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Third Day Coffee brings artisanal roasting to your door with EasyRoutes

Learn how Third Day Coffee Roasters uses EasyRoutes to deliver their coffee on Shopify.

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Third Day Coffee


Coffee Delivery ☕


Established 2018


Cortland, Ohio 🇺🇸

"We can get the product to the customer faster than USPS."


Third Day Coffee Roasters was founded on a deep love for coffee. It all started thirteen years ago when its founder, Joe Ezzo, began his journey in search of coffee that was more than just ordinary. Joe was driven by a passion to create something better than the average off-the-shelf coffee and to bring out the best in every bean he roasted. As it turned out, he had a natural talent for roasting and an unrivaled ability to bring out the inherent flavors and aromas of the beans.

Third Day Coffee Roasters Delivery

The name "Third Day" stems from the process of degassing the roasted coffee beans, which is critical to releasing the carbon dioxide that builds up inside them and allowing their full flavor to shine through. This process takes three days, hence the name of the roastery.

After honing his skills in coffee roasting, Joe Ezzo started sharing his unique and flavorful blends with his close circle of friends. As word of his coffee creations spread, more and more people began to seek out his products, leading Joe to realize that there was a high demand for his artisanal approach to coffee roasting.

In response, he invested in a commercial-grade roaster and established Third Day Coffee Roasters in 2018. Over the years, the company has continued to grow and today, Third Day delivers its ethically sourced and meticulously roasted coffee blends to customers across the United States, satisfying coffee lovers' cravings for high-quality, expertly roasted coffee.

Third Day Coffee Roasters Delivery

Third Day Coffee Roasters is dedicated to delivering only the freshest and finest coffee to its customers. To ensure a consistently delicious cup, the company meticulously sources green coffee beans from all over the world and roasts them with care, following a unique profile tailored to each particular bean.

The roasting process is continually evaluated and updated through cupping, with the goal of highlighting the unique flavor notes inherent in the coffee. The soil in which the coffee is grown plays a significant role in determining its flavor profile, and Third Day Coffee Roasters goes to great lengths to ensure that these notes are highlighted on every bag.

Third Day Coffee Roasters is proud to provide nationwide shipping, as well as local delivery in their hometown of Cortland, Ohio. To manage their local delivery operations, the company made the switch from Shopify's own Shopify Local Delivery app to EasyRoutes by Roundtrip.

"We found EasyRoutes Local Delivery and all of our problems were solved!"

“We used the Shopify Local Delivery options for two years, it was riddled with bugs and limitations and simple tasks could not be completed due to software constraints. We found EasyRoutes Local Delivery and all of our problems were solved!”

With EasyRoutes, Third Day is able to manage all of their orders efficiently. “We can now add manually created orders to our delivery list along with orders that the customer marked for free shipping, but is in our local delivery area. We can get the product to the customer faster than USPS.”

For Joe, being able to streamline and simplify the delivery process was important so he could spend less time managing deliveries and more time on his coffee. “The UI to create, move and add stops inside EasyRoutes is genius and makes it so easy for us to plan routes. The mobile app on iPhone is great as well.”

Third Day Coffee Roasters Delivery

From ethically sourcing the freshest green beans from around the world to carefully roasting each batch to highlight its unique flavor notes, Third Day puts a lot of effort into creating a truly exceptional coffee experience. With EasyRoutes, they can also offer an exceptional delivery experience.

“We looked at several options, but for the features and price, EasyRoutes was hands down the best choice.”

When you choose Third Day Coffee Roasters, you're not only getting a great cup of coffee, you're supporting a business that values sustainability, ethical sourcing, and, of course, a love for coffee.

Experience the rich and flavorful world of Third Day Coffee Roasters by ordering your beans today at Third Day Coffee Roaster's website.

"It integrates very well with Shopify and it is flexible when you need to increase your drivers and routes for a busy holiday and then decrease them as well."
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