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December 15, 2023

Improvements to non-shippable items, driver tasks + more

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Non-Shippable Item Improvements:

We've added a new setting (configure from EasyRoutes Settings > General tab, Fulfillment items section) that, when enabled, will hide non-shippable items from route inventories:

This can be particularly useful when orders contain non-shippable "items" that represent a subsequent delivery or pickup that will be fulfilled at a later date (for example, delivering a rental order that must be picked up on a future route, and where this pickup is included in the order as a non-shippable item).

When this setting is enabled, non-shippable items will be hidden from all item count and weight summaries for stops and routes, including:

  • Packing slips
  • Packing labels
  • Inventory summaries
  • Inventory tabs
  • Groups page
  • Route/stop exports

Driver Tasks Improvements:

  • Existing Driver Tasks can now be edited directly below the map when viewing any saved Filter View tabs.
  • Pending and completed Driver Tasks can now be included when exporting a route:

Additional Updates:

  • When accessing a stop's Notification History, an error will now display if the customer associated with that stop has previously unsubscribed from receiving delivery event notifications.
  • Delivery Zones can now be used to select orders from the Add Orders tab of any route.
  • Improved matching logic for US ZIP codes.

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