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7 Ways to Give Your Customers a Great Delivery Experience

Outlining the benefits of providing a personalized delivery experience, the importance of meeting customer expectations set by larger companies like Amazon, and practical tips for creating an exceptional delivery experience,

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You’ve been in business for a while and things are going well, but you know there’s always room for improvement. You’re spending money on third-party delivery services to get your products to local customers, but it’s getting expensive and impersonal.

To get a competitive advantage, start your own home delivery service for your company. You may provide a better degree of personalized service to your consumers by offering in-house delivery. Customers who are happy are more likely to do business with you, which lowers costs and raises revenue. Even if you currently have an in-house delivery system, improving it from excellent to amazing is a quick way to boost income and improve client feedback.

The first step is to figure out what constitutes a fantastic delivery experience.

Table of Contents

  • Amazon delivery experience vs. small company delivery experience
  • What factors contribute to a positive delivery experience for customers?
  • The essential components of a fantastic delivery experience
  • Make Amazing Delivery Experiences with EasyRoutes

Amazon delivery experience vs. small company delivery experience

Your customers have high hopes for your business. The Amazons of the globe have set a very high bar, especially in terms of shipping and delivery. According to one poll, 89 percent of Americans prefer Amazon to other shopping platforms. Your company must satisfy these demands or risk going out of business in a world where customers want things to be delivered the same or next day.

You can compete with the “big guys” even if you have a small business budget. Aside from on-time delivery, the customer experience you generate by conducting your own local deliveries may persuade someone to buy from you instead of Amazon or your competitors.

What factors contribute to a positive delivery experience for customers?

While you may not be able to match Amazon’s speed perfectly, you may compensate by giving your customers a fantastic experience. A pleasant delivery experience hinges on excellent customer service.

According to Salesforce’s State of the Connected Customer study, customers expect the following from your company:

  • Recognize their requirements: Customers want you to be aware of their needs and expectations in 76% of cases. They want you to provide an easy-to-use online ordering system that allows them to place orders, pay for them, and schedule delivery without having to contact a customer service representative. If you don’t, your potential consumer will go to a competitor who can satisfy their needs.
  • Service tailored to their needs: Being a member of the end-to-end solution for getting products to customers without relying on third-party delivery providers is what this includes. They want to be updated on the status of their order as it progresses (SMS and email notifications are popular channels for this). If you don’t provide a more personalized experience, they’ll move to a competitor that does.
  • Provide experiences similar to those found on Amazon: According to the survey, 69 percent of respondents believe your organization would provide customized and efficient service on par with Amazon. If you don’t, your potential customers will instead spend their money on Amazon. This entails a transparent fulfillment and delivery service, with notifications given by email, phone, or text at each step.
  • Positive reviews: Customers are more inclined to tell others about their bad experiences than their good ones, according to 62% of customers. When customers buy online and compare prices, it has an influence on your business (which we know they do because we do it too). To combat any unfavorable news that may arise on your reviews page, individually call your most loyal customers and request that they post a review. If you don’t have enough good evaluations, customers will be hesitant to take a chance on your product or delivery service.

The essential components of a fantastic delivery experience

Several crucial factors make up a successful delivery experience:

#1 Customer notifications that are issued automatically

Not only does automation save time and money, but it also boosts customer happiness! When you text crucial information to your clients, 77% of them will have a favorable view of your business. If you email or text them key delivery updates, they can better arrange how they wish to receive a delivery.

If they are unable to attend in person, they may need to arrange for a delivery to be picked up at their front door by a friend or family member. Your consumers will benefit from automated notifications as they go about their day.

#2 Make contactless delivery options available

Consumers now have new safety concerns while making purchasing decisions. For the safety of your personnel and consumers, as well as to stay competitive, your organization must now offer contactless delivery choices. The recipient can plan ahead for their delivery and pick it up as soon as the driver leaves when this is combined with automatic notifications.

If you use contactless delivery, your drivers may save time by not having to wait for someone to open the door and receive the item. They can simply photograph the parcel and go on to the next one. Customers can also use tools like delivery tracking to prepare for a contactless delivery. This is especially critical for valuable deliveries and food products that should not be left unattended for an extended period of time on a front porch.

#3 Connect your e-commerce and delivery systems

#3 Connect your e-commerce and delivery systems - Amazing Delivery Experiences

You could collect orders, pack items, and schedule deliveries by hand, but this isn’t a sustainable strategy if you want to grow your business and generate more money. Make things easy for your employees and consumers. Provide your customers with a simple e-commerce platform where they can easily buy things, configure their delivery or pick-up options, and pay for their order.

The more order fulfillment and shipping can be automated, the more time you and your team can devote to product development, sales, and marketing. Your e-commerce platform may also be able to communicate directly with your delivery management system. Because the delivery component of your purchase lifecycle can account for up to 53% of overall delivery expenses, take advantage of technology to streamline this process as much as feasible.

#4 Make use of branded, professional-looking delivery vehicles

Don’t be tempted to buy a cheap delivery van or truck. A professional image is necessary for establishing brand trust and creating a good client experience. It contributes to the overall delivering experience’s excellence.

Your delivery truck should be immaculate, branded (with your logo or company name on the outside), and consistent with the rest of your organization’s appearance. If you sell environmentally concerned products, consider employing an eco-friendly car instead than a Hummer or gas-guzzling SUV for delivery.

Shopify and your store’s orders are fully linked with EasyRoutes. This implies we can change the status of your orders so you can designate them as delivered.

#5 Plan delivery routes ahead of time so you can get more done in less time.

While same-day delivery may be too much for your small business to handle right now, you may still optimize your route planning to have products delivered as soon as feasible. With superior route planning, your delivery drivers will spend less time driving (which is not a revenue-generating activity) and will be able to deliver more products (a revenue-generating activity).

It not only trains you to provide outstanding delivery service, but it also enables you to save money on gas and enhance profits by applying proper route planning.

#6 Write a note by hand

Your customer will be aware that much of your order fulfillment and shipping process is generic and automated. When you add a personal touch to each order, such as a handwritten note thanking them for their purchase, you have the potential to offer something genuinely memorable as part of your wonderful delivery experience for the consumer.

#7 Make free delivery choices available

Free or cheap shipping is one of the most essential aspects for customers when determining where to shop, according to 53% of customers. When you handle delivery in-house, you may better monitor your expenditures or incorporate delivery costs into your normal product pricing and offer free delivery to your consumers. Customers are willing to pay a greater price for speedier delivery in 60% of cases. Consider providing this service to increase earnings.

Make Amazing Delivery Experiences with EasyRoutes

Ordering delivery is no longer a “nice-to-have” for local businesses. It’s becoming required as more customers seek speedy, home delivery of their products. To add an extra customer touchpoint and improve your clients’ overall experience, consider in-house delivery services.

Start one of EasyRoutes’ 14-day free trials if you’re ready to improve client satisfaction by creating or expanding your own in-house delivery business.

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