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EasyRoutes Product Updates - May 2024 📦

Since our last monthly update, we've been busy adding new features and enhanced functionality for EasyRoutes to help streamline your deliveries on Shopify all summer long. Here's some of the highlights from the past month.

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What's new?

🤖 Route Assistant + Dashboard Integration 🎛️

We've integrated notifications from the Route Assistant into the EasyRoutes Dashboard, making it easier than ever to identify any last-minute orders to add to existing routes, right up until the moment they hit the road.

Once enabled for Unstarted routes, users will now receive a Dashboard notification banner as soon as any new orders are received that match filter sets the Route Assistant is monitoring.  Click the name of any route within the banner to jump directly to that route's Add orders tab, where these new matching orders will be automatically staged on the map, ready to add to the route.

Learn more about automating your delivery route planning with the Route Assistant here. Stay tuned to the Roundtrip Product Updates page for details on all of our latest features as soon as they're released - including new customization options arriving for the EasyRoutes Dashboard very soon!

📍 Route Page Improvements

We've applied a number of updates to enhance functionality and data visibility on all Route pages.  When viewing completed routes, the drive time calculation listed below all stops will now update to include the elapsed time spent delivering, alongside the original estimated time generated when planning a route:

For routes where all stops have been marked as Attempted and/or Delivered, but the route remains in the Started status, you can now mark the route as complete directly from the route's end stop within EasyRoutes in your Shopify Admin:

We've also added a new, optional Method column on Route pages for easier at-a-glance viewing of the delivery methods applying to all orders within a route.  Enable the Method column from your EasyRoutes Settings > General tab, within the Route page options section:

Last but not least, when any orders on a planned route contain a Delivery date variable, this information will automatically enable and populate the Delivery date column when viewing that route. If the route contains a scheduled start date, EasyRoutes will now also display a warning indicating any orders that contain a Delivery date variable that does not match the route's scheduled start date.

🏘️ Route Group Updates

We've made several adjustments to the infrastructure powering EasyRoutes, resulting in significant improvements to the loading speed of route groups.

Users with larger, more complex route groups will experience up to a 98% reduction in the load time of route groups; smaller, less complex route groups will also load at least 90% faster than prior to this update.

We've also improved workflows for adding routes to existing route groups. After selecting route(s) and clicking Add route to group from the Routes page, you'll be taken to a new screen where you can filter existing route groups, and click the plus icon on the left-hand side to immediately add the selected route(s) to the route group of your choice:

New to route groups?  We're here to help!  Learn how to split your orders/stops into multiple, grouped routes and manage them more efficiently using our How many routes? feature.

If you run into issues or have any questions along the way, feel free to contact the EasyRoutes support team and we'll be happy to assist.

🖨️ Route Printing Improvements

We've added a number of new ways to customize your route printouts generated by EasyRoutes:

  • Discounted item prices and order item subtotals now supported for printed packing slips.
  • Additional instructions custom variable now supports line breaks and can be resized via new Notes/Instructions size setting.
  • New Customer name, Customer email, and Customer phone variables now available to include on List of Stops printout.  These variables will also now display for Shopify-native orders, as well as imported stops and manually created custom stops.
  • ETA, Drive time, and Stop time variables can now optionally be toggled on/off for inclusion in List of Stops printout.
  • Stop notes, Order notes, and Payment status variables can now be displayed as in-line text for each order, or as an independent column in List of Stops printouts:

Customize all route printouts from your EasyRoutes Settings > Packing slips and labels tab, or directly from the Print Preview dialog.

📱 EasyRoutes Delivery Driver v1.0.43

The EasyRoutes Delivery Driver mobile app for both iOS and Android has been updated to version 1.0.43, including various performance improvements and minor bug fixes.  This version of the mobile app features more robust support for devices running iOS 17, and a number of maintenance updates for ongoing device compatibility.  It also includes better support for devices configured to utilize certain accessibility features and high visibility font settings.

Drivers will need to update to the latest version of the app (version 1.0.43) in order to take advantage of these latest mobile enhancements.

Other product updates
(👀 there's some good stuff in here!)

  • Increased capacity of up to 15 simultaneous CSV file uploads when importing spreadsheets containing external stop and order data.
  • New Delivery note variable available for email notifications to automatically include any Proof of Delivery notes input by drivers in your customer communications.  Enable from your EasyRoutes Settings > Notifications tab, under the Email notifications section for each delivery status event:

👨‍🍼 Happy Father's Day!

Father's Day (June 16th) is coming up next weekend, and EasyRoutes is here to ensure all your deliveries for dads are delightful!

Need to temporarily add drivers to handle increased orders for the week or weekend? We've got you covered! Find out how to add and activate extra drivers temporarily, and learn about our prorated billing, ensuring you only pay for the days your additional driver seats are active.

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