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What is the Best Route Planner with Proof of Delivery?

Outlining the critical role of specialized route planners like EasyRoutes in managing sensitive pharmaceutical deliveries.

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If you order from companies using the best route planners, you can now get your medications shipped to your house, alongside meals, electronics, clothing, groceries, books, and a slew of other consumer goods. No, we’re not talking about drugs like that. We’re discussing the life-saving prescriptions that many people depend on on a daily basis.

Although the majority of home delivery services are marketed as being convenient, many deliveries are more than that. Pharmaceutical deliveries are an example of this method of delivery. Going to the pharmacy or the hospital isn’t always quick or secure for those with reduced mobility or who are immune-compromised. Indeed, as we continue to live through COVID-19, the value of being able to access one’s prescriptions without having to leave the house has grown.

Unlike a road trip or a home delivery of daily consumer products, prescription deliveries need special attention. At each stop, they demand evidence of delivery. This is becoming a necessity for a growing number of companies. As a result, it’s important to use a dependable route planner that takes these considerations into account. We’ll look at what a route planner app does first in this post. Next, we’ll look at some of the unique considerations that must be made when delivering the stops that need evidence of delivery. Finally, we’ll consider which route planner is best for routes that need evidence of delivery.

Table of Contents

  • What is a Route Planner?
  • Considerations for Stops That Require Proof of Delivery
  • EasyRoutes: The Best Multi-Stop Route Optimizer for Proof of Delivery

What is a Route Planner?

What does Route Planning Involve?

Assume you own a company that provides distribution or in-field services (e.g., cable installation, lawn mowing, etc.). To handle your deliveries or service staff, you focus on route planning. Route planning entails more than just drawing lines on a map to plan your delivery route. It involved identifying and considering a variety of factors in order to design the most successful and cost-effective path. People frequently use route planning when going on a road trip.

While some small businesses can use Google Maps to plan routes, Google Maps is a web mapping tool, not a route planner. Since Google Maps isn’t designed for planning routes with multiple stops, it does a poor job mapping multiple stops on a delivery route.

Does Google Maps Work for Home Delivery Routing?

Businesses used to have to plan their delivery routes manually before Google Maps became an option. It was not only a time-consuming and costly exercise, but it was also extremely imprecise. To achieve maximum efficiency, route planning must account for a plethora of factors in real-time. Humans lack the brainpower to compute all of these factors, and until recently, most businesses did not have easy access to real-time data about traffic conditions, weather, and so on.

Today, most businesses prefer route planning software over manual route planning and Google Maps. Unfortunately, this app is not explicitly designed for route optimization; instead, it employs algorithms that take into account a variety of factors and real-time data. They do not, however, optimize to find the best routes in minutes or even seconds.

How Route Planning Can Save You Time and Money

Prior to the introduction of Google Maps, businesses had to plan their distribution routes manually. It was a time-consuming and expensive exercise that was also highly inaccurate. Path planning must account for a variety of variables in real-time to achieve optimal productivity. Humans lack the mental capacity to calculate all of these variables, and most companies did not have easy access to real-time data about traffic, weather, and other factors until recently.

Many companies now prefer route planning tools over Google Maps and manual route planning. Unfortunately, this app isn’t specifically designed for route optimization; instead, it uses algorithms that take a variety of variables and real-time data into account. They do not, on the other hand, optimize to find the best routes in minutes, if not seconds.

Considerations for Stops That Require Proof of Delivery

Pharmaceutical delivery is obviously not the same as delivering a pepperoni pizza. After all, one delivery contains potentially life-saving medications, while the other simplifies Friday night dinner.

Four important considerations for pharmaceutical deliveries are outlined in this section. Any route planner for pharmaceutical deliveries should include the following features:

Sensitive Information

When it comes to things like prescription medications, consumer data security is critical. Customers want to know that the app will not offer their personal information to third parties. They also want to know that their information is encrypted and safe from data breaches such as hacking. When looking for a delivery software solution, it’s important to read the fine print about consumer data to make sure the developer is fully committed to privacy and security.

Best Delivery Process

When it comes to prescription deliveries, there are a few unique aspects that must be taken into account. In certain cases, for example, the customer must be present at home when the prescription medications are shipped. A customer-selectable delivery time slot and real-time monitoring of the delivery driver en route will help ensure optimum productivity and customer satisfaction. Other useful features of some pharmacy delivery apps include scheduling a customer’s prescriptions depending on when they need to be taken and automatic refills.

Photo Proof & Signature Capture

Because of the sensitivity of prescription drugs and their role in a person’s life, it’s important that the delivery driver delivers the package to the correct customer every time. A delivery app should take into account the need to obtain the customer’s signature and photo evidence that the correct drug order was issued.

On-Time Delivery

What’s the worst that can happen if your pizza doesn’t arrive on time or at all? Dinner must consist of Cheerios. However, the stakes can be even higher when it comes to drug deliveries. If you run out of insulin and don’t get a refill in a timely manner, you might end up at the doctor’s office or in the hospital. Although customers should order their medications as soon as possible to avoid needing emergency deliveries, the reality is that not everyone can recall. This is why it’s important that the prescription distribution service ensures prompt and accurate delivery.

Unlimited Routes with Unlimited Stops

Nowadays, finding a multi-stop route optimization method with infinite stops has almost become a necessity. Google Maps, with just ten exits, isn’t going to cut it. Most delivery companies who are searching for the best app for their delivery drivers understand that they need unlimited stops (or addresses) and routes. Furthermore, the route optimization software provide information on toll roads and traffic accidents.

These are only a few of the important factors to consider when choosing a route planning app for your delivery service.

EasyRoutes: The Best Multi-Stop Route Optimizer for Proof of Delivery

EasyRoutes is the best multi-stop route planner software for companies who need to send orders to multiple locations. It’s not easy to plan routes with proof of delivery, so you’ll need an app that’s easy to use, allows you to add unlimited stops and routes, and lets you navigate with ease. Let’s go through some of the benefits of using the EasyRoutes route planner software to manage routes and stops.

  • Simple and Easy to Use: EasyRoutes has been designed to be very open, intuitive, and simple to use.
  • Optimized Routes: The user can build routes easily and include as many stops as they want. With strict time constraints, you can construct an effective route order.
  • Proof of Delivery: You will record proof of delivery when you arrive at any of the stops on any of your routes. Take pictures and leave a note. All of the data will be saved in your safe back-end, which you will be able to access at any time.
  • Unlimited Routes with Unlimited Stops: EasyRoutes has plans for any size business, so you can be supported no matter what number of routes or stops you need. EasyRoutes is the go-to routing software for store owners on Shopify.
  • Data Security: Since EasyRoutes is linked to Shopify and your orders, your information is secure on their servers. In addition, web links sent to drivers expire after 48 hours.


If you’re searching for the perfect multi-stop planner, you’ll have to look past Google Maps (which is suitable for driving directions but not for route optimization). When it comes to finding the right app for the job, consider the factors we listed earlier, such as on-time delivery. When it comes to getting as many routes completed as quickly as possible, we recommend EasyRoutes. There are other applications that will help you get to the stations, routes, and addresses you need. You are still welcome to check them out.

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