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How You Can Find the Fastest Route with Multiple Stops in 2021

A comprehensive guide to choosing the best route optimization software for various needs, whether for personal use or professional delivery services.

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Do you ever find yourself tangled up in a nightmare of obligations? Are you ready to put an end to the daily struggle of manually determining the best route? If that’s the case, you’ve come to the right place!

Whether you’re going from point A to point B on a daily basis or dealing with multi-stop routes, determining the best course is always a challenge. It takes time, time that could be better spent closing deals.

We can help you create any type of route you need. You’ll learn everything you need to know in this comprehensive guide:

  • The distinction between the shortest and fastest routes (and which is best for you)
  • How to get Google Maps to find the quickest route for you
  • What is the best way to get from point A to point B?
  • How to optimize multi-stop routes for deliveries

You’ll also get a list of the best route planners by industry so you can take advantage of technology and get the most efficient route to all of your deliveries.

How are the fastest route and shortest route different?

Many people are unaware that the fastest and shortest routes are usually not the same.

The fastest route is the one that takes the least amount of time when measured in minutes.

The shortest route is the one that takes the fewest miles when measured in miles.

Is this to say that you should always take the shortest path? Well, that depends on your trip’s purpose. The quickest route will get you to your destination faster, but it will likely involve many turns and winding roads.

If time is not an issue, a truck driver, for example, may prefer to take the shortest route. They will be able to avoid tolls and save money on fuel this way.

A field salesperson, on the other hand, will most likely take the quickest route because it allows them to meet with more customers and prospects per day.

So, when deciding whether to take the fastest or shortest route, think about your needs, priorities, and route objectives.

Is Google Maps able to provide you with the fastest route?

Google Maps is a mapping service provided by Google. It is the most user-friendly, dependable, and simple (not to mention free!) tool for calculating the fastest route between two points. It gives you up-to-the-minute information on road conditions, traffic congestion, and accidents. This gives you the freedom to plan your day however you want and account for any unexpected events.

However, Google’s offerings are limited. You can only add ten stops to your route, and the Maps route planner simply adds them in the order you enter them.

While Google Maps is great for occasional routing or daily errands, it isn’t the best option if you need to optimize a route with a lot of stops on a regular basis.

If your job requires you to create routes with multiple destinations, such as a delivery driver or a field service person, you’ll need a tool that not only optimizes your route in the most efficient way for you (whether that means the fastest or shortest route), but also streamlines other aspects of your job.

Continue reading to discover the best tools for all of your routing requirements!

How to Make Google Maps Take the Quickest Route

To get the quickest route using Google Maps, follow these steps:

  1. Make a note of where you want to start and where you want to end. Before plotting the fastest route, Google Maps will automatically consider factors such as traffic and road conditions.
  2. If you want to add more destinations, select ‘add stop’ from the three-dot menu in the upper right corner.
  3. Fill in the blanks with your new destination.
  4. Manually rearrange each stop and experiment with different combinations until you find the quickest path.

* It’s worth noting that your Google Maps route can only have up to 10 destinations.

What is the quickest way to get from point A to point B?

Finding the best route between two points is a simple process. You might also do it by hand with a physical map if you have the time!

But this is the twenty-first century, and that is no longer necessary. The majority of free route planners allow you to find the most efficient route from point A to point B. The best app for you will largely depend on your personal preferences, as most of these tools are extremely user-friendly.

Google Maps

Price: Free
Features: Routing, Turn-by-Turn Directions, Live Traffic Conditions, Street View
Main Benefit: User-friendliness

Google Maps is used by over one billion people every month. That figure is so high for a reason: it is the most user-friendly app for planning simple routes. Users can travel with ease thanks to features like turn-by-turn directions and real-time traffic updates.

They can track locations, access incidental reports from local transportation departments, and use historical data because Google Maps is one of the most popular web mapping services. This enables them to precisely determine how traffic is moving in order to prevent other users from taking a congested route.


Price: Free
Features: Turn-by-Turn Directions, Traffic Notifications, Mobile Speed Checks, Carpool
Main Benefits: Traffic and Hazard Updates

Over the last decade, Waze has gained a lot of traction. It looks a lot like Google Maps, which makes sense considering Google bought Waze in 2013.

Waze is a little more sophisticated than Google Maps, with options to drive through off-road shortcuts, advanced trip planning, and real-time traffic updates from other Waze users. Waze helps drivers get to their destinations as quickly as possible.

How You Can Find the Fastest Route with Multiple Stops

You’ll need specialized software to find the quickest route between multiple stops. Multi-stop optimization is a difficult calculation to perform even for a computer!

The best route finder for multiple destinations is determined by the nature of your routes. For deliveries, here are the best multi-stop route planner options on the market:


Price: Free plan – $0, Solo plan – $9.99, Pro plan – $29.99, Pro+ plan – $49.99, Growth plan – $69.99, Growth+ plan – $99.99 (Free 14-day trials available)
Most useful for: Any size business (small, med, large) with any size fleet. Especially breweries & distilleries, bakeries, butchers, cafés, florists, groceries, meal kits, produce, subscription boxes
Available on: Any device with a web-browser (desktop & mobile)

Consider a route planner that works in tandem with your orders to find the most efficient route between multiple addresses.
That’s EasyRoutes for you!

EasyRoutes is a Shopify delivery management app that turns your orders into optimized delivery routes that you can share with a driver or personally deliver.
EasyRoutes is not only simple to use, but it also has a lot of power.

EasyRoutes works seamlessly with Shopify and your store’s orders.
You will no longer need to waste time exporting and importing spreadsheets.
Simply select the orders you’d like to deliver, and EasyRoutes will figure out the most cost-effective delivery route for you.

EasyRoutes, a delivery route app, was created with simplicity in mind.
There’s no need to deal with clumsy enterprise route planner apps any longer.
Route planning is made simple with EasyRoutes.


Advanced features in EasyRoutes make delivery planning a breeze. As an example, smart route-splitting divides your orders into as many optimized routes as needed. We also provide a route inventory that can be used as a packing list to ensure that you or your drivers have everything they need before departing.

Customer notifications are also handled by EasyRoutes: we can notify your customers when orders are ready for delivery, when deliveries are missed, and when a delivery is completed.

Here are some of EasyRoutes features:

  • Utilizes all orders – All of your Shopify orders are accessible, not just those marked “local delivery.”
  • Share Routes – Without requiring your drivers to sign into Shopify, you can share your routes with them.
  • Driver Mode – You can navigate your delivery stops in your vehicle using our mobile-friendly driver mode.
  • Edit Routes – Make changes to your routes and fine-tune them. You can change the order of the stops and add/edit addresses.
  • Proof of Delivery – With proof of delivery, you can rest easy. When dropping off a delivery, include a photo and a note.
  • Add Custom Stops – To deliver orders placed outside of Shopify, custom addresses can be entered (e.g. over the phone).
  • Notify Customers – Customers should be notified when their orders are ready for delivery and when they have arrived (or if you miss the delivery).
  • Mark as Delivered – Drivers have the ability to mark items as delivered (or missed). We update your orders for you, so there’s no need to correct them later in Shopify.
  • Drive Times/ETAs – View estimated travel times and arrival times to help you better plan your day.
  • Time Per Stop – Specify how much time you need to spend at each stop to help with scheduling.
  • Smart Route-Splitting – Select your orders and the number of routes into which they should be divided.
  • Route Inventory – Use our packing list to make sure you have everything you need before you leave.
  • No Bad Addresses – EasyRoutes highlights addresses with errors and shows you how to fix them quickly.
  • Customizable Views – Only show the information you need/wish to see. You can put the rest away until you’re ready to use it.
  • Get Directions – Open your stops in Google Maps, Waze, or Apple Maps to help you get there faster.


EasyRoutes is without a doubt the best route planner for Shopify store owners.
EasyRoutes feels like a natural part of the Shopify ecosystem, with full integration in the backend.

EasyRoutes works with a wide range of companies in a variety of industries. The app typically saves hours per week planning routes. EasyRoutes has been revolutionary for some businesses, such as Bloomen.ca: “Because EasyRoutes runs so smoothly with our back end, we have acquired our own driver fleet which was never originally part of our business plan,” says Rishi Dhuck, Director of Operations. “We now have complete control of our deliveries and order statuses.”

EasyRoutes is also great for groups. Using EasyRoutes, EcoFuel.ie was able to plan and manage their deliveries completely remotely during the Covid-19 lockdowns. Susie Tan, Office Manager, says, “Since we’ve started using EasyRoutes we’ve gone from spending about 5 hours a day organizing routes to only needing an hour each morning to plan out our deliveries.”

EasyRoutes is a Shopify Staff Pick. It has excellent reviews, is well-supported, and offers plans and free trials for businesses of all sizes.

Get EasyRoutes today on the Shopify App Store.

Speedy Route

Speedy Route is a good delivery routing software that has features designed specifically for delivery drivers and salespeople on the road. For those who prefer route planners without the distracting bells and whistles, Speedy Route is a great option. It has a simple interface without a lot of bells and whistles.


Speedy Route reorders any destinations entered by users in the most efficient order, allowing users to optimize their routes quickly and easily. Speedy Route is a dependable and popular app with a simple to learn and use user interface. It is based in Europe, but it is used all over the world.

Timeboxing and drag-and-drop location re-ordering are useful features that give you more control over your route and enable you to create the best route for your needs.

To top it off, Speedy Route is completely free if you only plan on making 10 stops or less. A paid subscription is required for any additional stops, which is relatively inexpensive.


The interface of Speedy Route appears to be a little dated in comparison to other more modern, visually dynamic apps. In comparison to route planner apps on a phone or device, it’s also only available on the Speedy Route website, which limits mobility and accessibility.

Speedy Route’s features are just as useful as any other route planner for getting delivery drivers where they need to go quickly and safely if you can get past the visual limitations.

Those who prefer working with traditional maps prefer Speedy Route’s simpler, gimmick-free approach to mapping.

For some users, the easier the route planner is to use, the better. Spend less time learning to use your route planner and more time actually using it.


Routific is another multi-stop delivery route planner app.

It focuses on delivery drivers’ route planning and optimization. Although it lacks the features required for a sales team, if you have a courier or delivery fleet, this is a viable option.

Routific eliminates the need for multiple tools in your fleet, such as a GPS, a physical map, and a planner.


It has a simple API and features like planning and optimization that are tailored to delivery teams. Management can download routes or send them directly to drivers’ phones via their app prior to dispatch.

It has a feature that allows drivers to notify customers of their delivery’s estimated arrival time or completion time. They can even send their customers a personalized message about their drop-off.

Management will benefit from the driver tracking feature. It uses a map to plot drivers’ progress based on how well they complete tasks. It does not track their physical location using GPS, but it does provide estimated arrival times for future stops. It also allows management to monitor and track multiple projects on the same map at the same time, with a corresponding bar graph showing the territory and estimated route completion.

Every delivery service requires signature capture as proof of delivery. Routific has one built into the app to help with accountability.

If traffic gets heavy or stops change unexpectedly, you can change driver routes on the fly, optimize them for efficiency, and dispatch the route from home base. The app collects information such as missed deliveries and completions. This gives team leaders the information they need to create more successful routes over time.

Routific’s route optimization takes into account factors specific to delivery fleets, such as time windows, vehicle capacities, delivery types, driver speeds, priority stops, shift times, and driver breaks, to name a few. More accurate optimization means more accurate ETAs, completions, and happier drivers.


Customers have reported significant savings in net operating costs and driving times, as well as more precise delivery windows and lower fuel costs, thanks to Routific.

Routific’s Essentials service costs $39 per month per vehicle, while their Professional service costs $59 per month per vehicle and includes more features. For teams that require more individualized support and features, they also offer a Premium service. This service requires a custom quote from one of Routific’s sales representatives.

It outperforms RouteSavvy as a multiple route planner for delivery in terms of features and overall API aesthetic. If your delivery or courier service requires some of these more luxurious features, Routific is a great choice.

MyRoute Online

For truck drivers looking for a simple all-in-one solution for their multi-stop route planner needs, MyRoute is a great choice. It’s dependable, and the user interface is straightforward. Over 5 million routes have been planned using MyRoute, making it one of the most popular tools in professional transportation.


MyRoute is a route planner for truckers and delivery drivers who need to make multiple stops. It aids in the day-to-day logistics of delivering and selling goods while on the road.

Users can map up to 350 stops per route in MyRoute, which allows them to optimize routes based on distance or time. Because it allows for so many stops, MyRoute is the go-to route planner for those who have a long list of customers and destinations along their routes.

After exporting a list of addresses to the user’s GPS system or mobile device of choice, there’s no need to juggle multiple stops; all of their destinations are laid out in the most efficient order.


MyRoute is a valuable resource for truck drivers and delivery people who want to save time on their routes without spending a lot of money.

Some may find MyRoute’s interface to be too basic and outdated, as it does not visually compare to some of the newer route planner apps that are more dynamic and advanced for today’s trucking professional.

Their customers, on the other hand, are happy, demonstrating that MyRoute is a great option for truck drivers who value simplicity and dependability. Truckers and delivery drivers looking for a simple platform to plan their routes will love MyRoute.


If your company specializes in delivering goods to industries such as food and beverage, retail, e-commerce, or pharmacy, OnFleet is another good route optimization option.


OnFleet is a fleet management platform that includes route planning, dispatch, communication, and analytics from beginning to end. It’s designed to handle the complicated logistics of fleet management while maintaining a clean, professional user interface.

Routes are created using the company’s integrated route optimization engine, which takes real-time traffic incidents into account. Drivers can also receive real-time updates, allowing for seamless last-minute route changes.

Their auto-dispatch features reduce service time and labour costs by ensuring that the right drivers receive the right instructions at the right time.

It also has a good onboarding experience, making OnFleet adoption for your entire team quick and painless. Google Maps, Waze, and Apple Maps are also supported.

To top it off, it has a robust proof of delivery system that uses photographs, barcodes, notes, and signatures to reassure managers that each delivery has arrived at its intended location.


OnFleet users are pleased with their delivery capacity, as this multi-stop route planner meets many of their fleet requirements.

Their on-time rates and customer satisfaction have improved across the board. OnFleet makes it easier to stay organized and ensure that a delivery arrives on time and in the correct location.

OnFleet has some drawbacks, such as the fact that it was built for large operations and thus may be prohibitively expensive for small businesses. While some of these larger companies may be able to afford OnFleet, due to its high cost, growing businesses may choose to look elsewhere.

If your company needs a top-notch route planner for continued success and has the budget to support it, OnFleet is a great option.

Final Thoughts

Finding the quickest route for one or more stops is a problem that technology has solved and automated, so why not use it to make our lives easier?

With so many software options available, the real challenge is deciding which tool is best for you. This guide should have helped you figure out which option is best for you.

Still undecided? It’s no problem! Most of these route planners offer free trials, so you can test them out and see which one suits you best.

If you work in deliveries, the choice is obvious. EasyRoutes streamlines every aspect of your work, in addition to finding the quickest route to all of your meetings.

Start a free trial today!

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