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The Growing Demand for Delivery Management Systems in 2023

Discussing the growing necessity of delivery management systems (DMS) like EasyRoutes for businesses in the on-demand economy.

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The on-demand economy is growing in popularity. Customers who want to make purchases online and have them delivered to their doorstep have made delivery management systems (DMS) like EasyRoutes a non-negotiable requirement for businesses.

Traditional purchasing methods did not require prompt systems to handle hundreds of deliveries every day before internet shopping became popular. The necessity for delivery management systems has become critical with the constant flux of increased demand for fast and precise deliveries and organizations shifting their focus to this method of selling.

Delivery management systems shorten delivery times by automating tasks that were previously done by hand. Delivery management systems have also made it easier to oversee and control activities on a single platform, reducing the likelihood of human mistake or fraudulent practices.

Another advantage that DMS provides to businesses is cost reduction. Using DMS, businesses have effectively saved money on time and planning that they can then invest in areas that generate higher returns.

In a world where people purchase online for various kinds of products, some of which are important and others of which aren’t, timely deliveries are critical to the trend’s success. The world population would not have relied on this means of purchasing things if not for distribution management systems and their effective procedures.

Table of Contents

  • Delivery Management Systems are Needed by a Variety of Businesses
  • Delivery Management Systems Can Boost Your Productivity
  • Delivery Management Systems Can Bring peace of Mind
  • Delivery Management Systems Can Help Your Business Grow

Delivery Management Systems are Needed by a Variety of Businesses

In this day and age, practically all firms demand efficient support systems to handle their product deliveries. Everything, from groceries, apparel, and cuisine to hardware and motor components, is now available for purchase and delivery online. According to Worldwide Data Analysis and Forecast, the global food and grocery market would reach $11,204.5 billion by 2022, with 10% of sales made online. With such increasing numbers in the delivery department, DMS software has become essential.

Delivery Management Systems Can Boost Your Productivity

The primary goal of using delivery management systems is to help your company succeed. EasyRoutes can help you boost your company’s efficiency in a variety of ways. DMS provides route optimization services to businesses, allowing drivers to plan the most effective routes to complete their daily deliveries.

Instead of calculating predefined routes that drivers believe are the most efficient, EasyRoutes assists them in determining the shortest and most efficient path. EasyRoutes has allowed drivers to save hours per week while still completing the same number of deliveries as before.

Delivery Management Systems Can Bring peace of Mind

Businesses can also utilize delivery management systems to keep their customers up-to-date on the status of their deliveries. Keeping your customers informed every step of the way eliminates worry about where their package is. Another way a DMS can provide peace of mind is through Proof of delivery photos and notes.

Delivery Management Systems Can Help Your Business Grow

The world is shifting away from making physical transactions for things and toward purchasing goods as much as possible online. With the help of effective delivery management systems like EasyRoutes, businesses can ensure they are maximizing their resources and are providing the best experience for their customers.

How is EasyRoutes different to the Shopify Local Delivery app?

EasyRoutes picks up where Shopify’s Local Delivery App ends. EasyRoutes does a lot of things that Shopify Local Delivery can’t, such as:

  • EasyRoutes can use all your orders to make routes, not just the ones marked as “local delivery”
  • You can create more than one route in a single go with EasyRoutes
  • Attach proof of delivery photos and notes to your orders for peace of mind
  • Add pickup and delivery orders to the same route
  • EasyRoutes can support routes with more than 100 stops
  • Navigate to your next stop using Google Maps, Waze, or Apple Maps
  • Add stops for orders taken outside of Shopify
  • Set a time per stop
  • See ETAs and drive times
  • Schedule routes for a date and time in the future
  • Identify bad addresses in EasyRoutes
  • Customize the information you want to see in EasyRoutes

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Get EasyRoutes on the Shopify App Store

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