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October 4, 2021

September 2021 Product Updates

If you have feedback or suggestions, please reach out — we'd love to hear from you!

Customer Tracking Page

Provide your customers with a customer tracking number in their email with a link to view the delivery status of their orders. You can turn this option on and off in your Settings.

You also have the option to include your scheduled delivery time and ETAs, or just show the delivery status. You can also use a rounded delivery time window and you can show how many stops away a customer is.

To view a tracking link, click the “Customer Tracking Link” option in the Actions menu for any order in a route you have created.

New Share/Deliver Modal + “Create Fulfillment” Step

We’ve redesigned our Share/Deliver modal and introduced a “ Create Fulfillment” step.

Shopify requires orders to be fulfilled before we can update order statuses and send out customer delivery emails. Fulfilling your orders means they are ready to be delivered.

Instead of two buttons at the top of your Edit Route screen, you’ll now see just one:

2) New Share/Deliver Modal + "Create Fulfillment" Step

Click on the Share Route tab to send this route to a driver, or click the Deliver Myself tab to do your own deliveries. You or your driver can still fulfill orders on a stop-by-stop basis.

You can also toggle in your settings whether a Shipping Confirmation email is sent when you create your fulfillment.

Speaking of fulfillment…

Support for Partial Fulfillment

When creating a route with a partially fulfilled order, EasyRoutes will select the remaining unfulfilled items by default and have that reflected in stop inventory, packing lists, tracking pages, etc.

On the Orders Page, when you click to view the list of items for an order, you will see it divided into unfulfilled and fulfilled items:

3) Support for Partial Fulfillment

When editing a route, you can change between unfulfilled items and a preexisting fulfillment:

3) Support for Partial Fulfillment

Route History Improvements

We’ve added a couple new columns to your route history page – Total Distance and Total Drive Time:

4) Route History Improvements

You can now also filter your routes by a range of last modified dates, or a range of planned route dates. You can now also copy this information for selected routes to your clipboard for export and reporting use:

Choose a Display Address for a Stop

Now you can add a display address to a stop for your drivers to see in Driver Mode. When you edit an address, check the “Choose a different address to display on route” box.

This can be helpful for adding address details (e.g. unit number) for display only, or when you cannot validate extra address fields with Google Maps, or if you want to provide only a unique identifier (e.g. Postal Code, Plus Code, etc.) for validation in the address fields.

Edit Stop Times for Multiple Stops

You can now select stops and edit all of their stop times at once in Edit mode:

On-going Improvements + Bug Fixes

We’re always working hard to not only add new features, but to also make sure that EasyRoutes is always running smoothly. As such we’ve made lots of little tweaks here and there to boost the efficiency of our routing engine. Let us know if you notice a difference! Some notable updates include:

– Better support for importing .CSVs with addresses in multiple columns
– Showing order count, order date, shipping cost, customer note in your orders and routes
– Improvements to make it easier to edit rejected stops
– Improvements to our routing engine ETAs in select countries
– Fixed some network issues / errors
– Fixed some Google Maps errors
– Fixed some display and layout issues with order information on routes with certain settings
– Fixed bug when deleting a stop using drop-down menu
– Added settings to remove store address from packing slips
– Added option to add a page break between route and inventory when printing
– Boosted the speed of our image uploads when capturing photo proof of delivery

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