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December 4, 2023

New route option - Driver tasks

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We've added a new Route Option to assign drivers tasks and reminders of additional steps they must complete before starting a route, completing a delivery stop, and/or marking a route as complete. Driver tasks can be enabled and configured from the Route Options page:

Driver tasks can be added in two different styles, depending on the nature of the task:

  • Checkboxes: Use this type of task to provide drivers with a list of tasks that can be checked off individually as they're completed:
  • Radio buttons: Use this type of task to provide drivers with a list of options for a task, where only one possible option can be selected to complete the task:

Optional: Each individual task can be set as "required," meaning a driver will be unable to mark a stop as Attempted or Delivered until the task is completed. Enable tasks as requirements by checking the "Delivered" and/or "Attempted" checkboxes from the "Required to mark order as:" section below each task.

Driver tasks can also be added to a route's Start and End locations independently, to differentiate between stop-level tasks and tasks that need to be completed in order to begin or complete a route:

  • To configure End location tasks, a route's End location must be set to a physical address (such as your shop or warehouse), or Loop back to start. End location tasks cannot be configured if a route's End location is set to "Use the last stop in route".
  • Optional: After adding any Start location tasks, check the "Required to start route" checkbox below that task to force a driver to complete tasks before they can begin delivering a route.
  • Optional: After adding any End location tasks, check the "Required to mark route as completed" checkbox below that task to force a driver to complete tasks before they can complete a route.

As routes are completed, you can access pending or completed tasks and their timestamps on any Route page from the "Tasks" column for any Start/End location or stop on a route:

Drivers using the EasyRoutes Delivery Driver mobile app can access and complete tasks for route Start location, individual stops, and route End location directly from the app:

Optional: If certain tasks are configured as "required", drivers will be alerted of pending tasks, and will be unable to tap Start or select any "Mark as..." buttons until tasks are completed:

For more information on enabling and configuring Driver tasks on your routes, see the support article for this new feature.

Note: Drivers will need to update to the latest version of the app (v1.0.35) in order to access and complete assigned Driver tasks from the EasyRoutes Delivery Driver mobile app.

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