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Top 10 Benefits of Logistics Scheduling Software

Outlining the critical role of logistics scheduling in ensuring timely and efficient supply chain operations.

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Any supply chain is dependent on accurate and efficient scheduling. Logistics scheduling involves creating a time-based plan that ensures that individual tasks or activities are completed when necessary or promised. In other words, these scheduling operations ensure that what needs to get done gets done – on time and when needed.

Table of Contents

  • Why is Logistics Scheduling Important?
  • 10 Benefits of Using Logistics Scheduling Software
  • Picking the Right Logistics Scheduling Software

Why is Logistics Scheduling Important?

For a smooth supply chain workflow, logistics scheduling entails combining job scheduling and execution. You’re more likely to have unfinished orders, inventory shortages, and missed deadlines if you don’t use good logistics scheduling. Last-minute rescheduling, employee overtime, hefty penalties, and disgruntled customers are all possible outcomes.

Schedules that aren’t up to par waste time and resources. It costs you money if you have to make several deliveries or plan a late delivery outside of regular business hours. Your labour and fuel costs would rise as a result of inefficient driver routing. Customers who are disappointed with missed deadlines will ultimately leave.

It’s important to accept logistics scheduling in your company for all of these reasons and more. The easiest way to do this is to use logistics scheduling tools.

10 Benefits of Using Logistics Scheduling Software

All facets of the supply chain can be streamlined with logistics scheduling tools. It’s a time and money-saving method for handling materials, manufacturing, inventory, customer orders, and deliveries, and it leads to happier workers and customers.

Here are a few examples of how logistics scheduling tools can help you streamline and develop your supply chain.

#1 Makes the Supply Chain Logistics Process Easier

The supply chain operation phase can be bumpy at times. Orders do not flow in a predictable pattern from month to month, and warehouse inventory levels fluctuate. Delivery is rarely scheduled in a straight physical line over the course of an eight-hour day. That isn’t how life works.

The whims of the real world cause a slew of problems for those in charge of your company’s supply chain scheduling. Transportation delays, last-minute changes, and ostensibly unreasonable consumer requests all contribute to scheduling issues.

Logistics software shines when it comes to smoothing out the rough edges of the supply chain logistics operation. With the right software, tasks that would normally take a person several hours to complete – and then redo because things change – can be completed in seconds. Tasks that repeat themselves are now scheduled automatically. With the click of a button, last-minute adjustments can be measured and optimized. Details are kept track of, reports are written, and everything falls into place. Since logistics scheduling software takes care of it for you, life becomes simpler.

#2 Enhances on-time delivery

You understand how important it is to keep the on-time delivery performance high. Logistics scheduling software eliminates the guesswork from route planning, ensuring that drivers take the most effective routes possible. This will help you increase your on-time delivery performance, which in turn boosts customer loyalty.

#3 Minimizes scrambling at the last minute

Poor preparation can lead to a lot of scrambling at the last minute. Deliveries must be rescheduled or canceled; drivers must work overtime; and time and energy must be spent reworking previously established plans. Logistics scheduling software aids in the reduction of last-minute adjustments.

Instead of rushing at the last minute, the app allows you to prepare ahead. You can save money by reducing last-minute scrambling. Changed plans and rush orders cost more than getting it planned ahead of time. You won’t have to plan costly additional deliveries because anything changed if you use logistics scheduling tools.

#4 Enhances Last Mile Delivery

The last mile is the most difficult segment of the supply chain. It doesn’t matter how well you handle the first mile of the process; if you can’t drive the product efficiently over the final mile, it’s all for naught.

What the customers see is the last mile. They don’t see the buying, inventory, or packing; they just see what’s delivered to their front doors. It reflects negatively on your entire company if your delivery is ever late or incomplete.

When you use logistics planning tools to handle the entire supply chain, you can rest assured that the final mile will run smoothly. All works together to ensure that the consumers get the right product at the right time.

#5 Reduced Inventory

When plans change, inventory control becomes more complicated. To get the job done on time, you’ll need perfect scheduling to ensure that each step in the process moves at the right speed. You want all of the bits and sections to arrive at the same time, not a day early or a day (or more) late. If things don’t go as planned, you might end up with higher-than-expected operating costs or, worse, inventory stockouts that delay the order’s completion.

You’ll need carriers to ensure that your resources arrive on time to fulfill your orders. This necessitates extremely precise scheduling based on historical patterns and records. You don’t want to order more inventory than you need or have space for, and you also don’t want to be shorthanded due to unforeseen demand.

Demand can be predicted using cutting-edge logistics scheduling tools, which can then plan inventory shipments accordingly. It can also adapt on its own as demand changes. You get the most out of your storage space while still knowing that you’ll still have the right inventory on hand when you need it.

#6 Boosts Workplace Productivity

The use of logistics scheduling tools will significantly boost your company’s efficiency. Instead of manually creating schedules and routes each day, the program does it for you – quicker and more precisely. What used to be performed manually is now automated, allowing employees to focus on more important tasks.

#7 Lowers Costs

Logistics scheduling tools can improve the efficiency of the entire supply chain. Vehicles use more effective roads, spend less time on the road and in traffic, and wear and tear is reduced. There are fewer drivers required, and those who are retained do not work as much overtime. Last-minute adjustments and rescheduling are practically removed, as are the costs associated with them.

These cost savings can be important. According to Mercury Associates, optimizing logistics scheduling will save you anywhere from 5% to 10% on total cost of ownership (TCO). According to Price Waterhouse Cooper, optimizing a company’s supply chain can cut overall logistics costs by up to 15%.

#8 It Improves Scalability

As your company expands, you’ll need to be able to accommodate more consumer orders. In the event that your company experiences a short-term downturn, you don’t want to be saddled with extra fixed costs.

You will ensure that your company expands in tandem with your product demands – and that you have enough staff and supplies on hand to satisfy consumer demands – by using logistics scheduling tools. Logistics scheduling software gives you the data you need to make informed decisions about scaling up or down your operations. You’ll be able to predict when you’ll need to order more materials, bring more vehicles on the road, or recruit seasonal workers. If demand falls, you’ll also know when to reduce resources and hours.

#9 Improved Customer Satisfaction

Logistics planning enables you to do it correctly, which your clients can appreciate. You’ll be able to produce goods precisely when customers need them, as well as on schedule and in full. Your clients will be able to see your delivery schedules, which can be easily modified or personalized.

The aim of logistics planning is to assist you in running a more accurate and productive company, allowing you to provide a product or service that your customers want. The better you run your company, the happier your customers will be, thanks to logistics scheduling tools.

#10 It Makes Life Easier for You

You make it simpler for your staff and management when you use logistics scheduling tools. There is less manual labour and thus less chance of human error. With the click of an on-screen button, actions involving a lot of swearing and hair pulling can now be completed. Tasks that once seemed Herculean to schedule have become routine. Allow the logistics scheduling program to do the heavy lifting; the workers can now focus on more efficient and enjoyable activities. You can relax knowing that logistics scheduling software is working in the background to ensure that your company runs as smoothly as possible with the fewest possible errors. It’s a lot less work than having to plan everything out by hand.

Picking the Right Logistics Scheduling Software

To be more effective and competitive, the company needs logistics scheduling software. Look for applications like EasyRoutes that uses cutting-edge technology to better manage schedules, plan routes, and provide comprehensive insights to help you better manage your entire supply chain. To learn more about how EasyRoutes can help you with your logistics scheduling, contact us today.

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