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Sweet E's Bake Shop: Delivering delightful treats with Shopify and EasyRoutes

Learn how Sweet E's Bake Shop uses EasyRoutes to deliver their cakes and baked goods on Shopify.

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Sweet E's Bake Shop


Bakery Delivery 🧁


Established 2009


Los Angeles, California 🇺🇸

"Now with EasyRoutes everything is easier."


Sweet E's Bake Shop in Los Angeles is a delightful place that is committed to crafting desserts for all of life's special moments. Whether it's a wedding, a birthday party, or any other event, Sweet E's is there to make the occasion sweeter. They offer everything from beautifully decorated cakes to custom cupcakes, cookies, and treats that will surely make the event unforgettable.

Their bestsellers include the Ultimate Confetti Birthday Cake and the Magical Rainbow Unicorn cake. The latter is famous on social media and is made with smooth vanilla buttercream frosting, rainbow frosting rosettes, sugar ears, and a gold horn. The cake is also sprinkled with magical glitter for the final touch!                        

Erica “Sweet E” Tucker started Sweet E's in her Los Angeles kitchen in 2009. What began as a passion for baking for friends and family turned into a blossoming bake shop that serves clients across Los Angeles and the United States.

To manage their business, Sweet E's uses Shopify, a powerful ecommerce platform that has helped streamline their daily operations and improve their productivity.                                                

Before making the switch to Shopify, Sweet E's did everything manually with pen and paper, which was a laborious and time-consuming process. They had to take orders over the phone, write down customer information, plan baking schedules, and manually manage local deliveries. However, when the COVID-19 pandemic hit and consumer buying behavior shifted, Erica saw an opportunity to pivot, start accepting online orders, and modernize how she ran her business.

Sweet E's was able to transition to the Shopify platform, boosting their productivity and improving their back-of-house operations. "With everything running on Shopify, I have more control than I've ever had," says Erica. "Now, I'm investing that time focusing on what customers want and actually growing the business." Shopify even did a case study on the bakery, highlighting their success story.

Sweet E's bakes everything from scratch in their downtown kitchen and offers nationwide shipping and next-day delivery throughout the greater Los Angeles area. To manage their local deliveries, they use EasyRoutes by Roundtrip, the only route planner fully integrated with Shopify.                            

“Before getting EasyRoutes I used to spend at least 40 minutes daily getting the addresses in the map and figuring out the best route,” says Jenny Nicolas, Bakery Manager at Sweet E's Bake Shop. “Even with all that time spend, our customers didn’t get notifications automatically and our drivers had to stop and send manual text to every recipient, which was giving us a huge margin for error.”

EasyRoutes's native integration with Shopify means it has been built to work seamlessly with all of Sweet E's Shopify orders, tags, products, customers, apps, and shipping information. With EasyRoutes, Sweet E's can optimize local delivery routes, dispatch drivers, and keep customers informed with tracking pages and delivery notifications - all without leaving their Shopify admin.

"Before getting EasyRoutes I used to spend at least 40 minutes daily getting the addresses in the map and figuring out the best route."

“Now with EasyRoutes everything is easier,” says Jenny. “Routes are made automatically and dispatched to the drivers and notifications to our customers are in real time. It frees the time to bake more cakes and decorate more cupcakes!”                                                                

The bakery's success story is a testament to the power of the right tools and partnerships. By using Shopify and EasyRoutes by Roundtrip, Sweet E's has been able to deliver high-quality products, efficiently manage local deliveries, and provide exceptional customer experiences. With its unique approach to baking, commitment to quality, and smart use of technology, Sweet E's Bake Shop is sure to continue to delight customers for years to come.                                            

Get your treats today at Sweet E's Bake Shop's website.

"I was tired of getting the "Any idea when your driver will get here?" text messages from our wholesale clients. This app takes care of that issue and then some!"
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