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February 12, 2024

New feature - Priority stops

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We've added a new feature that allows route planners to mark stops as Priority stops.

When used in combination with certain Route Options that place limits on a route - such as max route duration, max items per stop or max stops per route - Priority stops will be given first consideration for inclusion in a route, better ensuring they're not excluded when route capacities are reached.

You can mark or unmark a stop as Priority from the Add Stop or Edit Stop menus, under the Additional options panel:

Or, from the Stop actions menu from the route table or map view:

You can also change Priority status for a number of stops at once using the checkboxes on any Route page:

Stops marked as Priority will display in a manner that's clear to identify them on your Route table and stop list, with an outlined stop icon and unique badge when hovering over them on the route line or map:

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