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“The app is a game changer when it comes to building routes. EasyRoutes does all the work for you. What used to take 3 to 4 hours to map out and print 100+ deliveries now takes us 30 mins. The support that comes along with it makes it an easy 6 star app.” - Fit Flavors

A growing share of consumers value sustainable products, packaging & delivery

In a 2023 survey of consumer behaviour, 48% of shoppers indicated their interest in shopping sustainably has increased, with 74% of those polled having shopped at a retailer that promotes their products as sustainable at least once within the past six months.1  Meal kit delivery merchants are no exception: Crisper, Toronto’s first and only zero waste, plant-based meal kit delivery service uses EasyRoutes to help reduce, reuse and recycle throughout their delivery operations.

“I use this app to manage my weekly deliveries in-house with my team of drivers. It was especially helpful because my business is a subscription service and that type of order doesn't quality for Shopify's native route generator. This app does everything I need it for!” - Crisper

EasyRoutes’ powerful route optimization engine plans the most efficient delivery route possible in just a few clicks, ensuring meal kits arrive when they’re expected, with minimal time spent on the road. Enabling any of EasyRoutes’ additional route planning options - such as time spent per stop, or avoiding U-turns and toll roads - helps further boost operational efficiency and fuel savings once meals are on the move. In fact, drivers using the EasyRoutes Delivery Driver app to complete meal kit deliveries may use no fuel at all, opting instead for bicycle, scooter, electric vehicle or eBike delivery to increase sustainability even further.

Precise timing is crucial for safely delivering meal kits

As perishable goods, meal kits require careful planning and exact timing in order to maintain food safety standards. In a 2022 study of 72 meal kits shipped via a delivery service such as FedEx, over 76% of the boxes delivered contained at least one product above the 40-degree Fahrenheit food safety zone, with a full half of the 72 boxes containing at least one meat or poultry product above 40 degrees Fahrenheit.2

"EasyRoutes is a wonderful delivery service. It seamlessly has integrated into all of our other Shopify apps to make the route creation incredibly easy. The perks of adding multiple drivers, tracking deliveries, delivery confirmation have all been outstanding to help us ensure the best possible quality to our customers." - 1% Fitness

EasyRoutes’ optimized routes are planned to accommodate any date and time window preferences identified by shoppers on checkout, helping to ensure deliveries arrive when consumers are best prepared to accept them. Meal kit merchants can customize order tracking pages and delivery event notifications - sent via both email and SMS - to provide real-time updates on a customer’s order status. Once meal kits are dropped off, drivers can easily capture proof of delivery with eSignatures, photos, notes, and precise GPS delivery location via the EasyRoutes Delivery Driver app to provide additional peace of mind to both the merchant and consumer.

Customer retention is an ongoing challenge for meal kit delivery companies

Retaining customers for repeat orders has proven to be one of the biggest roadblocks for even the most established players in the meal kit delivery market. In 2022, industry heavyweights experienced overall retention of only 15% (Blue Apron) and 9% (HelloFresh) 11 months after a customer’s initial meal kit order.3

EasyRoutes integrates with many of the top subscription apps in the Shopify App Store, making route planning for current and future subscription orders a breeze. EasyRoutes further supports custom and partial fulfillments, filter views for order sorting, and bulk order importing, equipping meal kit merchants with all the tools they need to successfully manage subscribers and repeat orders - all without leaving the Shopify admin.

Elevate your meal kit delivery game today!

Integrating EasyRoutes with your meal kit delivery service on Shopify provides a unique opportunity to enhance sustainability, improve efficiency, and boost customer retention. If you're a meal kit merchant looking to stay competitive and make a positive impact, you can install EasyRoutes from the Shopify App Store and give all the app's features a test drive throughout your 14-day free trial. By doing so, you can streamline your delivery process, reduce your environmental footprint, and better manage your subscriber base. Take the next step towards a brighter future for your meal kit business by exploring the benefits of EasyRoutes today - your customers and the planet will thank you! 🍽️ 🚚 ✨

"Fantastic app and support! We have been using this app for quite some time now and it works flawlessly. Very user friendly and it has all the features needed. The app on the phone is amazing and beats any competition. Highly recommended!!"‍
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