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How to save time & money using the EasyRoutes route planner

Highlighting the importance of efficient route optimization for delivery operations, detailing how EasyRoutes significantly enhances last-mile delivery efficiency.

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Revolutionizing Delivery Operations with EasyRoutes

You must be able to easily optimize routes and use the shortest route available if you want to run an efficient delivery operation. In the field of last-mile delivery, this has been a significant issue. Manually planning the most efficient routes will take many hours, and businesses with only one delivery vehicle and a list of addresses will find it difficult to do so.

Managing multiple, complex routes, addresses, and delivery details can lead to a lot of headaches. This is nearly impossible to calculate accurately without an advanced route planning tool. Many delivery teams rely on free route planning apps (or even Google Maps), but these frequently fall short due to the limited number of routes or stops that can be planned.

You must be able to easily optimize routes and know that they are the fastest route available to run an efficient delivery operation. Priority stops, real-time changes, time constraints, and other factors should all be considered when planning routes.

How EasyRoutes route planner can save you time & money

At EasyRoutes, we understand the challenges that last-mile delivery services face, which is why we created the EasyRoutes route planner to aid and scale up the delivery process. The following are a few examples of how the EasyRoutes route planner can help you save time and money in your delivery operations.

Route Optimization and Route Planning

If you’re a courier or a distribution company, or a small business like a bakery, florist, restaurant, or brewery, route planning and optimization can waste a lot of time. Every day, business owners spend countless hours manually determining the best delivery route. They might be using a navigation app like Google Maps to assign routes one by one based on city areas or employee schedules. This takes a long time, and the calculations are always flawed. They’ll often print out the resulting route plan and give it to their drivers, who will have to manually enter the addresses into their navigation app as they travel.

Couriers and delivery companies frequently use some sort of route planning and optimization tool, which is sometimes free and sometimes not. They have limitations such as a limit on the number of stops or routes they can make, the inability to optimize for multiple drivers, and a lack of integration with other delivery systems.

EasyRoutes’ route planner can assist you in route planning by allowing you to import addresses from spreadsheets, perform image OCR, and type manually. You can easily manage a large number of addresses with the help of our route planning services. The best route optimization is also provided by EasyRoutes’ route planner. Within minutes, our fast and efficient algorithms will provide you with the best-optimized routes. With the help of our application, you will never have to worry about route management again.

Managing and Customizing Routes in Real-Time

Last-minute changes to the route plan can make it difficult to plan your route, especially if you’ve done everything manually and printed out the itinerary. This situation can arise as a result of a variety of factors, including:

  • If you want to give any delivery a higher priority than the customer’s request.
  • If the recipient is unavailable at the time of delivery, you must return to deliver the goods.

These, as well as other unforeseen events, can cause route planning to be disrupted. This not only makes your process inefficient, but it also risks leaving recipients without the packages they were expecting. Customer satisfaction suffers as a result, and your support team dealing with the inquiries is overworked.

EasyRoutes recognized this issue, and we built an app with these considerations in mind. We’ve included features in the app that allow you to make any last-minute changes, and then re-optimize routes to ensure a smooth delivery process. EasyRoutes’ route planner allows you to customize routes to meet your specific requirements.

It’s one thing to plan delivery routes; it’s another to actually run those routes efficiently.
The following are some of the issues that delivery teams face:

  • Managing deliveries with multiple systems, such as a separate proof of delivery system (or paper forms), messaging apps, and delivery lists.
  • Due to a lack of real-time visibility into drivers’ locations in relation to their planned routes, dispatch must call or message drivers to find out where they are. Then, without accurate ETAs, manually relay information to customers.
  • Taking inefficient routes that result in backtracking, overlaps, and delays.

EasyRoutes’ route planner includes proof of delivery, so you can keep your customers updated on the status of their packages. We also offer map integration with Google Maps, Waze, and Apple Maps. You can select any of the navigation services that suit your needs. We also offer real-time tracking so you can keep track of your drivers and inform your customers. With the help of this application, you can find the most efficient route, reducing the cost of re-delivery.

What you need from route planning software

Finally, an effective route planner must create optimized routes with minimal manual effort, each of which must be the shortest route possible (or fastest route). However, the best route optimizers will also assist you in better managing your deliveries.

You can account for priority stops and time constraints with EasyRoutes route planner, configure routes after they’ve been scheduled, and monitor the entire delivery process as it happens. Drivers can use their preferred GPS app to follow the optimized route and complete all of their tasks in one mobile-friendly view. This reduces the amount of time they spend on the road and allows them to complete deliveries more quickly throughout the day.

Learn more about EasyRoutes: https://www.roundtrip.ai

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