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14 Best Tips for Navigating Multiple Stops and Addresses

Outlining best practices for generating driving directions for multiple stops, including tips for planning efficient routes with route management software like EasyRoutes.

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In today’s world, many people want to make maps, paths, and find their way around. Many apps, such as Google Maps, will help you find the best route between two points, but it gets more complicated when you have several destinations to consider. Driving directions with multiple stops and addresses are important to make sure drivers can get where they are going.

The emphasis of this article will be on the best practices for driving directions, multiple exits, and addresses. We’ll go through a few apps and give you lots of tips and tricks, especially for Google Maps and MapQuest, which just relaunched its famous app. We hope you find this information helpful!

Table of Contents

  • Driving Routes Basics
  • Which App is Best for Driving Directions with Multiple Stops?
  • Top 15 Tips to Plan a Route with Driving Directions with Multiple Stops
  • How do I get Driving Directions with Multiple Stops?
  • What’s the Best App for Driving Directions for Unlimited Stops?
  • Final Thoughts

Driving Routes Basics

There are a variety of reasons to search for the best driving routes with multiple stops. We won’t go into detail about some of the more advanced route-making features in this post. For example, we don’t go into great detail about route optimization or planning. Instead, we’ll discuss more basic tips and tricks for general use cases. If you want to learn more about route planning, we’ve written an article about it. It is advantageous to solve the dilemma of a travelling salesman. The Travelling Salesman Problem entails determining and selecting the best possible route that reaches the end point only once before returning to the starting point.

Route planners for driving directions with multiple stops are required by a variety of users. Delivery drivers, a small business owner, road trips, and someone with appointments are all on this list. We’ll go over some of the answers to many of the questions raised by these classes.

Which App is Best for Driving Directions with Multiple Stops?

Many people look for delivery route planner applications to download from the Shopify app store, Apple App Store Play Store, Windows Store, or the internet. While some of these paid apps give a free trial, we’ll focus on two free apps. In this regard, two apps in particular stand out. We’re discussing Google Maps and MapQuest.

For a few reasons, we’re going to focus on these applications in particular:

  • They all work well in web-based browsers and on tablet or mobile devices.
  • The fact that it is widely available;
  • Service efficiency and experience;
  • Instructions and resources are available online.

You may want to go for a different product depending on your route and map requirements. EasyRoutes, RouteXL, MyRouteOnline, Speedy Route, and Badger Maps are only a few examples. If you’d like to learn more about other software that offers driving directions with multiple stops, please let us know in the comments.

Top 14 Tips to Plan a Route with Driving Directions with Multiple Stops

This section has compiled a list of the best tips and tricks to help you get on the right track. We got some ideas for Google maps from Time Magazine, as well as some other sources.

#1 Make a list of goals and objectives

The first step is to determine your objectives for the journey. If you’re going on a road trip, you’ll need to know where you’re going. Whatever route you take, you’ll need to decide how many places you want to visit. As a customer, the first step should be to write down what is most important to you in this route and what you want to achieve.

#2 Check your addresses

It’s important to double-check addresses to ensure you’ve got the correct ones. This is a common issue for delivery drivers. It’s always a good idea to double-check the zip code and use the route planner to ensure the accuracy of the details.

#3 Compare routes

Another thing you’ll do in most applications is equate one route option to another route option. When you look at the map, you can see where each route leads, and you can adjust the order of the routes to find the right one for you. You can choose the fastest route order. When comparing roads, it would be beneficial if you also took into account traffic accidents. You can compare different routes using the MyRoute app, then move them from MyRoute to your navigation app.

#4 Use the right route planner

When planning several routes, or even just one, a route planner is important. They’re all equipped with a map, which is a must-have feature.

#5 Use EasyRoutes to find multiple addresses:

Many route navigation apps only allow for two stops; EasyRoutes, on the other hand, allows users to build optimized routes with as many stops as you need. It is directly integrated with your Shopify back-end so you don’t have to do any order importing to get your addresses, they’re already in EasyRoutes right at your fingertips.

EasyRoutes also has a free plan. But if you want a completely free route planner you will have to give up a lot of features. MapQuest and Google Maps are your best alternatives here.

#6 Use a GPS

A GPS unit, also known as a global positioning system, is a tool that can assist you in managing your routes or trips. Many commercial vehicles would have both a physical GPS system and a mobile route planner app. With voice commands, the GPS monitoring will direct the vehicle from stop to stop. These can serve as a backup in the event that the primary system fails. A successful procedure is one that is error-free! Most smart phones these days have GPS built in.

#7 Get a Map

In the event that the route planner fails or your phone dies. If you’re going on a road trip, a paper map or an old-school data map will come in handy! Plus, it’s entertaining! These can be found at almost every gas station and are even given away for free (depending on the type). They can show major highways and assist with longer journeys. The security features of a paper map are advantageous because they guarantee total privacy. (In this day and age of data collection and analysis)

#8 Print out your route

Another option is to write each route’s address on a spreadsheet (it will be a spreadsheet with many lines with all contact information in the columns like name, phone number, email addresses). The map and addresses can then be printed from a screen. You’ll have a paper copy of all the addresses in your car at that stage. A delivery driver or a truck driver might find this useful.

Or if you use an app like EasyRoutes, you can choose exactly what you need to print so you don’t waste paper.

#9 Review the route before leaving

If this is your first time on this road, we suggest that you pay attention and look forward to where you will be driving. We recommend going over the address again and looking for any major landmarks, bridges, or major crossroads in the region. For roads and territories you’ve explored several times, you don’t need this.

#10 Get a Co-Pilot

Having a mate or coworker as a co-pilot or passenger to assist is perfect. Many accidents involving cars that are not paying attention have been recorded in the press. Having someone to assist you significantly decreases the risk of an accident.

#11 Avoid tolls and traffic

For certain roads, you may want to avoid those highways and tolls. In EasyRoutes you can do this in your Route Settings. In Google Maps or MapQuest you can do this by going to special features and checking the box for highways, traffic, ferries, and toll roads.

#12 Data Security and Privacy

Google has a feature that allows it to monitor your movements. “Location history” is the name of this feature. The protection of data is crucial for certain people. There are a few options available to these consumers. They have the option of switching to a rival, such as MapQuest, or deleting their map history. You can disable the position history by going through the settings in Android or Chrome.

In EasyRoutes, all shared routes are automatically unshared after 48 hours so you don’t have to worry about data being exposed for long.

#13 Offline Maps

One of Google Maps’ capabilities is the ability to generate maps when offline. If you want to save data or fly to a location that doesn’t have internet or data access, this function can be useful.

#14 Other Features

Users look for a route planner with a search bar, preferences, saving an address, menu items, real-time traffic events, and a customer service team, among other things. Any of these real-time features are available on Google Maps. Other features of MapQuest include a customer support team and the ability to set preferences.

How do I get Driving Directions with Multiple Stops?

You’ll need to look for an app that lets you add several locations. Most applications, such as Waze, MapMe, and others, have a two-stop limit. Google Maps allows for up to ten stops, while MapQuest allows for up to 26. You’ll need to pay a skilled route planner like EasyRoutes if you want more than 26.

What’s the Best App for Driving Directions for Unlimited Stops?

The answer to the question of which is “best” is always a matter of opinion. It is often contingent on your requirements and expectations. In most cases, a paid route planner can produce better results. Google Maps and MapQuest are your best bets if you choose to use a free app. MapQuest allows for up to 26 stops, while Google Maps only allows for ten. Google Maps has more functionality, map formats, and data sets than Apple Maps. For paid apps, EasyRoutes is the best route planner.

Final Thoughts

We hope this clarifies the tips, methods, and measures for bettering your driving directions. We hope you’ll be able to find the right route planner and map tool for your needs. If you have any additional questions, please contact us. We are always here for you and your suggestions.

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