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Multiple Stops & Driving Directions: Top Delivery Tips

Dissecting the importance and challenges of planning efficient driving routes with multiple stops, including via various apps like Google Maps and MapQuest.

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We have access to a range of advanced technology that enables us to move quickly and efficiently throughout this project. Route planning technology can assist us with driving directions, multiple stops, and addresses, whether we’re executing a personal errand or performing work-related chores.

Several applications, such as Google Maps route planner, can help you find the quickest path between multiple locations. However, when the number of pauses increases, the situation becomes increasingly difficult. The Google Maps app offers instructions and itineraries for a variety of modes of transportation, but each route is limited to ten stops. For a consumer on their way to the store, it may not be a problem, but for truck drivers or salesmen with a lengthy list of deliveries to make, it may be problematic. To save time and money, they must take the most efficient path with the most stops.

The best practices for driving instructions, multiple stops, and addresses will be the emphasis of this piece. We’ll go over a handful of programs and provide plenty of tips, particularly for Google Maps and MapQuest. We hope this information is useful to you!

Table of Contents

  • Driving Route Basics
  • Which App Is Best for Getting Driving Directions for Multiple Stops?
  • The Best Ways to Plan Driving Directions for Multiple Stops Using a Route Planner
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
  • Final Thoughts

Driving Route Basics

There are several reasons to look for the best driving routes with multiple stops. In this tutorial, we won’t go through some of the more complex route-making tools in depth. We don’t go into great detail on route optimization or planning, for example. Instead, we’ll go through more precise ideas and approaches for general use.

Our article on the Travelling Salesman Problem, which requires identifying and selecting the best possible path that only visits the destination once before returning to the starting point, is a wonderful place to start if you want to learn more about route planning. It’s a lot more difficult than it appears!

A variety of customers require route planners for driving directions with multiple stops. This list includes delivery drivers, small company owners, road trips, and anyone with appointments. We’ll go over some of the answers to the questions posed by these groups.

Which App Is Best for Getting Driving Directions for Multiple Stops?

Many people look for delivery route planner apps to download from the Apple App Store, Play Store, Windows Store, or the internet in general. Although some of these paid applications provide a free trial, we’ll focus on two free apps. In this context, two apps in particular stand out: We’re talking about MapQuest and the Google Maps app.

For a couple reasons, we’re going to focus on these apps in particular:

They both provide a variety of web-based (browser), tablet, and mobile apps (Android and iOS); extensive availability; experience and quality of service; and online instructions and assistance.

You might choose to go with a different solution depending on your routes and map requirements. EasyRoutes, RouteXL, Upper Route Planner, MyRouteOnline, Speedy Route, and Badger Maps are just a few examples. If you’d want to learn more about additional route planning software that plots routes and maps, please reach out and let us know!

The Best Ways to Plan Driving Directions for Multiple Stops Using a Route Planner

This section is a collection of the most useful tips and methods to get you started on the right track. Time Magazine’s Google Maps suggestion, as well as a few others, inspired us.

Make a list of goals and objectives

The first step is to figure out what you want to achieve in order to choose the best route, such as the number of stops and service time for the route you want to take. You’ll need to know where you’re heading if you’re going on a road trip. You’ll need to know how many destinations you wish to visit no matter which route you select. As a user, your first step should be to write out what is most important to you and what you want to accomplish on this journey. Priorities like conserving time, saving fuel, and adding more stops must all be taken into account.

Double-check your mailing addresses

Check each address twice, and make sure you have the correct list of addresses. For delivery drivers, this is a common problem. They usually squander time seeking for the correct addresses when making deliveries. Double-check the zip code and utilize the route planner to help evaluate the information’s accuracy and optimize the trip.

Use a route optimizer

A route optimizer is essential when planning many journeys, or even just one. They all come with a map, which is an essential element. With the correct route planner, route optimization for multiple routes with endless stops is possible. It will assist you in constructing successful routes by considering a number of important factors. To read more about how EasyRoutes can benefit your delivery business, click here.

Make use of a GPS device

The global positioning system, or GPS, is a technology that can help you manage your routes and excursions. A business truck or car may include a hardware GPS device as well as a route planner app on your smartphone. The GPS tracking system will direct the car from point A to point B using oral or written instructions. In the case that the primary device fails, these can be used as a backup.

Bring a paper map with you

A paper map or an old-school data map will come in handy if you’re going on a road trip! It’s also entertaining! They’re available at almost every gas station and are occasionally given away for free (depending on the type). You can mark all of the addresses on the map. They’ll show you important highways and assist you on longer excursions. A paper map’s security characteristics are advantageous because they provide complete privacy. (In today’s data-gathering and analyzing world)

Make a printout of the route as well as the addresses

Another alternative is to utilize a paid route planner such as EasyRoutes, which allows you to print your route, a map, and the route’s inventory as a packing list. EasyRoutes also offers a variety of printing options, allowing you to print only the information you require and clip out the remainder to conserve paper.

Plan the route ahead of time

If this is your first time driving on this route, we strongly advise you to pay attention and anticipate where you will be travelling. We recommend double-checking the address for any important monuments, sites, bridges, or major intersections. You generally don’t need to do this for routes and territories you’ve travelled many times.

Enlist the help of a co-pilot

It’s excellent to have a friend or coworker as a co-pilot or passenger to help. Many incidents involving distracted drivers have been covered in the media. The likelihood of an accident is greatly reduced when you have someone to assist you.

Use the desktop version

Using the online or desktop version to enter (type in) addresses into a route planner is often more easier. As a result, we propose that you use the “add stop” option and create your routes using the web-based route planner. The desktop version will suggest the best routes for you and plot distances on a map. You don’t even have to type in your addresses if you use EasyRoutes. It’s fully linked with Shopify and your orders, so you’ll always have addresses at your fingertips.

Stay away from tolls, traffic, and highways

You may want to avoid motorways and tolls on some routes. You may accomplish this with EasyRoutes by ticking the “Avoid Tolls” checkbox under “More Options” in your Route Options.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the most efficient method for obtaining directions for multiple stops?

You’ll need to find an app that allows you to add several places. Most apps, including Waze and Apple Maps, have a two-stop limit. Google Maps supports up to ten stops, whereas MapQuest supports up to 26. If you want more than 26, you’ll need to hire a professional route planner like EasyRoutes. With a professional route planner, you can determine the fastest route with the most stops in seconds, as well as a slew of additional route planning features that free apps simply can’t match (like proof of delivery photos, or customer notifications).

Is it possible to use Google Maps to plan a route with multiple stops?

Google Maps users can create a multi-stop itinerary. The schedule, however, can only have up to ten stops, including the starting place. This is a disadvantage of Google Maps as compared to premium route planning applications like EasyRoutes, Routific, and Circuit Route Planner.

Final Thoughts

We hope this helps you understand the techniques, methods, and steps involved in refining your driving directions and identifying the fastest route. We hope you can find the best route planner and route optimization solution for your specific needs. If you have any questions or would want to ask us anything, we are always here for you and your thoughts. Meanwhile, take a look at our route planner, EasyRoutes!

EasyRoutes is a route planning application that allows you to create and optimize multi-destination routes.

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