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In-House Food Delivery: How Restaurants Can Save Money

Strategies for restaurants adapting to increased demand for food delivery due to the pandemic.

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Many restaurants have started offering food delivery in recent years as a strategy to increase sales and address the need for more convenient dining options. Many restaurant owners, on the other hand, have resisted the trend and clung to their dine-in culture.

But the pandemic forced their hand, as social separation has become a vital aspect of stopping the spread of the coronavirus. We can assist you if your restaurant, bar, or cafe has been forced to start delivering. Here are a few steps you may take to ensure your success.

Table of Contents

  • Reduce the Number of Items on Your Menu for Food Delivery
  • Think up and Include New Offerings for Food Delivery
  • Deliver Meal Kits
  • Get Food Delivery Done Quicker and Better with EasyRoutes

Reduce the Number of Items on Your Menu for Food Delivery

Improving efficiency and lowering expenses are the first steps toward remaining competitive. Reduce the size of your menu to do this. Maintaining a complete menu during this difficult period will simply raise your food costs at a time when you are trying to conserve money. Ask yourself: “What are the goods that are easiest to make and get out the door quickly?”

“What they need to do is pare down their menu, look at the foods that are easy to purchase and create, so they can make a menu and post it online, and design simple items that would travel well,” Ordermark’s Charlie Jeffers told The Spoon.

Keep in mind which products move well as you seek to reduce your menu offerings. Pizza, for example, is easy to transport. Steaks and seafood will be more difficult to prepare. If you own a steak and seafood restaurant, this doesn’t imply you’re in trouble; it just means you’ll want to focus on fewer products in order to provide the finest experience.

Include New Offerings for Food Delivery

Despite the fact that we just talked about limiting the amount of things on your menu, you might want to consider adding a few items that cater exclusively to people who are confined to their houses. Because home quarantine encompasses entire families, it’s only natural to provide full meal options and larger family-style meals for individuals with several mouths to feed.

A lack of dine-in clients also means a lack of alcohol sales, which can slash your profits significantly. Consider including beer and wine selections for individuals who want to have a drink with their dinner but don’t want to (or can’t) go to the liquor store.

Deliver Meal Kits

Offering meal kits during a time when families are seeking for ways to keep entertained at home can be a win-win situation for both your restaurant and your clients. You can select a handful of your most popular recipes, ensuring that one or two are “kid-friendly.” Provide all of the ingredients needed to cook that dish, as well as a list of basic instructions, for each meal kit that is ordered.

Not only will your clients receive a tasty dinner, but they will also be able to participate in a fun activity that the entire family can enjoy.

Get Food Delivery Done Quicker and Better with EasyRoutes

Delivery is a must-have for restaurants and many other businesses right now. This means you’re up against a lot of other people who may have more delivery experience than you, but you may still win by executing it better and faster. Using delivery management software like EasyRoutes enables you to transform your store’s orders into optimized delivery routes you can share with your drivers. With features like packing lists, photo proof of delivery, and customer notifications, EasyRoutes can not only help you supercharge your food delivery, but it can also help you enhance customer service and grow your business.

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