"I was surprised to find EasyRoutes so easy to incorporate into my business. I didn’t skip a beat from switching over from Google Maps to this more advanced program that gave me everything that I needed and more for myself and my customers. It’s hard to imagine a better logistics company than EasyRoutes because everything is there."
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