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Streamline local deliveries with Buunto + EasyRoutes

Integrating Buunto Date & Time Slot + EasyRoutes provides all the tools Shopify merchants need to exceed their customers’ local delivery expectations.

Your all-in-one local delivery app for Shopify

Buunto Date & Time Slot + EasyRoutes

Running a local delivery business shouldn’t be a headache for merchants.  Today’s retail landscape continues to see rapid growth in online shopping: last year, three out of every four consumers made at least one online purchase each month, and an estimated 2.64 billion consumers worldwide are expected to complete at least one virtual purchase in 2023 alone.  As consumers continue to rely upon the convenience and accessibility of online shopping, their expectations for efficient, on-time delivery carry increased importance.  Whether dispatching a fleet of drivers daily or conducting a weekly neighborhood delivery run, Shopify merchants of all sizes use Buunto Date & Time Slot + EasyRoutes to streamline the often tedious routine of local delivery planning.

Buunto Date & Time Slot enables Shopify merchants to offer date and time window selection to shoppers in either the product or cart pages, making it easy for customers to pinpoint their delivery preferences prior to checkout.  With a host of customization options, merchants can quickly and easily fine-tune Buunto’s date and time picker to complement any store’s theme and layout.  Buunto also works with merchants’ individual scheduling requirements, offering custom order lead times and limits, and including user-defined settings for expedited or weekend delivery, in-store pickup, and delivery blackout dates.

EasyRoutes analyzes all of the date and time window data collected by Buunto and organizes orders into an optimized delivery route.  Orders can easily be sorted into multiple zones in order to manage complex or expansive delivery areas, further ensuring maximum efficiency once delivery drivers hit the road.  EasyRoutes also generates real-time order tracking pages and delivery notifications - both via email & SMS - to keep customers informed about the status of their deliveries.  Drivers can use the EasyRoutes Delivery Driver App while on their routes to navigate between stops and access order inventories, as well as collect proof of delivery with photos, eSignatures, and notes to further improve the customer experience.

Integrating Buunto & EasyRoutes in local delivery planning not only provides an enhanced shopping experience for customers, but unlocks additional value for merchants alike.  Businesses that prioritize on-time delivery tend to benefit from improved customer relationships, operational efficiency, and a competitive advantage in their respective markets:

Improved Customer Relationships

Customers that receive their orders from a merchant on time are far more likely to order from that merchant again.  In a survey of online shoppers, 62% indicated they were either less likely or much less likely to order from an online retailer that missed their delivery target by more than 48 hours, with 29% discontinuing shopping with a retailer altogether if their delivery is incorrect only one time.  Pairing Buunto’s time window data with EasyRoutes’ optimized route planning helps ensure first-time buyers convert into loyal customers that keep coming back.

Operational Efficiency

EasyRoutes works directly from the Shopify admin and integrates seamlessly with any delivery preferences captured via Buunto Date & Time Slot.  EasyRoutes’ powerful route optimization engine considers all of Buunto’s time slots when planning local delivery routes, ensuring that delivery drivers take the most efficient route possible to complete an on-time delivery.  EasyRoutes offers a number of additional route planning criteria - such as avoiding U-turns and toll roads - to further boost operational efficiency and fuel savings while on the road.

Competitive Advantage

Standing out among the estimated 26 million global ecommerce websites is no small feat.  Buunto & EasyRoutes make customizing the user experience a breeze, integrating directly with Shopify stores and enabling custom store-branded packing slips, labels, and order tracking pages. Combining the power of both apps ensures that customers will receive their orders in a timely, efficient manner, complete with all the branding and notifications that modern merchants and consumers expect.

From flowers or firewood to cupcakes, coffee, clothing and more, integrating Buunto Date & Time Slot + EasyRoutes provides all the tools Shopify merchants need to exceed their customers’ local delivery expectations.  Buunto Date & Time Slot and EasyRoutes can both be installed from the Shopify App Store, offering free trial periods for merchants to give all of their features a test run.  Integrate today to supercharge your local delivery business and impress customers with every order!

About Roundtrip

Roundtrip's mission is to equip every business with the software tools they need to deliver products to their customers in a delightful way. Thousands of Shopify merchants worldwide choose EasyRoutes to power their local deliveries across dozens of product categories, from meal kits and groceries to coffee, cupcakes, kibble, and so much more. Our easy-to-use route planning and delivery optimization app is certified Built for Shopify, a two-time Shopify staff pick, and the top rated local delivery app on the Shopify App Store.

"Firstly, the fuel savings are remarkable. With intelligent route optimization, our drivers take streamlined paths, cutting down fuel usage and vehicle wear. The time-saving aspect is a game-changer. What used to be a tedious task is now a breeze. Creating and managing routes takes mere minutes, freeing up invaluable time for our core business. Additionally, the real-time monitoring feature is a winner. It instills accountability and transparency, and knowing the status of each delivery has significantly boosted our customer satisfaction."
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