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Top Tips for Driving Directions, Multiple Stops and Addresses

Best practices for using driving route planning technology, including with apps like Google Maps and MapQuest, offering tips for optimizing routes and streamlining delivery workflows.

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We have access to a wealth of sophisticated technology that allows us to move about swiftly and efficiently throughout this work. Whether it’s for running a personal errand or doing work-related tasks, route planning technology can help us with driving directions, multiple stops and addresses.

Several tools, such as Google Maps route planner, provide the fastest route between numerous sites. However, when the number of stops grows, things become more problematic. While the Google Maps app provides directions and itineraries for many kinds of transportation, each route is limited to 10 stops. It may not be a problem for a shopper on their way to the store, but it may be difficult for truck drivers or salesmen with a long list of deliveries to make. They must choose the most efficient path with the most stops in order to save time and money.

The focus of this post will be on the best practices for driving instructions, multiple stops, and addresses. We’ll go over a couple apps and give you plenty of pointers, especially for Google Maps and MapQuest. We hope you find this information helpful!

Table of Contents

  • Driving Routes: 101
  • Which App Is Best for Driving Directions, Multiple Stops and Addresses?
  • Top Tips for Using a Route Planner to Plan Driving Directions, Multiple Stops and Addresses
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
  • Final Thoughts

Driving Routes: 101

There are a variety of reasons to search for the greatest driving routes with numerous stops. We won’t go into detail about some of the more advanced route-making features in this article. For example, we don’t go into great detail about route optimization or planning. Instead, we’ll discuss more specific tips and methods for broad use situations.

If you want to learn more about route planning, a good place to start is our article on the Travelling Salesman Problem, which entails determining and selecting the best possible path that visits the endpoint only once before returning to the starting place. It’s much harder than it sounds!

Route planners for driving directions with several stops are needed by a range of users. Delivery drivers, a small business owner, road trips, and anyone with appointments are all on this list. We’ll go through some of the solutions to several of the queries posed by these organizations.

Which App Is Best for Driving Directions, Multiple Stops and Addresses?

Many people look for delivery route planner apps to download from the Apple App Store, Play Store, Windows Store, or the internet in general. Although some of these paid applications provide a free trial, we’ll focus on two free apps. In this context, two apps in particular stand out: We’re talking about MapQuest and the Google Maps app.

For a couple reasons, we’re going to focus on these apps in particular:

They both provide a variety of web-based (browser), tablet, and mobile apps (Android and iOS); extensive availability; experience and quality of service; and online instructions and assistance.

You might choose to go with a different solution depending on your routes and map requirements. EasyRoutes, RouteXL, Upper Route Planner, MyRouteOnline, Speedy Route, and Badger Maps are just a few examples. If you’d want to learn more about additional route planning software that plots routes and maps, please reach out and let us know!

Top Tips for Using a Route Planner to Plan Driving Directions, Multiple Stops and Addresses

This section has a selection of the greatest tips and tricks to help you get started on the best paths. We were inspired by Time Magazine’s Google Maps advice, as well as a few others.

Create Goals and Objectives

The first step is to determine your objectives in order to determine the optimum route, such as the number of stops and service time for the route you want to follow. If you’re going on a road trip, you’ll need to know where you’re going. Whatever route you take, you’ll need to know how many destinations you want to visit. As a user, your first step should be to write out what is most important to you in this route and what you want to achieve. Priorities such as saving time, saving fuel, and adding more stops must also be considered.

Check Your Addresses

Double-check each address and double-check that you have the correct list of addresses. This is a common issue for delivery drivers. While making deliveries, they frequently have to waste time looking for the correct addresses. To help validate the information’s correctness and optimize the trip, double-check the zip code and use the route planner.

Use the Right Route Planner

When planning multiple trips, or even just one, a route planner is crucial. They’re all equipped with a map, which is a must-have feature. Route optimization for numerous routes with unlimited stops is available with the right route planner. It will assist you in creating effective routes by taking into account a variety of crucial criteria. Click here to learn more about how EasyRoutes can help your delivery business.

Use MapQuest for Multiple Addresses

Many route planner apps only allow for a maximum of two stops; however, MapQuest route planner allows users to construct routes with up to 26 destinations. It also has a feature that is optimized. Users can pick between a straight distance route and a path that takes the least amount of time. When you’re going to a lot of places, like delivery and shipping, field services, or small couriers, this is the most beneficial tool.

Consider using a GPS

A GPS, or global positioning system, is a tool that can assist you in managing your routes or journeys. A hardware GPS gadget plus a route planner app on your smartphone may be found in a commercial vehicle or car. With spoken or written instructions, the GPS tracking will guide the vehicle from the start to the last destination. These can serve as a backup in the event that the primary device fails.

Have a Paper Map

If you’re going on a road trip, a paper map or an old-school data map will come in handy! Plus, it’s entertaining! These may be found at practically any gas station and are occasionally given away for free (depending on the type). On the map, you can mark all of the addresses. They will display key highways and assist with lengthier journeys. The security features of a paper map are advantageous since they offer complete privacy. (In this day and age of data collection and analysis)

Print the Route and the Addresses

Another options is to use a paid route planner like EasyRoutes which allows you to print your route, a map, and the route’s inventory so you can use it as a packing list. EasyRoutes also has a ton of printing options, so you can print the exact information you need, and you can cut out the rest to save paper.

Review the Route Ahead of Time

If this is your first trip on this road, we urge that you pay attention and look ahead to where you will be driving. We recommend going over the address again and looking for any notable landmarks, sites, bridges, or big intersections. For routes and territories you’ve travelled numerous times, you probably don’t need to do this.

Get a Co-pilot

Having a friend or coworker as a co-pilot or passenger to assist is great. Many incidences involving automobiles that are not paying attention have been reported in the press. Having someone to assist you considerably minimizes the risk of an accident.

Use the Desktop Version

Inputting (typing in) addresses into a route planner is generally considerably easier using the website or desktop version. As a result, we recommend that you use the “add stop” option and use the web-based route planner to design your routes. The desktop version will recommend the best routes and plot distances on a map for you. If you are using EasyRoutes, you don’t even have to type in your addresses. It’s directly integrated with Shopify and your orders, so addresses are right there at your fingertips.

Avoid Tolls, Traffic, and Highways

For some routes, you may want to avoid highways and tolls. EasyRoutes allows you to do this by clicking on “More Options” in your Route Options, and checking the “Avoid Tolls” checkbox.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the best way to get directions with multiple stops?

You’ll need to look for an app that lets you add several locations. Most programs, such as Waze and Apple Maps, include a two-stop limit. Google Maps allows for up to ten stops, whereas MapQuest allows for up to 26. You’ll need to use a professional route planner like EasyRoutes if you want more than 26. with a professional route planner, you can find the quickest route with many stops, optimized in a matter of seconds, plus a host of other route planning features that free apps just don’t provide (like proof of delivery photos, or customer notifications).

Is it possible to plan a route with multiple stops using Google Maps?

Users of Google Maps can plan a multi-stop itinerary. However, the itinerary must only include up to ten stops, including the starting point. When compared to premium route planning tools like EasyRoutes, Routific, and Circuit Route Planner, Google Maps has this drawback.

Final Thoughts

We hope this clarifies the strategies, methods, and stages for improving your driving directions and determining the shortest route. We hope you’ll be able to find the best multi-stop route planner and route optimization solution for your individual requirements. We are always here for you and your comments if you have any queries that you would like to ask us. In the meantime, check out our route planner: EasyRoutes!

EasyRoutes is a multi-stop route planning program that lets you design and optimize multi-destination journeys.

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