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“I absolutely LOVE this app! I was searching for a long time for a way to improve our delivery service. This app made us save time, work and money. It’s very user friendly and offers everything we need.” - Kyoto Fleurs

The vast majority of florists are small businesses

The florist industry is overwhelmingly comprised of small businesses, with nearly two thirds of florists employing fewer than five people, and a near-total 99.9% employing less than 100 people.1,2  Small teams and tight timelines while flowers are fresh means that every efficiency impacts a florist’s bottom line.

EasyRoutes’ powerful route optimization engine ensures that delivery drivers take the most efficient route possible to complete an on-time flower delivery.  Enabling any of EasyRoutes’ additional route planning criteria - such as time spent per stop, or avoiding U-turns and toll roads - helps further boost operational efficiency and fuel savings once blooms are on the move.

“We had been using a different website for routing for years and made the switch to this one in order to keep everything within Shopify…It has everything you need and that simple interface makes it much easier to train employees on how to use it.” - Native Poppy

EasyRoutes’ Shopify-native interface streamlines staff onboarding, allowing new users to create and deploy optimized delivery routes in just a few clicks, all from the Shopify admin.  Customizing the consumer experience is just as simple, with EasyRoutes enabling custom store-branded packing slips, labels, and order tracking pages to ensure a florist’s brand presence pops as much as their peonies.

“This app saves us hours in a day in how we run our delivery schedule compared to the old traditional ways.. Because this app runs so smoothly with our back end, we have acquired our own drivers which was never part of our business plan” - Bloomen

Using EasyRoutes allowed Bloomen to realize direct cost & time savings of 30-40% in their route planning and local delivery operations: “EasyRoutes has not only been a time-saver, but it's saved us money too. It's one of the most useful apps for my business that I have ever installed.”

Seasonality impacts florists’ sales volumes by up to 20x

Roses for Valentine’s Day, lilies for Easter; mums for fall and poinsettias for Christmas: many seasons & special occasions are traditionally associated with a particular flower, with Valentine’s Day alone accounting for as much as 40% of a florist’s total annual sales.3  Scaling delivery operations to match these occasions can be particularly challenging for florists of all sizes.

“This is the best app for delivery routes. It integrates very well with Shopify and it is flexible when you need to increase your drivers and routes for a busy holiday and then decrease them as well.” - Lex&Roses

EasyRoutes’ flexible driver seat functionality allows florists to activate additional drivers to deliver during peak holiday periods, instantly realizing cost savings during off-peak periods where consumer demand temporarily decreases.  When holiday order volumes inevitably become thorny, EasyRoutes’ delivery zones and route balancing features provides florists additional tools to scale and manage their seasonal rush. Preferred time and date windows collected on checkout can easily be incorporated into EasyRoutes optimized routes & ETAs so bouquets arrive exactly when they're expected.

93% of online shoppers want to receive proactive updates about their shipments4

When it comes to local flower delivery, constant communication is key.  When researching and buying products online, 68% of consumers identified upfront estimated arrival times as the most valuable piece of information influencing their purchasing decisions.5

EasyRoutes generates real-time order tracking pages and delivery notifications - both via email & SMS - to keep customers informed about their flowers’ delivery status.  Drivers using the EasyRoutes Delivery Driver App while on their routes can navigate between stops and access order inventories, as well as collect proof of delivery with photos, eSignatures, and notes to further increase communications between florists and their customers.

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