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November 17, 2023

Mobile app v1.0.34; packing slip & export improvements

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Version 1.0.34 of the EasyRoutes Delivery Driver app is now available to download for iOS and Android, featuring a number of usability improvements and UI updates, including:

  • All available notes pertaining to a stop (Order note, Stop note, and/or Customer note) are now shown directly below the "Order items" section for that stop:
  • Depending whether Address, Lat/Long or ZIP/Postal Code is selected as your Navigation mode, the "Go to..." button below the map for a stop now more clearly displays which navigation mode will be used to get directions to that stop:
  • Enabling "Include second address line when navigating" from the app's settings menu will include the second address line stored for a stop (if applicable) when navigating to that stop:
  • Improved support for photo Proof of Delivery capture and storage
  • Fix for occasional issue when using Waze to navigate routes on Android
  • Various bug fixes and miscellaneous UI improvements

Other EasyRoutes Updates:

  • You can now include Item vendor in printed packing slips - from EasyRoutes Settings > Packing slips and labels section, scroll to the "Packing slip options" section and ensure the "Item vendor" checkbox is selected from the "Items" subsection:

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